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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 88: Detention

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    Ever since Li Qiang finished drinking the broth, he has been very greedy and likes to bring a bunch of brothers to come to him to cry for poverty. If it weren't for the fact that he still needs to rely on Li Qiang, Yang Fan would not be willing to give him the meat of the violent demon rat.  Moreover, the corpse of the violent demon rat given by Li Qiang was completely rotten for a long time and was of no use at all. So by the way, Yang Fan taught Li Qiang how to use a backpack and briefly explained the use of the backpack. Li Qiang drew inferences about other cases in the forum.  Posted this information and made a small profit.  As for the value of the forum, you can actually earn nothing now. The reason is very simple. There are so many successors to the apocalyptic system, just like a TB shop in the previous life. Some people think they know something and then take it out.  I went to sell it for money, but suddenly I didn¡¯t know that some places were already offering it for free.  Earning is a kind of popularity. People with real vision will never use this to make money. Yang Fan just wanted some basic fees at the beginning. At that time, it was almost a monopoly, but as time went by, more and more resources were gained.  There will be fewer and fewer people, and no one will be stupid enough to do such disgusting things again.  People will think that after all, it is the end of the world and it is not easy for us to survive. You actually want to earn precious apocalypse coins?  Survival resource points?  There are many classic examples of people who specialize in researching the end of the world, and then post posts to make money. In the end, this kind of group encountered danger, and then met other groups. Instead of being rescued, they were insulted.  So in this severe time of the end of the world, if you want to speculate, you will be worried about it. If everything becomes a rule later, it will be easier to talk about it.  At this moment, sitting in the car, Yang Fan smoked the black Liqun from Li Qiang's side and looked out sadly. Sometimes Yang Fan found that this world is so fucking fucked. Many things came to him without any reason. Yang Fan  I am thinking about a profound question: Is there a God in this world?  Does God control everything and destiny? If this is the case, then people who deserve to die will definitely not live. How can people who don¡¯t deserve to die survive anyway?  Life is full of variables. This question is so profound that Yang Fan can't figure out the reason.  "Kaka - kaka - kaka!" Suddenly at this moment, the car suddenly stopped, and there was a trance in the car. Yang Fan immediately stood up and looked outside with a frown. He was just about to go out and take a look.  What happened? The guard at the door immediately knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Yang Fan, Mr. Yang Fan." "What's wrong?" Yang Fan opened the door, and then heard the guard hurriedly explain: "Because there is too much snow.  The outside has been blocked. We are stuck here and cannot move. Mr. Yang Fan, the leader asked you to go over and take a look!" He spoke in a hurry, panting, Yang Fan nodded, and then followed him to Li Qiang's side.  When we got off the last carriage, there were gusts of cold wind, which made our clothes rustle. Although there was no heavy snow, the strong wind blew the snow all over the sky. The cold air was biting. If an ordinary person, stay outside for a while.  Yes, it is estimated that the blood will stiffen and then death will occur.  Yang Fan made some statistics and found that if people who escaped from alienated beasts and zombies were not rescued by the military, that is, if they entered such a workshop, the chance of death would be a terrifying 95%. This kind of cold is no longer what it was in the previous life.  It's cold.  If cold poison is produced, even if the system heir is not very strong, if he stays outside, the cold air will permeate his bones and evolve into a kind of cold poison. There will be nothing at first.  Sore and painful.  This is the tragic scene when Yang Fan saw an older successor to the apocalyptic system.  "Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!" The sound of the wind could be heard in the ears. The guard trembled and followed behind, walking very slowly, step by step, cautiously, and walked to the first carriage like this.  , that won¡¯t take at least half an hour.  So Yang Fan picked him up and ran in the snow. The journey that originally took half an hour took Yang Fan only five minutes to finish. Of course, Yang Fan only used one-third of his strength.  With Yang Fan's ability now, he could complete the half-hour journey in half a minute.  But doing that would be really amazing, so Yang Fan concealed most of his strength, but even so, in the eyes of the guard, Yang Fan was still very powerful. He looked at all this with a click of his tongue, and waited until he got to the first carriage.  At that time, I still didn¡¯t believe it and thought it was an hallucination.  Yang Fan didn't care what the guard thought, but walked towards Li Qiang. More than 20 meters in front of the first carriage, strong winds were blowing and surrounded by wind and snow. Generally speaking, it was difficult to see clearly who was in front of him, but Yang Fan  who is it?  Thirty times the ability of ordinary people, his eyes can see clearly at night.    Not to mention just a little snowstorm, Yang Fan not only saw Li Qiang and others, but more importantly, he also saw small snow mountains piled up at least 17 or 18 meters The piles were very high, very high, obviously it should be  A small hilltop was completely surrounded by wind and snow. It was surrounded by continuous small snow-capped mountains. The car could not pass it and had to turn around.  "But the mountains here are continuous, and it will take a lot of effort to turn around. It is the eighteenth day of the end of the world, and the Zerg is coming in two days, and everything will be very troublesome by then.  "The car cannot be turned around. It will take at least two or three days to reluctantly turn around, and it may take even longer." Li Qiang saw Yang Fan coming and told the current situation directly.  "Two or three days, no, absolutely not. We were delayed for a long time along the way. We are now dozens of kilometers away from the military base. If we drive, we can get there in one day at most. Is there any other way now?" Yang Fan frowned and asked Li Qiang  road.  "Yes, the military base is only less than a day's journey away, but now the front is blocked. We must turn around now. If nothing goes wrong, it will only take two days. If something goes wrong,  It might take five days, ten days!¡± ¡°No!¡± Yang Fan directly rejected what Li Qiang said, five days, ten days?  Just kidding, in five or ten days, the Zerg will have already arrived, and by then they will eat people like crazy, and everything will be over.  "Then what should I do?" Li Qiang was not angry. He just felt that there was something abnormal about Yang Fan. Why couldn't he delay time?  Is there something wrong?  Yang Fan thought about it, looked at the rolling mountains, and then said: "Now organize the crowd, count the number of people, and listen carefully. We are about to encounter a very dangerous thing. Maybe none of us will survive. It is a big deal.  I can't tell you much, I can only tell you that this kind of thing is more terrifying than the alienated beast!" After saying this, Yang Fan turned and left. He couldn't wait any longer. He had to kill Xiao Min, Xiao You, and Lin Ling!  Include it in the lady's picture, and then start arranging it!  ¡ª¡ªThere is no time to wait, danger is coming!  (Thanks to Brother Flying Rabbit, Luo Ran Zhi Feng, Injured Caibaozi, and the three brothers for their support. Guazi made a mistake yesterday, so write well now!)
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