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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 85: Two People

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    Regarding Bai Su, what does Yang Fan have?  Is the initial hatred still hatred now?  Yang Fan could never forget what Bai Su looked like when she broke up with him. They walked past him happily holding hands, and Qi Hai looked at him with an arrogant look on his face, with that aloof look on his face. How could he keep him, how could he pray?  , she was indifferent.  ¡°I am like a clown, performing a comedy that makes them laugh.  There are also Wu Yinmei and Wu Huiqi. These people all look down on themselves and look down on themselves. If something happens, they will immediately accuse themselves and frame themselves. For example, at the beginning, Bai Su reprimanded herself. No matter what, she just asked herself to apologize and say  sorry.  So probably Yang Fan touched his heart, which still hurt, and said softly: "It's impossible." After saying this, regardless of Li Qiang's strange face, he walked directly to the eighth carriage, and the scene was  They were all the same, but in the eighth carriage, I actually found two goddess-level existences. The lady's figure spirit exploded in my ears, frantically reminding me to conquer them.  "Just the two of them." Yang Fan also looked at the two people pointed at with some suspicion. The appearance of the middle-aged woman was really average, even not good-looking at all, and she was relatively short and very ordinary.  People, why do ladies pictures choose them?  Or goddess level?  This joke was too big. The latter looked at the two women and wondered if Yang Fan would give these two women to his two men, but enjoy the beautiful women by himself?  But thinking about it, Li Qiang immediately rejected it. He knew that Yang Fan was definitely not the kind of person who only cared about eating meat and soup without giving any benefits to his subordinates. Otherwise, he would have given him such a precious health potion no matter how hard he said it.  Where are the two men?  "But Yang Fan's choice of these two ordinary middle-aged women made Li Qiang confused, really confused.  However, Yang Fan, who was keen, discovered that the expressions of the two goddesses changed slightly the moment after he said these words. Then they lowered their heads and could not see their expressions, but when they raised their heads, they became slightly panicked and scared.  Looking at myself is unusual.  "Is there a mystery inside?" Yang Fan thought in his mind, and then chose the two of them without any nonsense, and then said to Li Qiang, who was still thinking wildly: "I need two women to do odd jobs for me. Seeing that they are honest and honest, like aunts,  Just fine!" After hearing what Yang Fan said, Li Qiang felt relieved immediately, and all the unhealthy thoughts in his heart disappeared. Then he waved his hand and asked his subordinates to talk to them.  Then Yang Fan continued to select. Now the ordinary ladies have been gathered together, and the goddess-level ones have also been perfectly gathered. There is nothing to worry about, but Yang Fan still selected two more women, two of whom have also reached the level of ladies. This  Two of them are just for dressing up.  After waiting for the people to choose, Li Qiang said to Yang Fan: "You have finished choosing people. Let you rest for a day. Tomorrow I will bring some corpses of violent demon rats in stock." "Okay!" Li Qiang never forgot those potions, but  But he was not so impatient. Instead, he asked Yang Fan to rest first and relax the medicine matter until tomorrow. This could be regarded as stabilizing the morale of the army, so Yang Fan agreed without hesitation.  Li Qiang had other things to do, so he took the first step. While the crowd here had stabilized, Yang Fan still took out a piece of tender meat, a big piece, which immediately caused a commotion. The two people following Yang Fan  The woman, and the woman who looked like an aunt, also swallowed her saliva, looking at the tender meat with greedy eyes.  "Take it over and make some soup for them to drink." Yang Fan gave it to the soldiers, and then left with the four girls. At the same time, he also picked up several other girls from other workshops, including six ordinary ladies, three goddesses, and one  little boy.  There was no room for ten people in the sleeper room, but Yang Fan asked ordinary ladies to stand outside. First, he let the two women who looked like aunts come in. Xiaoyou slept on the upper bunk, and Yang Fan sat where the little boy lay.  After checking the little boy's condition, he looked at the two women.  The latter is a little timid, scared, and has her head lowered. She looks exactly like a country lady. But from the way they dress, we can tell that there is definitely something wrong with these two people. If they were really country girls, they would still wear such trendy clothes.  clothing?  Although it's a bit rustic, the brand of this dress can be cheap.  Yang Fan's proficiency in investigation is not in vain. He can tell a person's identity from their speech, expression, clothing, behavior, and behavior. Therefore, Yang Fan saw that there was definitely something wrong with the two people, so he looked directly at the two women.  Said: "You don't have to act, I won't do anything to you. I will negotiate a condition with you now!"  How could it be possible to conquer by means???They two girls are so easy to talk to?  Of course, if the two women would rather die than obey, Yang Fan would not force anything, but they should not expect to get anything from themselves either.  "ActingI can't act." The woman sitting on the left said in a panic.  The woman on the right lowered her head and said nothing.  "Well, since you still want to continue acting, I can't help you. If you think you can survive by doing this, then you can go and go back to your refugee area, waiting for others to bully you, or maybe waiting for others to get hungry.  In the end, the thugs will choose to eat you first. "This is not a threat, it is just telling them the truth.  The two women were immediately speechless and sat there in silence. This was equivalent to them admitting their identities, and Yang Fan felt happy.  "What do you want?" The woman on the right no longer has the panic and silly look, but is replaced by a kind of intelligence, a kind of intelligence from the heart.  "Whatever I don't want, I have the ability to give you great strength, but my request is very simple, obey me, everything else is free, you become my subordinates, you can find the person you like, and you can do whatever you want  Whatever you like to do, as long as it doesn't violate the basic moral concepts and principles, it's fine. I want to build a team of my own!" Yang Fan told them what he was thinking. He knew that these two girls were not stupid. If they lied,  Talking is not only tiring, but also extremely easy to be self-defeating.  "Really? That's it?" The woman on the left crossed her legs, her temperament completely changed, and she had an overbearing aura.  "That's right!" Yang Fan looked at the two women with a smile on his face. He really didn't expect that these two women were so interesting!
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