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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 45: Gambling Knight¡ªZach

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    "Awakened, awakened." Chen Ming stood in front of him ecstatically, laughing as if he had picked up a check for five million, while Zhu Liang next to him slapped the guy on the head and shouted:  "What are you talking about? It's just an awakened system. It's just a hidden profession. Is it necessary?" Zhu Liang was completely jealous of this guy, so he took advantage of the fact that he could deal with this guy a few times, so he took action.  Without being polite, Chen Ming immediately rubbed his head with bared teeth, glanced at Zhu Liang dissatisfied, then looked at Yang Fan carelessly, and said with a smile: "Boss, I have awakened and become a great summoner.  "It's an A-level hidden profession." Yang Fan just smiled. He already knew what Chen Ming's future profession would be, so he wasn't surprised at all. He just asked him to summon it now to see what he could summon.  At the same time, Yang Fan explained to him the direction and skills of the summoner.  Chen Ming didn't know if he understood it. Anyway, after Yang Fan finished speaking, he clasped his hands together and shouted with a serious look: "O King of Kings from the Kingdom of Gods, darkness has fallen, and your people have been affected.  The oppression of darkness, please send down the archangels to drive away the demons. " Chen Ming shouted this very rudely, but Yang Fan and Zhu Liang did not dare to interrupt. Zhu Liang mistakenly thought it was his summoning spell, and  Yang Fan knew that Chen Ming was the most unexpected summoner. Maybe he could really summon angels. Although this chance was just like winning a five million lottery ticket today and winning another five million with the same number tomorrow.  million.  This chance is very small. Yang Fan's current mood is like that of a gambler. Even with one dollar, he is eager to make up his money and win millions, although everyone knows that it is impossible "Huh  " A gust of wind blew by, but there was nothing. After waiting for a few minutes, Chen Ming scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed. Zhu Liang immediately slapped him a few times in displeasure. Yang Fan felt uncomfortable with Chen Ming's summons.  Speechless, the slogans were shouted so loudly, there was no such thing as the King of Kings among the Gods, but in the end, there was not even a single one.  But yes, if an angel really appeared, he would probably be invincible. All the zerg and alien beasts would die at the hands of the angel.  Before Chen Ming could stop joking, Yang Fan asked him to summon him seriously, without any joking: "Our current situation is very dangerous. I can't do it alone. I hope you can summon a powerful summoned beast.  This is a silver-level sword. If you use it as a sacrifice, you may get twice the result with half the effort. "Summoner, you can use sacrifices to enhance the quality of the summoned monsters. A good sacrifice can summon an existence many times more powerful than itself. A piece of silver.  The first-class equipment is something that countless people are interested in, but now that Yang Fan uses this top-quality equipment as a sacrifice, it is a complete waste.  Yang Fan reluctantly handed over the critical strike ring to Chen Ming. Azir's sword was incomplete and could not be assembled, so the only silver-level ring was this one. If it were in other times, Yang Fan would never be like this.  Yes, but now Yang Fan always feels that something is about to happen, so he hopes that Chen Ming can live up to expectations by summoning a second-level alien beast, or a Zerg.  ?Bronze level is best, of course, Silver level is the best.  "Okay, let me give it a try." Chen Ming didn't know how precious the silver-level jewelry and equipment was, so he accepted it unceremoniously, and then seriously activated the summoning skills. Duomi's critical strike ring shone on the ground.  , and then tore apart a black light realm, six-pointed star, dark black, with many runes imprinted on it, and no one knew what the runes meant.  "The strong man from the summoning space, with the will of me, the great summoner, Chen Ming, calls you out of the summoning world, fight side by side with me, and expel the darkness." Chen Ming generated a powerful aura at this moment  , and then a figure flashed out of the six-pointed star. A tall figure appeared in everyone's eyes, more than five meters high. The figure was flickering and could not be seen clearly.  "Titan?" Yang Fan murmured with a look of ecstasy. The five-meter-tall body is at least at the level of an earth giant. Perhaps it is the legendary Titan. If it is really a Titan, it is a gold-level one.  The alien beast is absolutely invincible. If it were a real Titan, how could Yang Fan not be happy.  Now that the aura generated by the hexagonal star was very powerful, Zhu Liang swallowed, muttering in his heart that he could no longer bully Chen Ming, his grandson.  The three of them were all looking forward to what this summoned beast would be.  At this time, a deep and powerful voice came.  "Fight for the glory of the Lord. Knight is a symbol of light. Driving away darkness is my glory. My spear is sharp and perfect. I will use my body to block all darkness. Knight-Zach is a beautiful little girl."We serve.  " The passionate voice resounded in the room. Chen Ming, Zhu Liang and Yang Fan listened well at first, but later it completely changed. What does it mean to serve beautiful ladies? Chen Ming's face turned slightly ugly.  , while Zhu Liang looked at Chen Ming mockingly, "It's him, the most wretched knight from the Gambling Knight family," Yang Fan said.  " Yang Fan yelled this sentence in a loud voice. Chen Ming and Zhu Liang naturally heard it clearly, but they didn't understand what the gambling knight meant. Do they like gambling? The Summoner's Space was mentioned in the beginner's manual.  It belongs to the same existence as our own world. Some people also have alienated beasts, and there are also bugs. In the Kingdom of Knights, there are thousands of knight families, and the most notorious among them is the gambling knight. The knight symbolizes justice.  , a selfless, dedicated, bright existence, and the Gambling Knight is an alternative existence. First of all, people in this family like to gamble, and nine times out of ten they lose, so every Gambling Knight lives a life of getting richer every three years and poorer every fifth time.  days. So the Gambling Knights have developed a hobby, that is, they have to negotiate conditions for everything, and they will only choose to help when the conditions are met. Otherwise, they have the right to ignore it, and if they encounter danger, the Gambling Knights,  Will be the first to run away. What makes Yang Fan most speechless is that Zach is the most insignificant one among the gambling knights, because many people summoned the gambling knights in the past life and spent a lot of money to kill them.  Send him away, but there is another difference, that is, Zach is unwilling to return to the summoner world. He lives in this world shamelessly and starts to pick up girls. He likes money and beautiful girls most. He is a super best.  , the player who summoned Zac in the previous life even abolished his profession and got rid of Zac's rogue. This shows how speechless this guy is. Now that Chen Ming's first summoned beast is actually him, how can he not let Yang Fan.  Feeling uncomfortable? Just when Yang Fan was thinking about something, the six-pointed star disappeared, and what caught his eye was a three-meter-high wooden horse, and then a big man jumped off the wooden horse
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