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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 74: Crazy

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    On the dim street, a cold breeze blew over. Some people knelt on the ground, not daring to take a breath. They were trembling all over. Even though it was very cold here, big sweat was still dripping from their bodies. They were all scared.  , because they met a god of death, a terrifying god of death.  "Who is the leader?" Yang Fan continued to speak. His single word was as heavy as a thousand pounds, weighing on their hearts. They thought they had encountered a group of brats, but unexpectedly they were kicked against the iron plate, which hit them very hard.  Yang Fan, standing in front of the car on the very hard iron plate, looked at the people kneeling on the ground, then pointed a gun at the shirtless man, and then looked at some women huddled in the corner not far away, with a cold expression.  horrible.  No one dared to speak. Yang Fan pointed his gun at the man who was so arrogant just now. The latter immediately peed and his whole body trembled violently. He was afraid. In the face of death, unless he was really crazy, a lunatic would not be afraid. He  He's just a thug, just wanting to vent his inner depression, but he's not a lunatic or a lunatic, so he's afraid.  "I was wrong. I'm sorry. I deserve death. I'm not a human being. I'm a beast." This man directly begged for mercy. He didn't have the grace of a boss at all. Although he was the successor of the end-time system, the successor of the system does not represent God.  , so he could only beg for mercy and cry.  "Bang." Yang Fan pulled the machine gun, and the bullet fell with a bang, but it didn't hit his head, but hit his leg.  "Ah!" This guy screamed miserably, with a ferocious face, and rolled on the ground with tears and snot all over his face. However, he still had some toughness to beg Yang Fan for mercy, and cried: "I was wrong, you kill me."  "Leave me, kill me, don't torture me, don't torture me." He knew that Yang Fan would not let him go, so he asked for nothing but death, and Yang Fan walked towards him rolling on the ground, and then.  He stepped on his head and said in a serious tone: "You release the pressure, no one can stop you, but you have gone too far. Now you are trying to ask me to let you go. Why didn't they try to let you go?  They, but what are you like? Kill those who deserve to be killed, torture those who deserve to be tortured, and humiliate those who deserve to be humiliated. Now you regret it, right? " Yang Fan's voice was very passionate, and when he got to the back, the submachine gun was fired loudly, only to survive.  The seven or eight people who came down had their thighs hit by bullets, and each one screamed, each voice more horrifying and more painful than the last. Fu Gaobin and Wang Cheng in the car swallowed, and the two women  He covered his ears and didn't dare to look, and Wu Liang's face turned pale. This time he knew it completely.  Yang Fan is an out-and-out God of Killing, a lawless existence. No, no, no, it¡¯s not that Yang Fan is a lawless existence. It¡¯s this world, it¡¯s this world. Everyone is a lawless existence, every one of them.  Crazy, crazy!  "Ah, woo go around us, go around us." "Please, kill me, kill me, don't torture me, don't torture us." "Give me a pleasure, give me a pleasure  "Let's go." Eight people screamed, some hoped that Yang Fan would let them go, and some hoped that Yang Fan would just give him a break. Their common thought was that they would not be in such pain anymore.  "Haha." Yang Fan smiled, and then looked at some of the survivors, most of them were women, six or seven in age, covered in bruises and swollen eyes, and there were a few men who were even more miserable, with blood all over their bodies.  Having been so abused, these people have gone crazy, become numb, and are completely disillusioned with the world.  "I've helped you deal with them. What's next is up to you." Yang Fan exhaled. He couldn't bear to look at the people in the distance. He felt uncomfortable in his heart. He was not the same as them in his previous life, but  He didn't suffer much harm, but they were worse than him!  It was getting late. Yang Fan walked into the car and asked Fu Gaobin to drive. In front of him were these guys lying there, but Fu Gaobin's blood also turned cold and he ran over them. Suddenly they were tortured again. One person  Fortunately, his head was blown out by a tire, and his blood and brains flowed all over the floor.  The car drove away slowly. In the dark streets, the shadows were very long and the snow was flying. These people were in pain all over and felt extremely uncomfortable. They all screamed miserably, but they breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, because  They don't have to be tortured anymore, so they are quite happy.  But as the car slowly drove away, in the corner, a man with a layer of skin rubbed off his back stood up naked. The wound suddenly burst a lot, and the bright red blood was exposed. It hurt, it hurt.  But he was numb, and he walked over with numb eyes. As he walked, he walked towards the guys rolling on the ground. On the way, he picked up a sharp iron rod.  He came with an iron rod, one step at a timeAfter walking for several minutes, he finally came to the front of this group of people. The people howling on the ground saw him coming, and suddenly felt cold in their hearts. Several people howled in fear because this person was being raped.  They had tortured people for a long time, and they saw that dark iron rod with its sharp head, which could pierce everything and cause them excruciating pain.  "Ah!" The person closest to him screamed miserably again. He saw that this person held an iron rod in his hand, and then thrust it into his body, fiercely, although he was not very strong.  But this sharp iron rod can easily break through human flesh and skin, and blood spurts around, melting the surrounding white snowflakes.  "Gah." There was a terrifying sound, which was the sound of the iron rod being pulled out of the flesh, followed by the sound of the iron rod being inserted into the flesh, and a strong scream.  "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" He went crazy, he laughed again, he laughed again, and like crazy, he poked the man lying on the ground with an iron rod.  The man then smiled, smiling, with a ferocious face.  The rest of the people opened their eyes wide and looked at all this in horror, and then they lay down hard, trying to leave, trying to escape. They were scared, scared, this was more terrifying than Yang Fan breaking his head with a bullet. At this time  Some of them even envied the people who were killed by Yang Fan in the first place because they no longer had to suffer.  "Spare me, spare me, spare me!" Screams, cries, and pain echoed here.  Darkness gradually came Several women stood up tremblingly. She also came here, smiled, she smiled, found a stone on the ground, walked over slowly, walked over slowly,  They couldn't see clearly, and they let out a sinister laugh. Holding a stone slab in their hands, they walked towards a person who wanted to climb outside.  Then she turned her head and hit her on the head. The latter howled and continued to roll on the ground in pain, but everything was useless. They were all struggling. The end of the world, fear, and fear spread in her heart. She turned her head to  The bleeding leg wound hit her, and the latter rolled over in pain and struggled. He forgot how he treated her before!     crazy!     crazy!  Everything went crazy, and a few tortured people began to torture them in turn. Darkness fell here, and there was nothing. Only the screams, screams, screams of pain, screams of pain, crazy, like a madman.  People began to scream and bite.  In the end, darkness really fell, and these people were tortured to death. Then, several figures appeared on the tall buildings, and then fell down one by one.  "Hahahahahahaha!" "Hahaha, hahahahaha, hahahahaha!" Crazy laughter filled the surroundings This is the end of the world, the cruel end of the world!
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