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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 23: The Surviving Group (5/5)

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    "OkayOkayso awesome." Zhu Liang opened his eyes and said in shock. Yang Fan's move was really shocking. You must know that Yang Fan still had to spend some effort to face a female zombie before, but now it's all across the board.  The skin, flesh, and bones of the mother's body were opened, blood spilled all over the floor, and the heads fell off one by one.  "This is nothing. Zombies are the lowest race. Although there are some powerful ones among them, they are very few. We have many enemies, such as alien beasts, Zerg, and other types. With our current strength, this month  You can protect yourself, but after a month, you may fall behind. If you want to stay at the top, you must keep working hard." Yang Fan put away the Lei Yuan Blade and said to Zhu Liang.  "I know." Zhu Liang answered casually. He couldn't understand Yang Fan's current mentality because he had never understood the disaster in his previous life. It was a horrific disaster. Any Zerg could destroy a large group of humans. They would kill humans, zombies, etc.  , alienated beasts are used as food, which is an unimaginable disaster.  "Let's go." What was harvested today was priceless. Yang Fan left here with Zhu Liang in a good mood. There were still many treasure chests, but there were a lot less on the playground. It was obvious that many humans had finally realized their current situation.  Along the way, Yang Fan didn't have to do anything at all. Ordinary zombies could no longer bring much profit. He just wanted Zhu Liang to improve his combat skills. What Zhu Liang lacked now was a job transfer contract. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so tired if he could master a skill at will.  .  If there is a mother body, it depends on the situation. The stronger mother body will solve it by itself. If the mother body is weaker, let Zhu Liang come in. After all, he cannot protect Zhu Liang for his whole life, and Zhu Liang also understands this truth, so he rarely uses it.  Yang Fan said that he would provoke zombies.  When it was almost time, Yang Fan returned to the teaching building, but at this time he saw a group of surviving teams, struggling to kill the zombies.  "Fire Spirit, grant me the power to drive away evil." With a clear voice, Yang Fan and Zhu Liang saw a girl in the corridor, holding a black staff, and suddenly a bright flame burst out.  , all the zombies within two meters were burned to ashes.  "A fire mage, not bad." Yang Fan checked the girl's professional level with his zombie eyes.  ¡¾Successor of the Doomsday System¡¿Physique: 6.  Strength: 8.  Agility: 9.  Intelligence: 21.  Skills: Fire.  Equipment: Psychic Iron Staff.  (Exquisite iron-black equipment) Rating: D grade.  ¡ª¡ª He is a heir to the end of the world. His attributes are average, but his intelligence is very high. He obviously opened a white or black iron treasure chest, and then got such an intelligence-increasing piece of equipment from it.  "Cold Light Sword." The zombies followed, and a group of dead people got up again. The female mage took a few steps back, and suddenly a young man was holding a cold light sword. Only a few white shadows flickered, and four or five zombies followed.  The head was chopped off.  Then the last batch of zombies rushed in, including a mother body. After the young man holding the Cold Light Sword killed the two zombies, a girl holding a bow and arrow suddenly pulled the bow, and with a whoosh, the red gas directly penetrated the head of a zombie.  , then he drew the bow again, and with a bang, he killed the last ordinary zombie.  "Ali." At this time, the young man roared, and suddenly a 1.9-meter tall man rushed out. His whole body was covered with red Gang Qi. Although it was rare, it was considered good to be able to control it to this level.  .  "Collision." The big man roared, and blasted the mother zombie ten meters away. The man holding the cold light sword quickly appeared at that place. The sword flashed and penetrated into the mother's head.  These four people are actually the successors of the apocalyptic system. They are followed by more than twenty people, including men and women. Most of them are ordinary people, but half of them have corresponding weapons in their hands. It seems that they have white weapons.  Or a black iron box.  The team worked well together as a whole. Yang Fan didn¡¯t have too many impressions of these four people. After all, he was on the run in his previous life, so he didn¡¯t know anyone.  "Equipment is out." Suddenly, Zhu Liang said something behind him, and he pursed his lips. Yang Fan followed his gaze and immediately saw a shiny single blade appearing on a dead zombie a few meters away.  sword.  [Black Iron Equipment] Powerful single-edged knife Sharpness: 8 Effect 1: Increase strength by 5 points.  Description: A nice single-edged knife!  ¡ª¡ªThis thing was quite incredible in its previous lifeWrong, it can be sold for 100 Doomsday Coins, but Yang Fan found that they didn't seem to see this piece of equipment. They gathered together and left without looking back.  He is very disdainful of himself, or he doesn¡¯t want to get into any trouble.  At this time, Yang Fan couldn't help but touch his nose, and shrugged helplessly. Being ignored, he walked over, wanting to pick it up and give it to them to make a good relationship, but just after he took a few steps, he was about to bend down.  At that moment, suddenly a cold sword struck.  This sword had no killing intent, so Yang Fan did not move or dodge, he just stood there frozen.  "Go away, this thing belongs to us." The cold voice came. Yang Fan straightened his back and looked at the man who spoke. He was a young man holding a cold light sword. He was 1.8 meters tall and handsome. He had a plane head.  He looked at himself with disdain, obviously thinking that he was a person snatching equipment.  The cold light sword was in front of him, and it looked like he could take his life at any time. Zhu Liang knew Yang Fan's strength, so he walked over without worrying at all. He looked at this person, frowning and searching in his mind for who it was.  Some people behind this man shouted in surprise: "It's the dean." "The dean is still alive." "It's really the dean." They whispered, because the scene was serious and a fight might start at any time.  "Guo Yu, it's you." Then the dean finally thought of who this person was, and blurted out two words.  The young man named Guo Yu snorted coldly and did not take him seriously at all. It was obvious that he was a arrogant boy after getting the apocalyptic system and a good piece of equipment. Yang Fan sneered in his heart.  "Put the things down and get out." The guy named Guo Yu spoke again, and the cold light sword moved, but he didn't want Yang Fan's life, but wanted to scare Yang Fan. He was going to leave, but he suddenly found Yang Fan  It seems that he saw something, and then directly discovered the weapon, mistakenly thinking that Yang Fan wanted to steal his equipment, that's why he was so small-minded.  But in fact, even if he moves, it will be of no use. Who is Yang Fan?  Someone whose agility has reached 110, which is equivalent to 11 times that of an ordinary person, and his reaction ability can be half a beat faster than him.  Yang Fan didn't speak, but at this time a woman among them came out, holding a light blue whip in her hand. This woman was 1.75 meters tall, wearing white clothes on her upper body, three-quarter jeans on her lower body, and two legs.  As white as jade, very beautiful.  She has a graceful figure, especially her big breasts. As for her appearance, Yang Fan carefully looked at her. She is a beauty who is no weaker than Bai Su. She has a delicate oval face, a beautiful nose, sparkling eyes, and a wild nature all over her body.  , especially with that whip. ? Pure queen type.  "I found a woman who can be trained as the goddess of war. Please take her back, master." The lady's eyes flashed, and a set of information suddenly appeared in front of Yang Fan.  [Ji Wu] Type: Queen type Current appearance: A+ Potential appearance: SS+ Current friendliness: F level (stranger.) Attitude towards the host: Slightly favorable.  Suggestion: The target of recruiting ladies has been reached. It is recommended that the host can choose to accommodate one of the ladies, recommend a recovery plan, and treat it calmly.  ¡ª¡ªIf we were in the city and there was no apocalypse, this picture of a beautiful lady would definitely be a magical tool for picking up girls. Yang Fan sighed slightly in his heart.  ¡°Then I only heard the woman named Ji Wu say.  "Guo Yu, I don't mean any harm, why are you so cruel."????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I am exhausted, today is another ten thousand updates, brothers, if you think it is good, can you vote for it? We  It has been classified into past lives, and it is 20 on the overall list. We are stuck here and cannot move. Brothers, there is a large brush in front of us. Either we retreat now, or we move forward bravely. We have no way out. The only way is to explode.  is the eternal truth!)
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