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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 44: Chen Ming Awakens the Summoner

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    Yang Fan felt that there must be something fishy in it. After all, Chen Yu was not the kind of person with excessive desires, but when it came to women, it was as if he had touched his back. Coupled with the things about those five people, Yang Fan felt more and more  My guess is correct.  So Yang Fan was looking straight at Chen Yu, who had a handsome face, with an extremely ugly expression. The latter's expression also became slightly colder. After looking at these women again, Chen Yu turned around and left without saying a word.  Because he believed that what Yang Fan said would be done.  "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. On the contrary, I will give you powerful power so that you can survive in the apocalypse." Yang Fan shouted to the panicked people, and then asked the soldiers to take them upstairs.  .  "I hope they can survive." "I don't know how many times I have heard such nonsense." "The screams can still be heard every night. These people will not live long."  Yang Fan, who has keen hearing, heard it clearly.  As the rest of the people discussed, Yang Fan left without changing his expression, and the seventy people were taken upstairs.  Elsewhere, Chen Yu with a gloomy look came to a secret compartment where food was stored. He moved a few bags of rice and said in a moderate voice: "Brother, we have lured a wolf into the house. That guy is completely  It can't be tamed, it seems we have to implement the plan in advance and wait and see." Chen Yu stood in the dark storage room and spoke. There was silence for a long time, and then a faint voice of "En" came.  Seventy women barely filled the room, and Yang Fan closed the door. Among the seventy girls, the youngest were fourteen or fifteen years old, and the oldest were twenty-seven or seventy-eight years old. All of them were very tall.  Yes, Liu Xue was still sleeping soundly, maybe because she was too tired, so she didn't react at all. As soon as these people saw Yang Fan closing the door, some of them knelt down directly.  "Please don't abuse us, please." "I can sacrifice my life. I hope you can let my daughter go. My daughter is only fourteen years old." "Don't kill us, don't kill us." They  The chatter made Yang Fan upset, and in the end he scolded him, and everyone fell silent.  Yang Fan pointed at someone casually and asked: "What on earth happened here? Don't worry, I won't harm you. Otherwise, I can kill you at any time." Their excessive emotions made Yang Fan feel even more uneasy, so Yang Fan  I feel that I must understand the ins and outs of the whole thing, because in my memory, Parkson Supermarket was destroyed by the alienated beast on the third day and completely fell. Many people died at the mouth of the alienated beast.  Those five people appeared later. Could it be that because of his rebirth, he changed a series of things and triggered the butterfly effect. Parkson Supermarket was occupied by the Tiger Gang, and then recruited those five beasts to discuss something.  If this is the case, your situation will be very dangerous.  Those five people ranked first on the list of villains in the NC region. A group of tens of thousands of people had been organized in the forum to hunt down these five people. Not only did they not succeed in assassinating them, but they trapped and killed hundreds of people.  , is an unforgivable existence.  Now that he was reborn, Yang Fan was determined to kill them if he had the ability.  And these people were shocked by Yang Fan's momentum, and then they all fell silent and knelt on the ground. The woman pointed by Yang Fan looked like she was twenty-three or four years old, with a beautiful face. She raised her beautiful face and said:  "It's like this. Just two days ago, five people suddenly came here. The officers here received them first, and then a few of us sisters were called over. At that time, we just thought we wanted to satisfy their desires, but there was no such thing.  I thought that that night we heard very shrill screams, which were the voices of my sisters. The next day, another group of people were called over, and at night there were also shrill screams. It seemed that they had been affected by a very strong force.  The abuse was normal, and we never saw them again, so please, don't kill me, I can be your ***, but don't abuse me." As she spoke, she knelt on the ground.  cried.  Shu Ran didn't know that Yang Fan's expression had become extremely cold. From what she said, Yang Fan had confirmed that the Tiger Gang had indeed taken in the heinous five-person group.  At that moment, Yang Fan took a deep breath, opened the light door of the ladies' picture, and let the girls in. Firstly, it was to give them shelter, and secondly, it was important to increase his own strength. However, when these people saw the mysterious light door, one by one  They were all frightened, thinking that this was the abyss of hell, and the crying became even louder.  Yang Fan can understand their mood, because it was really terrible to fall into the hands of those five people, so Yang Fan awakened the crown of God, the point between the eyebrowsThe golden color turned into a crown that emitted soft light and was placed on the top of the head.  "Go in with confidence." The crown has divinity. After Yang Fan puts it on, it is combined with the cloak of God, like a young king, dispelling their panic, fear, and helplessness, and giving them hope and warmth. This  It is God.  As if they were under a spell, everyone was no longer afraid. They walked into the light door, one after another. Then they woke up and found themselves in a paradise, with mountains and rivers, pure air, and small huts.  , some people are training on the battlefield.  "Seventy people meet the standards, and their overall abilities are increased by 70 points. At the same time, three of them are suitable to be trained as war goddesses, and two are suitable to be trained as auxiliary goddesses." The voice of Lady Picture came, but what followed was a large list.  If you plan to train them all, you can train them all with the current food, but there must be a lot of food shortage, so that you don't need to go outside to replenish it. You just tell yourself that you can't train anymore.  Bai Su, Liu Qiaoqiao, and Datun Mang got the indicators before. Yang Fan gave the remaining seven to five of them. In the end, there are still two free training indicators left, which need to be grasped carefully.  After placing these women, Yang Fan repeated what he had said to Liu Qiaoqiao and the others, that he was willing to live in frustration and protect himself and his family!  There is no doubt that no one wants to live like a slave, they are all willing to receive training.  ¡­ And at this moment, Chen Ming¡¯s excited voice suddenly came from outside the light door.  "Successful, successful Hahahaha, I changed my job to a hidden profession, a great summoner." "Awakened and changed my job?" When Yang Fan heard Chen Ming's words, he was suddenly surprised, and then he was overjoyed.  , Chen Ming, is known as the most unexpected summoner. He really can't wait to see what he can summon. ?¡­?(What are you summoning? Brothers, look at your recommendation votes!!!)
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