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The Eve of the Doomsday Chapter 17: Career Level 2 (4/5)

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    The lady's picture is a paradise with a very nice environment, a village, several wells, and fountains. It is a completely modern building.  "What a beautiful place." One of the seven girls said in surprise.  Indeed, with the green grassland at his feet, the setting sun, and the ancient towns and villages, they were full of poetry and painting. Yang Fan was intoxicated for a moment. If he could stay here with his confidante and friends, he would probably be willing to do so for the rest of his life.  "You guys can rest here from now on. Just be patient with the food and I will get it for you." Yang Fan said to everyone.  "Yeah." "Thank you." The big guys nodded and smiled. It's not bad to have such a peaceful place in the apocalypse.  "Hello, Master, I am the weapon spirit of the Lady Picture. I have found out that these seven people match the Lady Picture. One person matches the goddess of war, and one person matches the goddess of healing. Preliminary training can be carried out." Suddenly,  A voice sounded in his head, and Yang Fan's expression suddenly changed. He asked silently in his mind: "What is the goddess of war? What is the goddess of healing?" Since Lady Picture can be rated as a potentially legendary equipment, it obviously has many functions.  Waiting to be unearthed by yourself.  "The Lady Picture was created by the first master, Emperor Xuanyuan Huang, and you are the second one. The three thousand daughters of Emperor Xuanyuan Huang were finally promoted to the throne. Those three thousand women were also extremely powerful. If they choose to be trained as war goddesses,  I will give them basic combat skills to better help the host in the end of the world, and improve their survivability, instead of just being a vase," replied the weapon spirit of Lady Picture.  "What about the others?" Yang Fan asked.  "We can wait for the master to improve their strength before training, but I can also simply exercise their physical fitness." Yang Fan thought for a while, but did not answer directly but looked at the seven Yingying Yanyan and said: "I have a serious question for you.  The question is, the world has changed now. It is no longer the peaceful era. Do you want to live here for the rest of your life, just like ants, or do you want to be trained and make your own way? "Staying here is like raising animals in a pen?  , very inhumane, that¡¯s why Yang Fan asked them.  Without hesitation, none of the seven people were willing to be treated as livestock and raised in captivity, so Yang Fan chose the exercise mentioned by Qi Ling. In the end, Qi Ling told himself that he needed a lot of meat and 700 Doomsday coins to activate this ability, and it could only be activated with just  Supported for one month.  Yang Fan was ashamed at the moment. Seven hundred Doomsday coins were still worth two hundred yuan, but fortunately Qi Ling said very humanely that because it was the first time to open it, the license was free, and there were ten free indicators.  Conducting is an indicator exercise.  Yang Fan didn't talk nonsense. He gave the indicators to those two who could become the goddess of war and the goddess of healing. The others had to pay two hundred apocalyptic coins for basic survival training. In this way, the weapon spirit seemed to know how much money he had on him.  After there was no more left, Yang Fan went out.  However, Yang Fan still had to pay 500 kilograms of meat and six kinds of 50 kilograms of vegetables to be put into the lady picture before it would officially take effect, which made Yang Fan very depressed.  Outside, Zhu Liang finally found a lighter, then lit a cigarette and took a few puffs. The light door appeared and Yang Fan walked out.  "1V7, good job." Zhu Liang joked, making Yang Fan look at him with disdain.  "Leader, what should we do now? I'm almost starving to death." Zhu Liang, who was almost forty years old, rubbed his stomach and made a little joke with Yang Fan, which slightly eased the relationship between the two. Yang Fan was actually quite hungry now.  Yes, there is still a chance to eat some food. After a month, most of the food is in the hands of various forces.  It is estimated that in two or three years at most, there will be no normal food in the whole world. It is estimated that the only food available is the meat of the Zerg and the meat of the alien beasts. However, this kind of meat is also very delicious and full of nutrients. In the previous life, Yang Fan  I once ate the meat of a crack-toothed rat and it was very smooth and tender.  "Generally speaking, where are some meat condiments placed?" Yang Fan asked Zhu Liang.  "There are a lot of things in the storage room behind the canteen. Can you store them all there? If you can store them all, it can at least feed a hundred people for a hundred days." Zhu Liang said.  "Okay, let's go there." Yang Fan didn't talk nonsense, but he didn't open the door directly. He used his zombie eyes to explore the surrounding zombies and found that a large number of zombies had gathered at the door. Yang Fan's expression changed immediately.     How is this going?  Why are there so many zombies?  According to the zombie eyes, there are estimated to be seventy or eighty zombies, and there are mother zombies. However, this door is too tough and it is difficult to escape.Open.  "What's wrong?" Zhu Liang looked at Yang Fan's frown and knew immediately that something was wrong.  "Your cigarette attracted a lot of zombies, and there was blood on the ground." Yang Fan looked at the almost finished cigarette in Zhu Liang's hand, and then came to this conclusion.  "No way." Zhu Liang quickly stamped out the cigarette, and then said a little ashamed: "I'm really sorry, III couldn't help it for a moment." "It doesn't matter." Yang Fan didn't feel angry or anything, in the end of the world  Everyone is depressed, even he himself is not in a good mood. It is natural to smoke to relieve the depression in his heart. At the same time, now is not the time to curse, but the time to solve the problem. Zhu Liang saw that Yang Fan did not say anything about himself,  I felt relieved immediately, and then I was very grateful to Yang Fan.  "How many cigarettes do you have left?" Yang Fan suddenly asked him.  "Cigarettes? There are two more packs." Zhu Liang took out two packs of cigarettes from his suit, and they were still 23 packs of Furong King. Yang Fan was slightly surprised, but he soon felt relieved. A leader-level existence like him  , how can he go out and talk to people if he doesn't have a few cigarettes on him, and he probably has a group of people stuffing cigarettes for him, so he obviously won't be afraid of too many.  "Okay, smoke it quickly to spread the smoke smell in the dance studio. This door will probably last about ten minutes. Then we climb up there and let the zombies in, and then we will deal with it all at once." Yang Fan was talking.  The look on his face was relaxed, and he was obviously very confident.  Zhu Liang looked around and then at the top. It was a small window for ventilation. He could barely climb out. It was just relatively high, about three meters, and there were no tools to climb up.  "Don't worry, I have a way to get you up. Now quickly spread the smoke around." Yang Fan said, and then started to light a cigarette for himself. After greedily taking two puffs, he began to inhale and exhale smoke. Yang Fan also had  I am addicted to cigarettes, but not very much. Now that I have taken two puffs, I feel a lot of pressure relieved.  As a result, the two of them were blowing out smoke desperately. After a few minutes, the smoke filled the surroundings. Yang Fan saw that it was almost done. He immediately hugged Zhu Liang and threw it up. Yang Fan's strength was three times that of ordinary people, and Zhu Liang's physique was faster.  At the age of 16, he lifted Zhu Liang two or three times before throwing him to the window.  Zhu Liang firmly grasped a railing on the window, and then barely managed to hold it steady. Yang Fan looked a little anxious.  At this moment, the door was finally broken open. A pale hand penetrated the iron door, and then another one appeared, one after another.  Yang Fan picked up the fire ax and cut off two of them with one blow, but one of them couldn't even cut through the skin. It was obviously a female.  "The sharpness of the ax is too bad. Even if it is equipped with Gang Qi, it can barely cut through the meat and cannot damage the bones. You must buy a weapon quickly. The explosion rate of this zombie is too low." Yang Fan murmured, and then  He shouted to Zhu Liang: "Is it stable?" "Okay." Zhu Liang shouted with a full breath. Yang Fan didn't waste any time, jumped up directly, grabbed another iron guardrail, and then lay half down in the small window.  Come on, the window is very long, but not very wide. The fat man Zhu Liang could barely squeeze in.  "Roar." "Roar." The door was broken open with a bang, and then the zombies roared one after another. One, two, three, ten, all rushed in, and some even fell to the ground. They wanted to eat  People, Yang Fan looked through another part of the window and saw the crowded pile of lost things outside, and immediately felt a little troubled.  Fortunately, the dance room was big enough, and most of the zombies were quickly packed in. They searched irrationally, because the smoke was very thick, and they could not find Yang Fan's breath, and the mother's body was also very blind. Yang Fan used the smell of smoke to cover it up.  He felt the unique aura of himself and Zhu Liang.  The two of them hid in the small window above for a few minutes. When almost all the zombies walked in, Yang Fan said, "Jump down, don't talk nonsense." Yang Fan yelled at Zhu Liang.  Zhu Liang naturally did not doubt Yang Fan's words and rolled down from the window without any hesitation. At this time, Yang Fan took out a Explosion Talisman and threw it inside.  Then he jumped down. There were almost no zombies in front of him. Zhu Liang might have twisted his foot. Yang Fan pulled him over and ran forward, seven or eight meters in the blink of an eye.  "Boom." The huge explosion shook the place several times. Yang Fan and Zhu Liang were shaken several meters away by the shock wave of the explosion. Both of them felt like they had been kicked in the back. Not only did it hurt, but it was also very uncomfortable.  .  ¡­¡­. ¡°Congratulations to the player for reaching level 2.¡± At this moment, the system¡¯s indifferent voice came.  (The plot will only become more and more exciting, and it will never abuse the protagonist! This is the fourth update, brothers?There is another update in the evening, melon seeds are sold out, what about you?  Where are the recommendation votes?  Can you vote for melon seeds?  )
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