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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 69: Meeting Ji Wu Again

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    "17" ¡ª¡ª "18" In the underground parking lot, Fu Gaobin's voice was loud. He waved Azir's big sword in his hand and easily killed one zombie after another with one move.  Instant kill, there is no doubt about the sharpness of silver-level equipment. In a short period of time, eighteen zombies have died in his hands.  The car was still not found, mainly because the car with the car key was not found, but just when Fu Gaobin killed the nineteenth zombie, Wu Liang finally found a car, a business car, a Volkswagen business car.  There was a lot of blood that had coagulated for several days in the driving area. It was obvious that the owner of the car was attacked as soon as he got in the car.  Everything in the car was safe and the car keys were inserted into the car. Seeing this, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.  "Which of you knows how to drive? Bring all the fuel from other cars. This car consumes a lot of fuel. Let's collect other people's fuel first." Yang Fan opened the trunk of the car and saw several fuel tanks, but  There was nothing inside, so let them collect enough oil. In the end of the world, any resources are extremely precious.  "Okay." Fu Gaobin had passed the driver's license test, so he knew a lot about cars. He immediately went to get gas. Wu Liang also went over to collect gas. As for the other two women, they stood behind Yang Fan, silent and quiet.  After waiting quietly for a while, I saw Fu Gaobin and Wu Liang coming carrying a large fuel tank.  There were three boxes in total, which was enough to run for a while. He put the fuel tank in the back and sealed it. Then Yang Fan asked Fu Gaobin to drive. He sat in the front while Wu Liang and two other women sat in the back. This business car could  It holds six or seven people and has a lot of horsepower.  "Let's go." "Well, let's go." Yang Fan nodded and asked Fu Gaobin to drive. The latter immediately twisted the car, then relaxed for a while, waiting for the car to warm up, and then started driving The entire underground  It is not difficult to find a car that can be driven in the parking lot. The main problem is the size. Now that I can find a Volkswagen commercial vehicle, I am lucky.  The car started moving and drove out from the underground parking lot. In front of the car window, the wiper kept piling up the snowflakes. He closed the window and Fu Gaobin turned on the heater. Everyone calmed down a little. Everything in the car was relatively quiet. When they arrived at the gate of the community  , the guardrail had broken for some reason, so Fu Gaobin drove to the end, but not very fast, for fear of overturning.  On the way to Chengbi Lake, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and everyone seemed very quiet "You said can humans survive in the end?" Suddenly Fu Gaobin, who was driving, suddenly said this, and he woke up and thought.  Yang Fan suddenly fell silent after hearing what Fu Gaobin said.  "The future of mankind" Looking at the sun in the sky and the falling snowflakes, Yang Fan was also confused. Where is the future of mankind? Will mankind be eliminated? What is happening to this world?  Why do zombies, alienated beasts, and bugs appear? Are they really gods?  "I don't know." Yang Fan took a deep breath and answered.  The rest of the people suddenly fell silent, and their mood fell to the bottom. Yang Fan was helpless. He really didn't know the future of mankind, but he had experienced some things in the future. The sky was full of Zerg, devouring everything. In front of the alienated beasts, human beings  Just like cowardly ants, as the zombies gradually increase in strength, each one is extremely fast and bites anyone they catch.  Humanity is in danger!  Thinking of this, Yang Fan sighed, and then stopped thinking about it. He lay in the car and started to take a nap. Fu Gaobin took the cigarette that Yang Fan gave him yesterday and smoked one himself, but Wu Liang mustered up the courage to ask for it.  One, Fu Gaobin looked at him, and then gave him one. Suddenly the car was filled with the smell of cigarette smoke.  The other two women can also stand the smell of smoke, and even if they can't stand it, what can they do?  In the apocalypse, if you have no strength, you may only be an accessory for the rest of your life. However, as long as you can live well, you can be an accessory. This is what they think, and this is how the dark part of human beings can be.  increasingly encouraged.  "Click!¡ªClick!" I don't know when, but suddenly the car stopped suddenly. Yang Fan woke up immediately. His mind was extremely clear. He looked around and said, "What happened." "There was someone in front of me, who seemed to be a refugee.  "Fu Gaobin pointed to some people running in a small alley not far away. Yang Fan immediately looked over, and then a strange look appeared on his face He murmured: "It's them." "That group of people.  , it turned out to be the group of people they met at school at the beginning, Ji Wu and the others But at this moment, the number of people in Ji Wu's group was much smaller than before, only five or six people, followed by  Three violent demon rats, one of them was also injuredA certain amount of injuries were sustained.  "How do you say it?" Fu Gaobin looked at himself and asked.  "Get out of the car and save people." Yang Fan opened the car door and rushed in without hesitation. Ji Wu himself knew people like him, but even Yang Fan who didn't know him would go to save people. Of course, this must be within the scope of what he can save.  Next, if the enemy is too powerful, Yang Fan will not pity the opponent.  ¡ª¡ª Ji Wu didn¡¯t expect that it was just a small mistake because she listened to her teammates and took the initiative to provoke the violent demon rats. However, she didn¡¯t expect that the other party was actually from the same family and attracted four or five of them. After a lot of effort,  Some people died tragically, but one was seriously injured, one was killed, and three were still chasing him.  At this moment, Ji Wu regretted itbut there is no so-called regret medicine in the world.  "Xiao Wu, there is a car ahead. Let's escape into the car quickly. Maybe we can survive." Suddenly, a handsome man next to Ji Wu shouted. After speaking, he slashed the long knife in his hand,  Slightly blocked the attack of the demon rat.  Ji Wu looked not far away, and sure enough, there was a Volkswagen commercial vehicle, and there were living people inside. She was overjoyed, but soon, Ji Wu's expression changed and said, "Don't hurt others, this monster is very powerful.  When the time comes, he will drag others into trouble." In a flash, Ji Wu thought of the consequences, so he told the remaining people not to think about it.  "But" The handsome man's face became extremely ugly. Seeing that the only way to survive was in front of him, Ji Wu actually gave up. Thinking about it, he rushed over with a fierce look on his face, grabbed Ji Wu,  There was one girl left who said: "Don't worry about it. Go over first. Maybe those demon rats will give up on us and choose them. Now is not the time before. If we are so soft-hearted, we will definitely die." As he spoke,  He pulled the two women and fled towards Yang Fan, while ignoring the two teammates behind him.  "Sprint." The handsome man roared, speeding up several times, and was almost at Yang Fan's side.  "He Xiao, you bastard." "Beast, I invited you every day in school. I didn't expect you to be this kind of person." The remaining two men looked at their roommates and abandoned them.  The rat is behind him, and he will definitely die. This He Xiao doesn't even want a brother for a woman, how can the two of them not be angry?  "Hmph, who do you think you are? Just get caught by the demon rat and bite him to death. Give us some time." He Xiao said coldly. Ji Wu on the side had no idea that he had known someone for so long.  My friend, he is actually such a person. Although he is saving himself, but "You bastard." One person was caught by the demon rat, and the sharp grip directly pinched his thin body.  Then with a roar, the demonic rat directly crushed his head, and the plasma immediately exploded all over the floor, without even a scream. It was terrible As for the remaining person, he felt that he  After his brother was killed by the demon rat, his head went cold, and he yelled: "He Xiao, you will not die well." After saying that, he picked up the ax in his hand, went straight to the demon rat behind him, and shouted: "  Paralyzed, brother, you will die anyway, I will go down and accompany you." After saying that, he rushed over, and the other huge violent demon rat looked at the villain coldly, and then stretched out its claws   "Roar!" A rat roar!  (Thanks to Brother God King for the rewardcollection, recommendation vote, if you are not impressed~~please give me a hand if the melon seeds are so cute~~)
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