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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 84: Rescue

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    "Thenmy path, my purpose, is to protect my friends, my lover, and everything I own from harm. Do you understand, Yang Fan!" Yang Fan said to himself in a firm tone.  Then his eyes became much clearer, and he felt much more relaxed. All the violence in his heart disappeared, and the resentment caused by the pain of the previous life also disappeared with the wind. Yang Fan suddenly came back to his senses, and he understood the end of the world.  the real core.  Maybe you can¡¯t change the world or everything, but as long as you can protect the people you love, as long as you can¡¯t be changed by the world, it¡¯s okay to save people by the way.  Just like the little girl now. Yang Fan looked at this pitiful little girl and couldn't help but walk over. To put it simply, she awakened his almost obliterated character. It may not seem like a big deal now, but in the future  , will lead himself to become a tyrant, a madman, and a doomsday madman.  By then you will no longer be yourself, so what if you have the ability to read files?  Character is very difficult to change. Either kill it before it forms a habit, or wait until it forms a habit and become powerless.  Xiaoyou did herself a big favor now. Yang Fan walked over, the crowd dispersed, and the unpleasant smell hit his face.  | "The injury is not serious." Yang Fan briefly checked the little boy's condition and found that he had stab wounds on his abdomen and back. The cut was a minor matter, and excessive blood loss was one of the main problems.  Some of his wounds have been infected. If he continues like this, he will die from excessive blood loss and wound infection in a few hours at most.  "Hold her." Yang Fan spoke to Xiaoyou as gently as possible. The latter wiped her eyes. When Yang Fan came here, she was already very happy, although Xiaoyou didn't know if Yang Fan could save his brother.  , but she is helpless, just like a drowning person, even if she catches something unknown, she will not let go easily.  Xiaoyou supported her brother, and Yang Fan immediately saw his brother's pale face. He looked fifteen or sixteen years old, full of childishness, but now he had his eyes closed and his breathing was very scarce, so he looked quite handsome.  "Save my brother, big brother, this is the only relative I have!" Xiaoyou looked at her pale brother and couldn't help but cry as she spoke.  "Okay!" Yang Fan nodded, gave her a smile, and then looked at Xiaoyou's brother with all his attention. He first took out a bottle of blood potion from his backpack, and then fed it to the little boy. Then Yang Fan bought a bottle of medicine.  A bottle of MX cleaning agent, this is an agent to prevent infection.  A small bottle of green potion, which is four hundred apocalyptic coins. If Xiaoyou hadn't awakened Yang Fan's humanity, I'm afraid Yang Fan would have put forward some angry conditions. Now Yang Fan did not hesitate to buy the cleaning potion, and then poured it  On the little boy's abdomen and back.  The green liquid fell down like some disgusting liquid, vertically in a straight line. It looked sticky and fell on the wound. Suddenly the little boy screamed. It was obviously very painful. Otherwise, how could he kill a man who was almost dead?  How about waking up the people?  Fortunately, the little boy was in unconscious pain, otherwise he would have suffered a lot. Xiaoyou looked at the little boy nervously, and then at Yang Fan, who touched her head and said with a smile: "Don't worry, it's okay!  " After saying that, Xiaoyou touched her brother's head and said: "Brother, big brother said, it's okay. You have to be good and don't be afraid. Xiaoyou is not afraid of injections now. You should be like Xiaoyou.  , Don¡¯t be afraid, don¡¯t be afraid!¡± Xiaoyou was encouraging his brother, even though it was very childish, even though it was very funny, it was more sad.  It seemed that he heard Xiaoyou's words. The little boy only hummed a few times and did not scream. This also avoided some trouble. Yang Fan asked someone to find a cotton swab. After a while, the cotton swab came. It was a military cotton swab.  Yang Fan took out one and smeared it on his wound. According to the instructions of MX cleaning agent, he applied it carefully for fifteen minutes.  Wait for the medicine to enter the skin, and then clean it with water or blood medicine. It is best to choose blood medicine. Yang Fan took out another bottle of blood medicine without hesitation, and then cleaned the little boy's abdomen and back.  Wound.  Looking at the bloody wound, Yang Fan coldly cursed those people and beasts in his heart, but those guys in Li Qiang's hands probably won't get any good results. It can be said that sins are deserved and evil will be punished!  Time passed bit by bit. After Yang Fan cleaned up, he carried the little girl and walked to the sleeping room. It was originally the place where the officers slept, but Yang Fan requisitioned it temporarily. No one dared to say what it was. After all, even the president  Commander Li Qiang respects people, but they still dare to make mistakes and don¡¯t want to live anymore?    Put the boy on the bed and Yang Fan asked someone to prepare a suitable set of clothes for him.  The army collected a large amount of resources along the way, ranging from toothpaste and toothbrushes to grain and gas. These things had to be scraped away when they saw them, so it was relatively easy for them to find a suitable set of clothes.  Putting the clothes aside, Yang Fan asked Xiaoyou to have a good rest. Xiaoyou looked at her sleeping brother, shook her head and said that she would wait for her brother to wake up and go to sleep. However, after a while, she still couldn't resist the tiredness and lay down on the bed.  On the bed next to him, he fell asleep.  Yang Fan covered her with the quilt, and then sat on the edge of the bed, fearing that Xiaoyou would be pressed down. At this moment, he went to look at Xiaoyou. Her pure appearance was very cute. She no longer had any distracting thoughts, and found that Xiaoyou was cute.  Incomparable.  After a while, there was a gentle knock on the door. Yang Fan opened the door slightly and saw Li Qiang standing outside. Then he walked out cautiously, fearing to wake Xiaoyou.  As a soldier, keen observation is one of the basic elements. Li Qiang looked at Yang Fan and was very confused. From several details, it felt like Yang Fan had changed.  He wouldn't know that Yang Fan had awakened the humanity that was about to be lost. His whole person's spirit had been sublimated, his goals were firm, and overall he had been strengthened!  But this has nothing to do with Li Qiang directly. It has nothing to do with him whether Yang Fan's quota remains unchanged. The main thing is to get back his own interests!  Yang Fan also knew the purpose of Li Qiang coming here. He looked at the sleeper room with the door closed, and then said: "Including the two children here and the four people before, there are six in total. Now go to the eighth car.  , I have selected the last four!¡± ¡°The Lady Picture Training Plan must not be cancelled. The bottom line, principle, and morality have nothing to do with it. It is even said that Yang Fan did this for the good of those women, and indirectly for the general public.  Refugees are good.  Now that all the women who have just met the requirements have been found, there are still two main shortages of goddesses. Of course, if there are three or four, it would be better.  As long as you find two goddesses and then send them to the lady picture, except Bai Su and Wu Yinmei, there will be exactly one hundred ordinary ladies and ten goddesses. Then the ten ladies will form a group, and the operation will be much easier.  The goddesses are Liu Qiaoqiao, Bai Chen, Fang Na, the first two girls, and the two girls I found in Parkson Supermarket before. That's eight. Adding Bai Su and the current little girl, there are exactly ten.  .  Of course, if she can¡¯t find one next, Yang Fan would rather use apocalyptic coins to find a goddess, and the candidates would be Liu Xue or Xiao Chen.  As for Bai Su, Bai SuBai Su Yang Fan Yang Fan Yang Fan is speechless.
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