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The Eve of the Apocalypse Chapter 22: Zombie Killer (4/5)

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    (During the new book, I ask for a recommendation ticket, the collection, and the member to click)  After the painful pain, the whole body pain, Yang Fan felt that it was hot  , the body crackled non-stop.  "Based on your physique, bloodline, current situation, restoration potion and re-washing your attributes, the future growth will be a fraction of 5." About ten minutes later, this came to my mind.  After making a sound, the burning pain disappeared. At the same time, Yang Fan found that his whole body was sticky. When he looked down, he saw that his clothes were covered with a layer of black stuff, exuding a stench.  "This is probably cutting off the hair and washing the marrow." Yang Fan guessed in his heart, but suddenly his stomach felt cramped, it was that thing.  "Pfft!" There was a stench, Zhu Liang frowned, pointed outside and said: "There is a toilet on the left." "Okay, thank you." Yang Fan ran over quickly, but he still made a few "puffs" in the middle, which made Zhu Liang  Liang also ran out to breathe.  ¡ª¡ªHalf an hour later.  Yang Fan walked out of the toilet with a pale face. He was soaked all over. Fortunately, there were tissues in the toilet and he washed the things on his body.  "What's wrong with you?" Zhu Liang couldn't help but ask as he looked at Yang Fan who was weakening rapidly.  "It's okay, just take a rest." Yang Fan sat down on the ground and began to recover. At the same time, he turned on his attributes.  Era: Peaceful Era Planet: MZ1001 Solar System Earth.  Region: Southern China.  Character: Yang Fan.  Professional class: Level 1 and Level 2 (Yanhuang bloodline) Constitution: 80 (mainly related to resistance and recovery ability, equivalent to 800% of ordinary people) Strength: 100 (mainly related to offensive ability and load-bearing ability, equivalent to 1000 of ordinary people)  %) Agility: 110 (mainly related to reaction ability and movement speed, equivalent to 1100% of ordinary people) Wisdom: 70 (mainly related to special realms, calculation speed, equivalent to 700% of ordinary people) Heart Method: Huangdi Heart Sutra.  Skills: Tai Chi, yin and yang cultivation, power of gods, halo of gods, shield of gods.  Equipment: Zombie Eyes, Lady Picture, God's Cloak, God's Crown, Thunder Blade.  Combat rating: B level.  (Divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F) Doomsday coins: 19.  Talent: Archive, super god-level talent, description: You can archive at a certain time period at will, just like any stand-alone game. It needs to be cooled down for seven days after archiving. The time will start counting after seven days, and the system will randomly return it to 1-30 days.  forward.  (Since this is the first time the player uses the archive skill, there will be no limit to returning to that time period) ¡ª¡ª Yang Fan adjusted the cloak into a black robe. It does not have a unique charm at first glance. It can be said to be very simple and cannot be seen at all.  God's cloak.  As for the crown, it turned into a golden crown symbol in the center of the eyebrows, shining with dazzling brilliance.  But after seeing his own attributes, Yang Fan was shocked. The worst attributes were eight times higher than those of ordinary people. This is equivalent to the first-level attributes. This this this is too exaggerated.  .  Yang Fan was shocked for a while, and then he didn't understand the meaning of the sentence that future growth will be a fraction of 5.  At that moment, Yang Fan took off the god's crown, and immediately found that his intelligence was deducted by 20 points, and other attributes were deducted by 15 points. When he put the crown on, his mind was clear, his calculation speed was very fast, and his strength, physique, and agility were all increased a lot.  When he took off the cloak, his movement speed dropped by 20 points, and everything else was deducted by 15 points. Yang Fan immediately understood that the so-called growth in the future will increase by a fraction of 5. In this sentence, it should be said that regardless of growth,  Or increase, the fractions are all 5, and there will be no fractional values ??like 123,6789.  In other words, it is a rounding method. This is determined by Yang Fan through the attributes added by the god's equipment.  