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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 71: Beat up He Xiao

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    "You" Yang Fan's words are very difficult. If you choose Ji Wu selfishly, then you don't love Ji Wu. If you don't choose Ji Wu, then you may be a sheep in the mouth of a wolf, so He Xiao is now in a dilemma.  noodle.  Fu Gaobin took a cigarette to Yang Fan, and then gave another cigarette to Wang Cheng. The latter quickly thanked him, and the three of them smoked happily under the heavy snow. Looking at the ugly He Xiao, Fu Gaobin was even more hurt.  He said to Wang Cheng: "Xiao Cheng, it seems that your eyes were really bad before, and you didn't know anything well. You actually met a dog as a brother. Now you regret it, because you were bitten by a dog." Fu Gaobin is a bit of a mouth person.  Not merciful, Wang Cheng immediately added after hearing what Fu Gaobin said: "I'm sorry, I was blind before, but now I have to keep my eyes open and be a good person." He Xiao, Ji Wu, and Liu Xing heard these two  Everyone's words changed, especially He Xiao who snorted coldly, but at this moment, Ji Wu spoke. She thanked Yang Fan first, and then said: "Thank you for your kindness." After saying that, she directly  After leaving, He Xiao and Liu Xing did not expect that Ji Wu would actually say such words. The expressions of Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin suddenly changed. Fu Gaobin thought that Yang Fan  The reason why you saved Ji Wu was because you liked her beauty, and then you kindly saved her. Now you are so ungrateful and want to go with this pretty boy?  Depend on!  And Wang Cheng is also unhappy. If Ji Wu stays, he will push it to the person in front of him, which means that he will recruit Yang Fan as his younger brother, making He Xiao regret it for the rest of his life. But he didn't expect Ji Wu to be so proud.  .  Yang Fan was not angry at all. Instead, he looked at Ji Wu who left with great interest. He took out a set of various level 3 and 4 potions and shouted to Ji Wu: "We are destined to meet each other. You can take these things."  "Look, if there is anything I need from you in the future, please help me." After Yang Fan threw the potion away, Ji Wu turned around and looked at the flying potion, her face calm but she didn't know what she was thinking.  But He Xiao took the potion in an instant, threw it to Yang Fan, and said coldly: "Xiao Wu doesn't need your things, and I won't owe you any favors." In fact, He Xiao was very happy, Ji Wu  Choosing to follow him shows that she has feelings for him, so now in order to make some limelight, he returns what Yang Fan gave him, treating him as an enemy and a love rival, so he will not be polite to his love rival.  Liu Xing had already become a nymphomaniac when he saw He Xiao's cool movements.  Seeing the valuable potion returned, Yang Fan sneered and said to Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin in a calm tone: "Go over and beat him. As long as he dares to resist, I will make his head fall to the ground." - They didn't expect that  Yang Fan would say this, but he didn't expect that Yang Fan would be so strong. Wang Cheng was stunned, and then he saw Fu Gaobin walking towards He Xiao. This guy is really too much, and his character is super mean. He won't beat him if he doesn't  After a meal, I was really unhappy.  He Xiao looked at Fu Gaobin who was coming, and his face changed drastically. He had the strength to fight Fu Gaobin, but he didn't have the ability to fight against Yang Fan, so it didn't matter if he stood there and walked, and it didn't matter if he didn't walk.  Ji Wu wanted to say something, but when she saw Fu Gaobin approaching, she raised her hand and slapped He Xiao. The latter stared at Fu Gaobin, his heart full of anger, but he really didn't dare to make a move.  Because Yang Fan is here.  Just like an ant facing a dragon, it can only be trampled on. Life is the most precious in the apocalypse. Now there is no law. The strong are respected. He Xiaoyong will remember this slap forever. He swears in his heart that there will always be someone.  One day, not only will he slap back this slap, but he will also smash Yang Fan to death, and torture Gao Bin to the point of excruciating pain.  Seeing that he was unhappy, Fu Gaobin didn't know what he was thinking. After snorting coldly, he slapped him with a heavy force. At this time, Wang Cheng came. He flew over and kicked He Xiao aside. Liu  Xing couldn't stand it anymore, and she angrily scolded Yang Fan: "How can you do this? Do you think you are powerful if you are strong? Can you do whatever you want?" Liu Xing's words made Wang Cheng unhappy, and he stepped on He Xiao's face and faced Liu Xing.  Xing said: "If he is the stronger one now, not us, and we are the ones being bullied, I don't know if you would have said this at that time, and Please, you are right,  If you are strong, you can do whatever you want. Boss, if this woman dares to say a word, can I have sex with him? "Wang Cheng said unceremoniously, in the moment before, he knew that he should be ruthless.  His life was gone, now his life was in Yang Fan's hands, and he was Yang Fan's subordinate.  "Yes, both are fine." Yang Fan said without hesitation.  "Shameless!" Liu Xing cursed Yang Fan and Wang Cheng in her heart, but she really didn't dare to say any more nonsense. She was afraid that Wang Cheng would really do thatBeasts do things to come.  As for Ji Wu, she stood there with a somewhat unsightly expression on her face, while He Xiao took the beating very hard and didn't even make a sound.  "Pretending." Wang Cheng spat at He Xiao, and then kicked him in frustration. After sweating profusely from exhaustion, he stopped. As for Fu Gaobin, he pinched He Xiao's collar.  , said with disdain: "It is not a pity to die for a person like you." After saying that, he shook his hands in disgust, as if he had hit him and dirty himself.  He Xiao seemed fine on the surface, but the injuries he received were definitely not serious. Yang Fan saw that he was almost done, so he asked the two of them to stop, then got in the car and left without even looking at He Xiao.  ¡°At the end, Yang Fan glanced at Ji Wu and got into the car. Wang Cheng sat in the back. Fu Gaobin continued to drive After the car left, roars came one after another.  "You're dead, you're dead, I will cut you into pieces, pieces into pieces!!!" The voice was full of violence, He Xiao was like a madman.  (Thanks to many friends for their support. In the past month, I have been nauseous, weak, unable to eat, always want to vomit, sitting in front of the computer, dizzy, abdominal pain, Baidu search, it is stomach cancer, but many author friends said that I am  Scared myself, go to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow. As for the fatal blow, it¡¯s an emotional matter of Guazi. It¡¯s hard to say, and I don¡¯t want to talk about it. I just think, maybe in terms of living things, let¡¯s finish this book.  , I know there will be many people pretending to be sick here, I don¡¯t want to say more Anyway, thank you!
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