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The Eve of the Apocalypse Chapter 68: Looking for a Car

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    After eating, Yang Fan simply rested for a while. He took out the last pack of cigarettes, gave one to Fu Gaobin, and then puffed away with his legs crossed. After a while, Wu Liang reluctantly  After regaining his composure, he lay on the ground, not daring to get up or talk nonsense anymore.  Yang Fan left an indelible impression on him, and he was completely like a big devil.  "Let me tell you, if the army really comes and you dare to play any tricks, I will prevent you from seeing the sun the next day before they protect you. You yourself know who he and I are. You  Let¡¯s see if the army will take care of us, or if it will take care of low-level and worthless national personnel like you.¡± Yang Fan¡¯s words were not false at all. In the previous life, the army valued the successors of the apocalyptic system very much. However,  I don't know what my attitude is towards state personnel. People like Wu Liang, if they don't have a strong backing, are just like ordinary people. The reason why I gave him a hand before was because maybe he could help me.  But this guy is so arrogant, selfish, and self-interested that he can't tolerate it at all. He will probably be a disaster in the future. If Fu Gaobin hadn't pulled him, he really wanted to throw him outside and fall to death. And now Wu Liang also  He got up slowly, his body was no longer so trembling, he lowered his head and did not dare to look directly at Yang Fan. He was not as arrogant as before.  After almost resting, Yang Fan stood up and said, "Check to see if there is anything we can use, and then take it away. We are going to set off to Chengbi Lake. There is an army suppressing it there." Yang Fan said to everyone,  Then he took Fu Gaobin to the room and took away all the quilts.  The weather here will only get colder and colder. I am not afraid of people, but it does not mean that others are not afraid of the cold. I must bring more. Seven or eight thick and good quilts have been shaved by Fu Gaobin. Yang Fan goes to the opposite  Some things were also collected in the room, including new toothpaste, new toothbrushes, some towels and the like. They were packed directly into a big bag and stored in a backpack.  When setting off, Yang Fan included Xiao Chen in the ladies' chart. Now there are ninety people in the ladies' chart. Among them, Liu Qiaoqiao, Bai Su, and five people can be trained as war goddesses and auxiliary goddesses, plus the swallowing python  I asked for one spot, but there were two left.  As expected, Xiao Chen was qualified to receive training, so Yang Fan brought her into the Ladies' Chart. Now he only needs to find nine more people to enter the Ladies' Chart to organize a group of 100 girls. Among these nine people, Bai  Su and Fang Na are good candidates, but giving them would be a waste.  Yang Fan can only find two qualified ordinary people to transform. When the time comes, there will be a hundred elite girls, plus ten goddesses, the swallowing python, and the most unexpected summoner Chen Ming, and Zhu Liang who he trained  , plus Fang Na, Bai Su, and Zach, after surviving the Zerg disaster, we can organize a strong base, and then we can truly take root in the apocalyptic world.  So the goal now is to store food, find a strong team, and then start preparing to fight against various difficulties in the future.  After roughly gathering the things aside, everyone started to set off. As for Xiao Chen's disappearance, everyone was puzzled, but they didn't dare to ask Yang Fan anything, so they could only follow obediently. Wu Liang lowered his head and followed.  Later, Yang Fan ignored him. This time, Fu Gaobin still took the lead, and Yang Fan swept the formation.  By the time we got downstairs, the snow had already piled up a lot thicker, covering half of our calves, almost two centimeters. Everyone gasped, looking at the sky still covered with heavy snow, and wondering if the snow would drown them.  If this is the case, you will die no matter what.  Understanding everyone's thoughts, Yang Fan spit out white mist and said: "Don't worry, the snow will stop soon, but the air will get colder and colder, and the world will enter an ice age. This environment is to welcome more terrifying species.  "The first half of Yang Fan's words made everyone feel relaxed, but the second half made them nervous again. Fu Gaobin came over and asked, "Brother Yang Fan, how do you know so much?" "It's written like this in the novel."  It was impossible for Yang Fan to tell Fu Gaobin that he was a person from the future. He could only say it as a joke. After Fu Gaobin leaned closer, he put on 120,000 alerts and began to observe the surrounding environment.  