Originally, 24 points of intelligence were supposed to be deducted when taking off the crown, but now only 20 points are deducted. This means that the future growth will be a fraction of 5.  ¡¯ means.  This left Yang Fan with nothing but surprise. With this attribute, Yang Fan felt that he could kill countless zombies if he raised his level to level 5 within ten days.  There is no need to be afraid of the alienated beasts. As for the last Zerg, if you are lucky enough to reach level 8, you can initially protect your friends.  According to this blueprint and plan, although Yang Fan is very weak now, he can't help but smile.    The Yellow Emperor¡¯s Heart Sutra requires both yin and yang cultivation to be practiced. Yang Fan will not touch it for the time being. Anyway, the attributes are strong enough now. After almost an hour, Yang Fan recovered a lot and then stood up, holding the thunder light in his hand.  hilt.  It¡¯s like a laser sword.  "Roar." Several zombies suddenly rushed over from the stairs. Yang Fan wanted to take action to see his strength, but he didn't expect that Zhu Liang suddenly pulled out a bone knife, and his whole body turned into a black shadow and flickered past.  With a few swishes, the three zombies fell down one after another, and their heads flew up.  "What equipment and skills?" Yang Fan was slightly surprised. Zhu Liang's attributes were very poor. Now that he could quickly kill three zombies, he obviously got good equipment and skills.  "A silver-grade bone knife with a sharpness of 11, and a cat's shadow step." Zhu Liang answered simply, with a look of pride that had not been shown for a long time on his face.  "Pretty good." Yang Fan replied with a smile. This smile was very strange, because he felt that four or five mother bodies were coming, bringing with them a large number of zombies.  Sure enough, more than ten seconds later, just when Zhu Liang was about to shout something, a mother's body suddenly appeared. He was so frightened that Zhu Liang immediately chopped it down with a bone knife, cutting through a layer of skin and flesh, but not damaging the mother's bones.  It's not that the sharpness is not enough, but that the strength attribute is not enough.  There is a direct relationship between attributes and equipment. If the attributes are not good, no matter how good the equipment is, it will be useless. If you don¡¯t have the strength, you can¡¯t kill zombies. It¡¯s like a child holding a kitchen knife. Can he beat a big man without a kitchen knife?  On the contrary, one is very powerful, but can it penetrate a stone wall without the help of tools?  Therefore, the equipment and attributes cannot be weak, otherwise it will not work at all.  Therefore, facing so many maternal zombies, Zhu Liang slashed twice and immediately shouted: "It can't be done, it can't be done." Yang Fan smiled, but did not take action until Zhu Liang really couldn't do it, then he rushed over and Lei Lei  The Yuan Blade turned into a bolt of lightning. In Yang Fan's eyes, their moving speed was not only as slow as a turtle, but it was like watching a TV cassette, moving bit by bit.  "Tear the card." The Lei Yuan Blade pierced into the eyes of a mother zombie, and then flipped it over. Blood splashed all over the ground, killing one of them.  Yang Fan waved the Lei Yuan Blade in a circle, and all the five or six zombies that came close were cut off. In an instant, Yang Fan ducked, his feet were covered with Gang Qi, and he directly kicked the head of a female zombie away. At this moment, Lei  The Yuan Blade cut through the flesh of these zombies like cutting tofu.  In just a short time, five or six mother zombies and a dozen ordinary zombies were eliminated by Yang Fan alone.  Eight times the strength of ordinary people.  ??Bonus to various attributes.  And the sharpness of the Lei Yuan Blade created this zombie killer.  "Unless you encounter a full-level zombie, or a mother zombie at level 7 or 8, you can easily kill them." This is what Yang Fan said after checking his strength (UmClassmate Han Yisheng  I was told that this book was overdone. I looked at it and found that it was also overdone, so I modified the attributes of God¡¯s equipment. Thank you for your support. I also shouted at the same time, please vote for recommendations. The number of recommendation votes is really the same as yesterday.  There is no way to compare, the melon seeds are a little bad, and I ask for recommended tickets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ly
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