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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 87: Broth

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    After almost half a day, the little boy woke up slightly, but soon fainted again, but there was still a little blood on his face. Yang Fan had someone bring him the broth. After Yang Fan let Xiao You cool down, he fed it to him.  Drink a little and don't eat meat to avoid choking.  Xiao Min on the side couldn't help but jokingly said: "I didn't expect that you look so majestic, but you are very good at taking care of others." Lin Ling was already used to Xiao Min's way of speaking, and Yang Fan was not angry or angry.  Angry, she allowed Xiao Min to do this, so she couldn't say much.  After they had eaten and drank enough, Yang Fan let them rest again. Xiao Min still joked with herself for a while, but Lin Ling said a few words elegantly and then started to rest. After they had rested,  , Yang Fan stood up, closed the door, and communicated with other women.  To the other women, Yang Fan was not so rude and treated them equally, but he no longer had that kind of nervousness and excitement. He naturally spoke with a condescending momentum and tone of voice.  It is very simple to explain to these women clearly. Although Yang Fan understands that human morality and ideas should be preserved, in the apocalypse, Yang Fan also knows that without majesty, great things cannot be achieved at all, so he must accept them as his subordinates.  It is necessary to establish unique majesty and prestige.  So Yang Fan was like a superior emperor. He gave them a scare first, then gave them delicious food and drink, and then said: "Now in order for you to be qualified to become my subordinates, you must go through special training." Yang Fan  After telling the story about the ladies' picture again, these people naturally didn't believe such a suspenseful thing. However, after Yang Fan secretly opened the lady's picture, he brought the ladies in, and after they were brought out, the ladies were completely  Believed.  Yang Fan doesn't plan to bring a few women into the ladies' picture now. After all, they are still in the car. A few missing people will not attract any attention, but there are a few missing people around him, especially the few women he just ordered.  It's impossible for Li Qiang not to know.  Therefore, Yang Fan did not rush to let the girls go in for training. Instead, after settling the girls, he went to rest by himself.  Lying on the bed in a separate room, Yang Fan looked at the sky outside. It was blue. Although it was not snowing anymore, the air was even colder. The roaring wind was ringing in his ears. The sky was extremely clear, but it was full of  Kind of sad.  Just like that, after Yang Fan thought about a lot of things, he gradually rested and fell asleep ¡ª¡ª In another place.  In a carriage, Li Qiang covered his nose and directed his men to move some huge corpses. Most of these corpses were the corpses of violent demon rats. They were huge, but some were rancid. It seemed that they had been stored for a long time.  a period of time.  "Head, I didn't expect that the meat of this violent demon rat was so delicious, which made us treat the meat as rubbish to the refugees. Fortunately, the meat was all rotten, otherwise, we would not be able to find it now.  "No." "Yes, sir, if we hunt down the violent demon rat in the future, we must eat fresh meat. The tender meat that the guy gave us today made a pot of soup. The taste is simply worldly.  It's the best. I can drink three big bowls of soup alone. After drinking it, I feel warm all over and the fatigue of the day is gone. I stayed outside for several hours and nothing happened." "These people are moving corpses.  At the same time, he said to Li Qiang, making a little joke.  Li Qiang frowned. He had never drunk the so-called broth and couldn't help but ask: "Is that broth really that delicious?" Li Qiang was worried about the side effects or other poisons of the broth, but now it looked at his own  The subordinates were all very energetic and greedy, so they couldn't help but say to the guard beside them: "Xiao Guo, go and get me a bowl." "Okay, chief."  Xiao Guo agreed without hesitation. After a while, he brought a bowl of slightly hot broth. Li Qiang looked at it and twitched his index finger when he smelled the aroma of meat.  After blowing the hot air, Li Qiang took a swallow. Everyone looked at him, wanting to see what kind of expression Li Qiang would have.  "Okay!" Li Qiang's first words were this, and then he drank the soup in big gulps, regardless of whether it was boiling hot or not. After a bowl of broth, his whole body felt warm immediately. As for the meat, there wasn't much meat, only a little bit.  , but tender but not greasy, very delicious when eaten in your mouth.  After finishing the drink, Li Qiang immediately said to Xiao Guo: "Hurry up and get me some." Xiao Guo smiled and said with some embarrassment: "The broth has been finished." "Fuck, you bastards,  Eat so much and drink so much every day, if you encounter a lone violent demon rat later, you must catch it for me. You can eat this broth for a lifetime," Li Qiang laughed, and the others responded approvingly.  Then get on with things.    Yang Fan didn¡¯t know that it was because of a bowl of broth that his future had changed tremendously.  ¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ª Quietly, the cold wind blew away the sand and rocks, and the strong wind blew away many things. In the snow, several people ran wildly, their faces full of panic,  There were many injuries on his body, and the man running with him was also scared.  Behind them, there was a straight line of black, all filled with violent demonic rats and brutal demonic dogs. At a glance, there were at least hundreds of violent demonic rats and brutal demonic dogs, and there were also some other alienated beasts mixed in among them.  .  It shook the heavens and the earth, layer by layer.  "No, no, I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" "Help, help!" The two people shouted heartbreakingly, praying to God to send someone to save them, but everything was in vain.  A violent demonic rat directly stepped on one of them, foaming at the mouth, and then bit off the arm with sharp teeth and chewed it. The latter screamed in pain, fear of death, and attacked, and then there was endless  Fear.  Another person was bitten by a cruel demon dog, and the flesh on his body was bitten off bit by bit. Blood was flowing all over his body, and he was screaming in agony.  The snow is stained with blood!  "Hahahahaha" At this time, a sinister smile came from the group of alienated beasts!  Danger is imminent. There is no heavy snow in the sky, but it is full of desolation and horror, and there are fires in the distance!  (Thank you Brother Stepping on Mango for your support The results this week were very bad, Sanjiang canceled Well, this recommendation is very important, Guazi has never received it, and now it is cancelled, how can I say it?  . . . . I don¡¯t know what to say, so I can just keep writing. .
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