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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 34: It¡¯s Snowing

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    It's not that Yang Fan has a special hobby and insists on killing men, but these people have evil intentions. If they are not strangled in the cradle, they will be very harmful to themselves. This is the end of the world, and it is no longer a peaceful era. People will fight to survive.  Come down and become crazy and dehumanized.  In the end, there were only three people left, a girl in a white dress, a woman holding a spear, and a woman kneeling on the ground.  The girl in the white dress did not look as nervous as expected. On the contrary, the woman holding the long hair was very nervous. As for the woman kneeling on the ground, her whole body was shaking, and an unpleasant smell spread around her. It was the smell of urine.  Yang Fan frowned and looked at this woman. She had messy long hair, her head was lowered and she was crying. She couldn't say a word at all. She was obviously very frightened. Yang Fan looked at her and was ready to take action.  Kill, but at this time, the lady picture spirit made a sound.  "Master, you can choose to assimilate this girl, and she will be enslaved to you for the rest of her life, obeying your words, or she can serve as your subordinate and fight for you." Lady Tu usually rarely speaks, but when she meets a woman, Yang Fan  I feel like this thing is something from the devil¡¯s path, not the righteous path.  "In that case, let's take it back." Yang Fan didn't talk nonsense. This woman's appearance was not bad. In her previous life, she would have been a rich and handsome black fungus companion. She would have looked six or seven points. If she hadn't looked like this now.  Panic and misery, with a little makeup, is the best in the eyes of a young man in his mid-twenties.  "Since the master does not have a maid to serve you, I will plant a 'clear seed' in her heart so that all her thoughts can be known to you. If you grow up to a certain level, she will have no regard for you at all.  The heart of betrayal." Lady Tu said.  "Okay." Yang Fan nodded, and then the lady figure planted the so-called bright seed in her body, and a beam of light penetrated into her brain. The expression of the person next to the girl in the white dress changed, and then Yang Fan asked: "  Can these two people do it? " "Since they are both successors of the apocalyptic system, they cannot plant clear seeds for the time being, but they will be able to do so after you become an advanced master." Lady Tu replied.  Yang Fan was not too disappointed, so he planted the seeds in this woman's heart.  "Don't kill me, don't kill me, don't kill me." After planting Mingzhong, Yang Fan looked at this woman, and this was the first thing he felt.  "It's really effective." Yang Fan's heart moved, and then he walked up to the woman. The thoughts in the woman's heart became even more powerful, and her whole body was trembling.  "I won't kill you." This was Yang Fan's first sentence. As soon as he finished speaking, the woman immediately breathed a sigh of relief, then crawled in front of her in panic, grabbed her legs with both hands, and squeezed them with her plump breasts.  His thigh, he said in a confused tone: "Don't kill me, don't kill me, I can do anything for you, my body, my body has not been touched by others, my body has not been touched by others,  I can devote my body to you." As she spoke, tears kept falling.  Yang Fan can¡¯t say he hates this kind of person, but he definitely doesn¡¯t like him either.  "Let me go. As long as he lets me go, I can give my body to serve him and be his wife." The woman was thinking about this in her mind, but she didn't know that Yang Fan knew everything.  "What's your name?" Yang Fan asked her coldly.  "LiuLiuLiu Xue." She trembled in panic, and then stammered out her name.  "From today on, you are my maid, serving me. I can save your life, do you understand?" Yang Fan said majestically and domineeringly, exuding a strong aura, making her only have the thought of obedience.  There is only fear, not too many thoughts.  "I knowI knowI know." She did not let down her guard because Yang Fan said this. Instead, she cheered up and knelt in front of Yang Fan to calm herself down. Such a woman is very smart.  .  Yang Fan looked at her with no lust in his eyes.  "Are you dissatisfied with me?" At this moment, Yang Fan spoke to the two girls again. He didn't have the slightest intention to kill them, but if he had a favorable impression, it wouldn't be much better. If these two people  Hating himself, or hating himself, Yang Fan turned around and left with Liu Xue, but if the two of them didn't show much emotion, they could take them away if they didn't mind.  "No, these people are not good people either. On the second day of the end of the world, I heard them saying that they were going to destroy us We didn't have much favorable impressions of them anymore. But one day, God appeared and His words made  They are all at peace." The woman holding the spear said this with effort in her tone.?Calm yourself.  "Really?" Yang Fan looked into the woman's eyes. The latter was a little scared at first, but soon looked back directly. The two looked at each other for a few seconds. This woman had a very hot figure.  "Okay." After confirming that everything was correct, Yang Fan waved his hand and said, "You are both heirs of the apocalyptic system and are of some use to me. I will not have any intentions against you. If you two want to survive, you are willing to follow  I, just listen to my understanding?" Yang Fan said.  The girl in the white dress has great archery skills, and her profession may be a dark elf, and this hot woman is either a warrior, or a druid!  "Understood." The hot woman finished speaking for the girl in the white dress. In the apocalypse, it is very dangerous to rely on your own words. Yang Fan showed his super strength and completely convinced the two people. As for the death of these people,  The two of them said that they didn't necessarily care at all, but they didn't have much favorable impressions either.  "Then what are your names?" Yang Fan asked "Bai Chen." The girl in the white dress answered.  "Fang Na." the hot woman said.  "Bai Chen, Fang Na." Yang Fan murmured to himself. There was no impression of these two people in his mind. His mind was running rapidly. After thinking for a while, he finally shook his head. In the first month of his previous life, he was completely  In a state of escape, he just kept running away and had no time for leisure at all.  So at most, you only learn about many things on forums. What you really see is nothing but disasters, escapes, and the ugliness of human nature.  After estimating the time, it was getting late. This was the eighth day of the apocalypse. Yang Fan was worried about something unusual and what happened to Zhu Liang, so he asked the three of them to leave. But at this moment, it suddenly started to rain in the sky.  It's snowing
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