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The Eve of the Apocalypse Chapter 35: Career Division

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    (It¡¯s the last day. Please collect it. I sincerely ask for it. I hope that those who are willing to support melon seeds can click to add it to the bookshelf! Thank you!) It¡¯s snowing, snowflakes as big as goose feathers are falling from the sky, and the cold wind is blowing. Standing  Yang Fan beside the community pool couldn't help but stare at the sky.  Zombies, alien beasts, Zerg, disasters from nature, mankind is about to enter a cruel era. Now the temperature will drop sharply to 0¡ã-8¡ã, and then it will get colder and colder. I don¡¯t know why, in the north  The weather here is actually warmer than the weather in the south. This may be a problem between the North and South Pole.  "It's snowing." Fang Na looked at the heavy snow in the sky and said in a daze. There is still a long way to go before it snows, but the sudden snowfall seems very strange. Is this a new disaster that mankind is about to face?  ?  Cold weather will freeze many people to death, and hunger will drive countless people crazy.  The only ones who have risen are the successors of the apocalypse and some human beings, trying to survive in the apocalypse.  "Let's go quickly to the city center. Maybe some of the troops have arrived there." Yang Fan said to the three of them.  Although the three people didn't know what happened, the strange weather was scary, so they followed Yang Fan's footsteps.  On the road, Yang Fan was neither too fast nor too slow, just to look after the three of them. At this time, Yang Fan took out three pieces of equipment and looked at them.  ¡¾Accessories and Equipment¡¿ Multi-meter critical strike ring.  Current grade:?  ?  ?  .  Potential level:?  ?  ?  .     Effect:?  ?  ?  .     illustrate:?  ?  ?  ¡ª¡ª This is the ring with a hint of white silver, but the attributes cannot be checked. The zombie eyes are not that advanced. You must buy the identification talisman from the apocalyptic merchant, so Yang Fan is communicating with the lady and asked Liu Qiaoqiao to buy it.  A silver-level identification talisman.  Appraisal charms are also divided into white, bronze, and silver levels. The better the appraisal charms can identify certain hidden attributes. A silver-level appraisal charm costs 500 apocalyptic coins. If Liu Qiaoqiao buys it, it will cost 400 apocalyptic coins.  .  As for the rest of the items, they were a pair of gauntlets and a big sword.  It is a bronze-level equipment. This zombie eye can check the attributes.  [Weapons and Equipment] Azir¡¯s Incomplete Great Sword Current Level: Bronze.  Potential level: Gold level.  Sharpness: 19 Effect¡ªStrength: An additional 8 points of strength, and an additional 2% strength effect.  Effect - Blunt injury: There is a certain chance of fainting.  Effect - Sweep: Comes with active skill Sweep, the range is half a circle, and the damage is 120% of the strength.  Explanation: Azir's great sword is the lifelong equipment of the Golden Knight. In order to resist the devil, the glory hero Azir dedicated his body, and the equipment was turned into three pieces. If they are gathered together, they can inherit the spiritual mysteries of the glory knight Azir and transform into three pieces.  His position is a disciplinary knight.  ¡ª¡ª "Incomplete bronze-level equipment?" Yang Fan did not expect it to be this kind of equipment. Someone in the past life said on the forum that there are two types of equipment in the apocalyptic world. One is ordinary-level equipment. There is almost no way to upgrade the level. It belongs to  White is suitable for the first level, bronze is suitable for the mid-level first level, silver is suitable for the second level, and so on.  The other kind is the current incomplete equipment. As long as you gather a few other pieces, you will be greatly improved. This kind of equipment depends on your luck. For example, if you have the ability to get all the equipment, then you  You are invincible, but if you can't get it together, even if you are level 3 or 4, it will be useless.  You must find other incomplete equipment, otherwise your great skills will be of no use.  So this piece of equipment is pretty good. You only need to find the other three pieces to get it to gold level.  As for the other one.  ¡¾Defense Equipment¡¿ Brilliant Bracers Current grade: Bronze.  Potential grade: Silver grade.  Increased defense: 8 Effect - physical strength: an additional 10 points of physical strength, and an additional 2% increase in physical strength, effect.  Effect - Radiant Shield: Releases a radiant shield that lasts for twenty seconds, which can withstand a certain basic damage and 20% of magic damage. The cooldown time is half an hour.  Effect¡ªTreatment: It can cure a certain injury of a single character, and the cooling time is ten minutes.  Description: Comes with bright defensive equipment, please wear it to resist evil.  ¡ª¡ª It is a good equipment that can be defended and cured. It is the best bronze level. Yang Fan put it on without hesitation. Yang Fan suddenly felt that his body had increased a little.Although the effect is not very strong, the feeling is obvious. This should be an increase in defense, strengthening the skin, flesh, muscles and bones.  "You can use the big sword by yourself, specifically to kill the alienated beasts, and the Thunder Yuan Blade to cut the Zerg." Yang Fan murmured.  "Whoops." At this time, Bai Chen, the girl who might be blind in both eyes, pulled up a silver-level bow and arrow, shot to the side, and a ray of silver light shot past, and suddenly a zombie's head was pierced, showing his superb archery skills.  "By the way, what are your talents, occupations, and levels." Yang Fan couldn't help but marveled when he saw the girl's archery skills, and then asked them about their talents.  Talents must be obtained by possessing the Doomsday System, and only one or two out of ten can be obtained. They are still low-level, and high-level talents rarely appear. Only players like myself who have obtained the Doomsday System in advance are eligible to obtain the Beyond SSS level.  talent.  "Dark Elf, A-level hidden profession, penetrating heart, aiming at 99%, penetrating all the true self, A-level talent." Bai Chen replied, his tone was as calm as water, and it was also very pleasant.  "Wild warrior, B-level hidden profession, wild heart, talent skill, can instantly increase all abilities by 30%, defense, strength, agility increased by 40 points, lasts for half an hour, cooldown time is three days, weakened by 20% after use  ¡ª50% ability, lasts for three days, B-level talent. " "Dark Elf, Mad Warrior, A, B-level talent." Yang Fan nodded with satisfaction. Bai Chen's career was expected, and Fang Na's was.  Unexpectedly, this profession is almost the same as his own ancient warrior.  After roughly understanding their skills, Yang Fan began to determine the types of the two people. Bai Chen was naturally the long-range attack type, and Fang Na was the same as himself. If he wanted to survive in the apocalypse, he would need at least a team of thirty people.  Only a good team can survive the crazy Zerg.  It¡¯s okay to fight alone, but if you encounter a large number of Zerg, you will definitely die.  Therefore, there must be six long-range mages and archers, twelve advancements, one for attack and one for defense and containment, and then there must be four assassins, responsible for reconnaissance and assassination, to have unexpected effects at critical moments.  .  As for TM, that is, defenders, there must be eight, responsible for guarding four points, up, down, left, and right. It is best to be a knight type, with thick health and good attack. Of course, if anyone can change careers and become a hidden career in China  , a Buddhist disciple, is also very powerful, and may sometimes act as a wet nurse.  And healers are the rarest, not because of anything else, but because they have very few skills, making it difficult to survive, and the initial cost is too high.  There are ten, twenty is the best, but that is obviously impossible, so Yang Fan should ideally have four, with full skills, so that he can cope with it.  After thinking about it, Zhu Liang can now be regarded as a melee fighter. He is also a melee fighter. Fang Na is a melee fighter and Bai Chen is a long-range fighter. You won¡¯t know what the so-called war goddess is in the ladies¡¯ picture. ¡°I hope I can find it in the camp.¡±  The right teammate. "As the cold wind became stronger and stronger, Yang Fan murmured in his heart, and then walked faster (The plot will get better and better, I hope you will continue to support it!)
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