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On the Eve of the End of the World Chapter 24: Treating good intentions as donkey liver and lungs (1/5)

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    (During the recommendation periodplease collect it, please recommend it, and please click it as a member.)  "This person doesn't know what kind of mentality he has. He wants to steal our equipment. If I don't stop him,  I guess this guy is going to take it away. " Guo Yu was unhappy with Yang Fan because Yang Fan wanted to help them pick up something, but was misunderstood as stealing something.  "Guo Yu, be careful what you say." Zhu Liang suddenly felt unhappy. Would Yang Fan care about this ghost?  He had seen Yang Fan wearing God's equipment, but Yang Fan would probably feel dirty if it was given to him with such a tattered thing.  "Who the hell are you?" Guo Yu pointed directly at Zhu Liang's nose, showing no respect for his teacher at all. Zhu Liang's expression changed immediately. How could he be happy when someone pointed at his nose like this?  He wanted to kill this guy with a knife, but he held back. After all, Yang Fan didn't say a word. If he took action, he wouldn't take Yang Fan seriously. Zhu Liang's social experience was much better than these stupid boys.  When he did this, Yang Fan saw it and nodded with satisfaction in his heart.  "I feel more and more that what Zhu Liang lacks is opportunity. Now that the apocalypse is coming, if he is willing to establish a legion alliance, Zhu Liang can control one side," Yang Fan thought in his mind.  "That's enough, this is the dean of students, please respect me." At this time, the woman named Ji Wu shouted fiercely, and Guo Yu stopped talking. He also realized that his words and deeds were not in line with his image, but Han Guang  The sword still did not put down until Ji Wu slapped his arm, then glared at him and said, "If you do this again, I will ignore you." As soon as she finished speaking, Guo Yu looked at him very unwillingly.  He looked at Yang Fan, then put down his sword and snorted coldly.  "Hello, I am Ji Wu, from Class 3 and 4 of high school." She is full of wildness, which makes people want to ride on her and conquer her hard. However, Yang Fan has an intelligence of 80 points, basic control ability, and pure eyes.  Ru Shui said: "My name is Yang Fan, I am from Class 2, Grade 3." "I'm sorry, my friend bumped into me just now." After Ji Wu said this, she picked up the sword, touched it and said to Yang Fan:  "Thank you for your kindness. I know you want to help us pick it up." She said this very smartly. In fact, she didn't know if Yang Fan really helped her pick up the equipment. She just said this and at the same time, with the help of  Looking at her beauty, Yang Fan nodded, because she felt that most boys would nod and say yes. This little trick was very clever and left no trace.  And Yang Fan smiled. If he hadn't known it before, his intelligence had increased eight times. This was not talking about IQ, but a kind of judgment ability, calculation ability, and observation ability. It involved a lot, so Yang Fan could see through it at a glance.  Understand Ji Wu's little thoughts.  To be honest, he is not rare for black iron-level weapons, so he returned the equipment to Ji Wu and said: "I just saw that you didn't notice it, so I wanted to pick it up for you. Maybe I was too presumptuous. I'm really sorry."  " Yang Fan was as calm as water. There was no need to argue with them, he just said it calmly.  "Sima Zhao's heart is well known to everyone on the road. The reason why he is so good now is not because he was discovered by me. If he had not been discovered by me, you might have taken the equipment and ran away." Guo Yu said coldly.  Yang Fan immediately frowned in his heart.  "That's right, Brother Guo Yu is right, you greedy ghost, get out." At this moment, a lolita also walked out. This is the fire mage, a very cute lolita, 1.6 meters tall.  , has big breasts, and looks somewhat similar to Ji Wu, with a baby-fat face, snow-white skin, and two plateau red flowers that make people want to take a bite.  But as soon as this cute loli came out, she pointed at herself and continued to curse: "You are so shameless." Zhu Liang felt unhappy at that moment, but Yang Fan held him down and said with a smile on his face: "If there is any misunderstanding,  , I¡¯m really sorry, I¡¯ll give it to you now, so please respect me.¡± When Yang Fan said this, he had a bright smile on his face, but his heart was as cold as ice. He could endure it once, twice, but absolutely.  I couldn't bear it three times. If I heard him talking nonsense, Yang Fan wouldn't mind letting them not see the sun tomorrow.  "Guo Yu, Ji Yue, you two shut up." Ji Wu yelled, her momentum suddenly changed, she pushed the cold light sword aside, and then said hurriedly to Yang Fan: "I'm really sorry, my friend's temper is like this.  Don't worry about it. " As Ji Wu spoke, her heart kept beating because she felt an extremely cold and terrifying aura coming towards her. It was very scary. What shocked her was that the person who exuded this terrifying aura was  It turned out to be the pretty boy in front of me.  "Ji Wu, you actually do thisDid an outsider scold me?  "Guo Yu suddenly felt unhappy. "Sister, you!  "Little Lolita was also very angry. "Shut up, everyone.  "Ji Wu guessed that Yang Fan was very powerful and terrifying, so she was very afraid that there would be a conflict between the two. Then the gains would outweigh the losses, so she could only make up her mind and shout to Guo Yu. "Okay, I'll shut up.  "Guo Yu clenched his fists and looked at Yang Fan, his handsome face full of hatred, his eyes bursting with anger, while the little loli said angrily: "You are so shameless, you are so shameless.  .  "    "enough.  "Ji Wu glared at her fiercely, because she felt the terrifying aura more and more, so she was even more afraid of a conflict between the two parties, "I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry.  "When Ji Wu saw that Guo Yu and Ji Yue were still so virtuous, she knew that they were also angry, so she immediately apologized to Yang Fan. And Yang Fan would not vent his anger on women, but take out pictures of ladies.  When a box of mineral water came, he still had a bright smile on his face and said: "There is some water here to apologize for my recklessness just now.  " When Yang Fan did this, everyone immediately felt good. Coupled with his bright and gentle smile, everyone felt a little ashamed for a moment. After all, under the model, water resources and then food resources are the most important. Unexpectedly  Yang Fan was so generous. Zhu Liang was stunned. He didn't expect that Yang Fan would not only hold back his resentment, but also repay kindness with resentment. "Shui.  "    "have water.  " "He actually has water, and he can conjure it directly from a box. Is he a magician?  " There was a commotion among the people. They had not drank a sip of water all day long. Some people's throats were dry to death. Even the hostile Guo Yu and Xiao Loli had their throats ache when they saw the mineral water Yang Fan placed on the ground. " Yang Fan had no intention of doing so.  He relied on them for nothing, so he put water on the ground. Everyone had it. Yang Fan generously gave Guo Yu and Little Loli a bottle, but when he saw Guo Yu looking at him with a mocking look on his face, he said, "If it's not just water, don't even think about it."  It's not good to drink if there is something in it. Let's go to the canteen, where everything is available.  " Guo Yu sneered. Everyone stopped moving and didn't dare to take it. They were afraid that what Guo Yu said was right. They obviously shared the same hatred. "Yes, maybe they were drugged to covet our beauty.  Do you think we don't know about your bad intentions?  "The little Loli said with disdain. "That's right, don't drink it.  " "Be careful, it's poisonous.  " "This person has no good intentions.  " The other boys immediately supported Guo Yu's words and reprimanded Yang Fan one after another. Yang Fan's heart became colder and colder. Zhu Liang wanted to kill them all to vent his anger. Ji Wu's face turned red with anger. Their attitude kept being low. His sister  Guo Yu, who was trying to chase her, actually said that to others, how could she not be angry, so Ji Wu directly picked up a bottle, smiled sweetly at Yang Fan and said, "Thank you very much.  " After saying that, Ji Wu opened the water and drank more than half of it in one gulp. She immediately felt refreshed and much more comfortable, and her little face showed a happy smile. " After the others saw Ji Wu drink, they all started to drink water.  Impulsively, Yang Fan took the water away, and it felt like magic. ¡°Let¡¯s go.  " Yang Fan didn't want to be angry anymore, so he shouted to Zhu Liang, then turned around and left. "Thank you.  "Ji Wu knew that Yang Fan was angry when he saw him leaving. She didn't know what to say, so she could only say these two words. Yang Fan did not answer and left indifferently. After Yang Fan left, Guo Yu snorted coldly and looked at this  He held up the black iron weapon and said: "This person is evil-minded. Pay more attention. I think this black iron weapon should be given to Chen Hui. He has received military training. Giving him can increase the number of our team and have better ones."  Survivability" Before Guo Yu could finish his words, Ji Wu immediately dropped the black iron weapon on the ground and said with a cold expression: "You guys are a bunch of white-eyed wolves, especially you, you are such a small-minded guy.  " After saying that, Ji Wu walked forward, ignoring no one. Little Loli followed and stood in front of Ji Wu and shouted unwillingly: "That person is a bad guy and wants to steal our equipment. If it weren't for Guo Yu  If my brother finds it early, I'm afraid it will be stolen.  " It's not that Ji Wu doesn't know that her sister likes the image of Guo Yu as a sunny brother, so she just snorted coldly, then pushed Ji Yue away and walked forward. When Guo Yu saw this scene, his expression was slightly sinister.  Cold. Then when they arrived at the canteen, they found that there was no more bottle of water in her hand. Ji Wu sneered.Guo Yu, who had an ugly expression on his face, said: "What? Where's the water? Guo Yu, don't you look down on me? Find the water." "It's him, he must have stolen all the water." The little Loli said fiercely  said.  After Guo Yu heard this, he couldn't help but said: "That guy is too vicious. He must have storage equipment on him. He stole all the water, you bastard." "Why don't you take the water away? I think you all have it.  Everything has changed." After Ji Wu heard this, she was even more furious. This was no longer harming others for the benefit of the group, it was completely targeted!  As for Yang Fan in the distance, he has already reached the seventh floor (This chapter was indeed overlooked, sorry, I revised it!)
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