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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 75: Thoughts

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    The southern area of ??NC is heavily guarded and can operate normally without the arrival of the Zerg. It is an important passage for transporting civilians into Chenbei City. However, it is more than a hundred kilometers away. In such heavy snowy weather, it will take at least two or three days.  Only when it looks like the sky can we get there.  On the road, everyone saw so many tragedies that they were almost paralyzed!  "Click!" Suddenly, the driving car suddenly stopped. Everyone in the car was stunned. Wang Cheng looked at Fu Gaobin and asked, "Brother Fu, what's going on?" Fu Gaobin didn't know what happened either.  What, Yang Fan got out of the car first and did a little inspection, but he really didn¡¯t know much about cars, so he could only wait for Fu Gaobin, Wu Liang, and Wang Cheng to come down and check. The only one who had learned some  Fu Gaobin judged that the car broke down and had no repair tools, so it had to be abandoned here.  This is a sad story. A group of people walked around the car for a while and turned around several times. In the end, they all sighed and shook their heads, helpless.  "What should I do?" Fu Gaobin asked Yang Fan. The car broke down and could not stay here forever. If it were before the end of the world, just call the tow truck, but it was the end of the world now, and there was no communication at all.  Ability, even if it is there, what is the use?  Yang Fan stood outside, breathing the fresh air and feeling the cold snowy wind. He thought for a while and said: "There are many smart people in this world. There must be a group of people who know that the bridge at Chengbi Lake is broken, so  They will definitely come here. If we wait here, we may be able to wait for others. Then we can either grab them or give them our fuel and let them take us to the southern region. " Yang Fan will be there in a short time.  Inside, they thought of such an idea. Everyone nodded, and Wang Cheng flattered him and said, "Brother Yang Fan is better, hehe." Fu Gaobin glanced at him with disdain, then trembled and got into the car, while Yang Fan stood there.  Standing outside, he had thirty times the power of ordinary people. The coldness was not enough to make him hide in the car. Instead, Wang Cheng showed his determination and stood outside with him. Yang Fan originally meant to let him  She went in, but after thinking about it, she still let him stay with her outside.  As for Fu Gaobin, this wretched beast, the main purpose of going in was naturally not to avoid the cold. He drove Wu Liang to the front of the car. It goes without saying what happened next, but it is impossible for this beast to play with the car now.  , but there is still something to eat.  Yang Fan and Wang Cheng cursed with sincere contempt, and then waited for the passing car in the dark. After about half an hour, Yang Fan wanted to smoke, but when he touched his wallet, he found that the cigarette was gone. But it was a pleasant surprise.  What's more, Wang Cheng took out a pack of Yellow Crane Tower, which was relatively good for the student party. He stuffed a full pack into Yang Fan, then took out a pack of opened cigarettes and said, "Brother Yang Fan, take one."  Wang Cheng is a second-generation rich man. He lives in a business family. He has been taught to be more mature than ordinary people since he was a child. So when Yang Fan touched his purse, coupled with the fact that Yang Fan gave him cigarettes in the first place, he thought of it.  , he knew what Yang Fan wanted to do, and now he offered a pack of cigarettes, which made Yang Fan feel a little happy.  After all, the night is long, is it possible to summon a girl from the picture of a lady and have sex?  Um Fu Gaobin can probably do this kind of thing, so he might as well forget it.  After taking a few puffs of cigarettes, the smoke burned quickly under the heavy snow. Yang Fan and Wang Cheng both smoked with their backs to the wind. [True Eagle Eye] looked down at the earth in the sky. As long as the target was found, Yang Fan decided to either  Grab it, or leave together, no choice.  "Brother Yang Fan, how did you say these zombies and monsters appeared?" Suddenly, Wang Cheng asked Yang Fan such a question. He was smoking a cigarette and lamenting about this matter. The appearance of zombies shook him one by one.  Whether they were good friends or bad friends, they were corroded and turned into living dead.  The alienated beast allows him to see his brother being devoured with his own eyes, allowing him to clearly understand the crisis and cruelty of the apocalypse!  "Zombies, alienated beasts" Yang Fan murmured these two words. He didn't know how these things appeared, but since they appeared, there must be a reason for them. Maybe this is a test for human beings, or maybe this  It is a mileage chart of human evolution. Everything has its good and bad sides. For example, although many people die, some people have the qualification to become stronger.  This is the end of the world, a despairing and sad end of the world, but it is also an end of the world full of opportunities. Here everything will be shaken up. It is unclear whether it is good or bad. In short, everything is relative, and there is good.  , there are also bad ones.  As for the source of Wang Cheng¡¯s theory, Yang Fan¡¯s answer could only be a bit mysterious: ¡°Maybe there is a god.¡± ¡°Godif there is a god, why do you torture us like this?¡±   "God is above all else, tramples on all things, and treats us as playthings." Yang Fan murmured in reply, and then two words slowly rose in his heart, [Emperor Court], Emperor Court, above all gods, Yang Fan suddenly  His mind was confused and he didn't know why he was thinking of this. After a pause, he temporarily forgot the word.  Then he shook his head, began to calculate the future trend, found the remaining two indicators, and then spent the Doomsday Coin to buy another indicator. He trained a total of eleven indicators including the Big Swallowing Python, and began rigorous training, waiting for them.  After coming out of the ladies' picture, Zhu Liang, Chen Ming, Wang Cheng, and Fu Gaobin must also be trained intensively. As for the people who were saved by Chen Ming and Zhu Liang before, they can be trained as elite personnel.  With Liu Qiaoqiao here, you can save a lot of apocalyptic coins. At the same time, it would be better if you can find a few of your brothers. In this way, the elite group of 110 people in Lady Pictures includes Bai Su and Liu Qiao.  Qiao, as well as three people whose names I don't know, as well as Fang Na and Bai Chen, there are eight people, except that the big swallowing python is a pet beast.  As for Bai Su among them Yang Fan didn't know what to say.  Then he added himself, Zhu Liang, Chen Ming, Wang Cheng, and Fu Gaobin, so that there would be a team of 114 people. In the end of the world, after continuous training, perhaps most of the people  , you can survive That¡¯s what Yang Fan thought!  (Thank you to Xingfeng Xiaoye, thank you to Boringde Jizai, thank you to ffjj, thank you to book friend 1310082, and wait for your classmates¡¯ rewards. I will continue to update three times tomorrow~~~~Please recommend votes and favorites!)
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