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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 72: The bridge is broken

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    If we ask what the joy of life is, there will be many answers, such as holding political power and being superior, or having unparalleled wealth and controlling the life and death of millions of people. But in the end of the world, the most fun thing is just to survive.  The business car drove slowly, mainly to avoid the body from skidding. In the car, Wang Cheng kept talking to Fu Gaobin some words that Yang Fan couldn't understand. It should be like a game. Wang Cheng was a cheerful and informal person.  Xiaojie, otherwise it would be impossible to be friends with that bastard He Xiao, but this kind of person has no scheming intentions, which is one of the reasons why Yang Fan likes him.  "By the way, that Guo Yu also has a little Lolita?" Suddenly, Yang Fan asked Wang Chengdao, the most influential person in Ji Wu's team was not He Xiao, but Guo Yu who said he wanted to grab the equipment.  , and that little loli.  "Oh, Brother Yang Fan, it's like this. After we encountered those monsters, they separated from us." Wang Cheng answered simply and directly.  "That's it." Yang Fan nodded, then divided the last few cigarettes and began to think deeply.  Yang Fan in Tiannan City is not very familiar with this, because he was tricked to death by Qin Ziwen before he arrived in Tiannan City in his previous life. It is now the fourteenth day of the end of the world, and there are still six days before the insect wave breaks out. These six days  Within a certain period of time, everyone's level, equipment, and strength must be greatly improved. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stick to one camp.  "First gather together a group of ladies' pictures. The ten indicators of ladies' pictures will definitely not be too weak, so Zhu Liang must strengthen them. Chen Ming is the key point, Fu Gaobin is also the key point, and Wang Cheng, these two  Women can be admitted, so there are still four beings who can become goddesses. There is a military garrison at Chengbi Lake, and it is certainly impossible to let a large number of civilians in, so maybe four goddess-level beings can be found. What is needed then  There are a lot of supplies and Doomsday coins." In this way, with Yang Fan's consideration, the car slowly drove towards Chengbi Lake "Zhiqua!" Finally, with everyone's prayers, we arrived at Chengbi Lake.  , Chengbi Lake is a very large river, a thousand meters apart, but when it arrived something happened that made everyone's eyes widen.  The bridge was blown apart and was surrounded by ruins, as if it had been bombarded by artillery shells. Many corpses were strewn everywhere, severed limbs were scattered on the ground, and the smell of blood hit our faces, but as the heavy snow fell, it gradually drowned it all.  "Hey, herecould there be a nuclear war?" "The bridge was blown to pieces. Could it be that there were many monsters attacking Tiannan City. In order to protect Tiannan City from being invaded, they blew up the bridge and then stationed the military.  In Tiannan City?" Fu Gaobin and Wu Liang have very different opinions. As a member of the country, he knows more than others and understands the deep meaning of the country.  The snow is falling, and the place seems to have been eroded by the war. Everything around it has become very scary, just like the scenes during the Anti-Japanese War. Looking from a distance, there is a city thousands of meters away from the river, but it is not Tiannan City, but Tiannan  From the entrance gate of the city, Tiannan City can only be found five kilometers inside.  "It's actually ahead of schedule." Yang Fan, who was sitting in the car, looked at this and couldn't help but feel a little surprised. It was not unexpected that Tiannan City would blow up the bridge, but it was really unexpected that the bridge would be blown up early.  Nan City is the place with the fewest zombies and alienated beasts, and the territory where Zerg rarely invades.  It can almost defend for a long time and protect many human beings from surviving. It seems that Tiannan City contains some secrets, but all of this is my own conjecture. The top priority is to survive.  "What should I do?" Fu Gaobin looked at the broken bridge in the distance and asked Yang Fan with a somewhat unsightly expression.  Yang Fan looked at Wu Liang, who suddenly trembled, and then said: "NC City may have been abandoned, but we can go to the south. When we reach the top, we will reach the NC military base. There is probably a group of troops stationed there.  , we can be protected. If there is no hope there, we can only swim to Tiannan City, but" Wu Liang stopped talking, and Fu Gaobin immediately cursed: "But  What, you are still here playing tricks?" Seeing that there is no chance of survival, how can Fu Gaobin not be anxious?  "However, even if we swim over, we will probably be killed by the official army, so we must enter Tiannan City through regular channels, or station in NC, and survive until Tiannan City is captured, or there are a large number of troops.  There are ways to deal with alienated beasts and zombies, right?" Yang Fan said aloud, Wu Liang's face was very surprised, obviously he really didn't expect Yang Fan to think of going to this level.  "Then what should we do now?" Fu Gaobin asked. Yang Fan, who was sitting in the car, looked around the ruins and murmured in his heart:??From the environment and appearance here, it seems that the bridge has been blown up for two or three days, the blood has dried up a lot, and many corpses have been piled up by the heavy snow. So Zhu Liang and Chen Mingzha must have not entered.  From Tiannan City, okay" "Listen to him, let's go to the south and speed up.  "Yang Fan said, and then as soon as Fu Gaobin agreed, he drove away at a very fast speed. Now Yang Fan has become the core of everyone and the spiritual support of everyone. The car continued to drive towards the south. Everyone in the car was  It became very quiet. ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª Elsewhere, He Xiao, who was supported by Liu Xing, and Ji Wu were walking in the heavy snow. At this moment, He Xiao was no longer as violent as before, but was very angry.  Walking calmly ¡°What should we do next?  Liu Xing asked suddenly. Ji Wu, who was walking in front, paused and said nothing. He Xiao took a breath, and then said decisively: "Find a car and go to Chengbi Lake!"  " He doesn't know what Chengbi Lake looks like now, otherwise he would never say this. Ji Wu nodded, and Liu Xing could only nod and walk, but Liu Xing supported He Xiaoshi and kept using his own  Her chest was rubbing against his hand, and the latter frowned at first. Then he looked at the shy Liu Xing from behind, and a feeling of desire slowly rose in his lower abdomen. ¡°There is a car.  "Suddenly, He Xiao, who was still enjoying this wonderful feeling, suddenly heard Ji Wu's voice, trembled all over, and looked over with a guilty conscience. A bus drove slowly, and it looked a little dark under the heavy snow.  ¡­The sky is gradually changing color. (Thanks to the God King, whoever stands in my way will be killed, Mmmm** brothers, and the boring chicken rewards, and I feel very happy to say that I can¡¯t find the previous two.  God rewards Guazi. In short, Guazi thanks you, Xiaogui, Dongfang Mingyu, residual blood. Lou, Unweaned, OSD, and other friends for their care and support. Guazi I have nothing to repay.  Just stick to it for a few days and get back into shape! I love you all!
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