There was peace in the community, which was a little strange, but Yang Fan felt the gaze of many people. Those people were hiding in rooms in the high-rise buildings in the community, and they were all waiting for military rescue.  "Brother Yang Fan, let's go to the underground parking lot to see if there is any transportation. If there is, we can get to Chengbi Lake soon." Fu Gaobin suddenly came up with such an idea.  "Okay, let's go to the underground parking lot." Fu Gaobin's idea was very good. Yang Fan's extremely clear thinking judged that there should be a high probability of transportation in the underground parking lot. The apocalypse broke out and the zombies came out of the cage.?Many people will immediately think of driving, but they are killed by zombies while driving, so the car keys are still in the car, but the person died.  ??Zombies only eat living things and are not interested in cars or anything like that, so in the underground parking lot, there should be the transportation you want.  After following the directions of the road signs, they finally found the underground parking lot. It was very dark, but fortunately there were a few dim lights shining on it. Fu Gaobin took out the flashlight he found in the drawer of the family, opened it with a click, and then shined it.  shine brightly.  The two women hid behind Fu Gaobin, Wu Liang followed obediently, and Yang Fan observed the surroundings vigilantly. The underground parking lot was very large, covering several thousand square meters. At first glance, it did not look like a particularly good car. Four or five  Most of the 100,000 yuan off-road vehicles, Guangmoto and Toyota are tightly closed and can't do anything without the car key.  But the cars are getting better as you go inside. Yang Fan doesn¡¯t want a Lamborghini or a Porsche. He just needs to find a more powerful car, such as a Hummer, or an anti-skid off-road vehicle. When he walks to the back, a few people suddenly say  The shadow came slowly and made a sound of "Roar! Roar! Roar." in the particularly quiet basement.  They are ordinary zombies, level 3. This kind of thing is given directly to Fu Gaobin.  The spear was stained with blood. Fu Gaobin's skill was Pounce, which increased the speed by 150%. He pounced instantly and increased the damage by 30%. With just one shot, he killed a zombie instantly, and then another zombie appeared. The pace was also very slow.  Fu Gaobin took a deep breath, and then pounced over, but There was a clanging sound, and Fu Gaobin was knocked back a few meters away, and then his face changed drastically and he said: "It's a maternal zombie." As soon as he finished speaking, this  The head mother body rushed over, twice as fast, and stretched out its sharp claws to catch Fu Gaobin to death. He was extremely smart and knew that pretending to be an ordinary zombie would be misunderstood.  At this time, Yang Fan took action, covering his whole body with a layer of red aura, turning into a red shadow and rushing over, knocking the mother zombie ten meters away, all the bones in its body were broken, and the body was shattered.  die.  Fu Gaobin on the side immediately smacked his tongue and looked at Yang Fan in shock. He really didn't know that Yang Fan was so fierce and killed the mother zombie in one fell swoop.  What is the concept of a mother body?  My equipment is bronze level. Generally speaking, it can easily break through the skin of ordinary zombies. It is only a little bit difficult to deal with the mother zombies. Unless it is covered with Gang Qi, one mother zombie can defeat ten ordinary zombies. 1+1.  In the apocalypse, it will be greater than 2.  Although such a maternal zombie is not as scary as the violent demon rat, it is not something that I can deal with.  "Take this thing and kill it. Hurry, don't delay." After finishing the mother zombie, Yang Fan took out the weapon that exploded from the silver-level mother zombie BOSS. [Azir's big sword] This is a  This piece of silver-level equipment is just enough for Gao Bin. He has the Thunder Yuan Blade, so he basically doesn¡¯t need any other equipment.  "Silver-level equipment." Fu Gaobin looked at the shining silver sword in Yang Fan's hand in surprise, then snatched it away and said with an unceremonious smile: "Thank you, Brother Yang Fan." "Stop talking nonsense, look for a car.  "Yang Fan gave this guy a slap in the face, and then began to look for available cars on guard (Membership points, you are only a hundred short of being on the homepage You are only a few hundred recommended, and you can be on the category, and  The new book! Brother! It¡¯s up to you!
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