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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 98: Level 7

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    The Exploding Talisman is a very practical and cost-effective thing. Now Yang Fan plans to hide the Exploding Talisman in human corpses and then kill a batch of corrupted beetles.  Yang Fan bought several sets of Explosion Talismans in the mall. Now he distributed some to everyone and asked them to place them on the ground. Then he led everyone back and retreated. Anyway, most of the people were still hiding a few hundred meters away, and someone was guarding them.  Once something happens, everyone will naturally be notified.  There is no sound heard now, obviously nothing happened, so there is nothing to worry about, just deal with these annoying beasts in front of you.  "Start to retreat in a regular manner. Don't think about escaping. Let me reiterate for the last time. If you just know how to escape, you will never live long." Yang Fan said this sentence based on his previous life experience, and then began to organize  Everyone retreated, while their eyes were fixed on those guys, and they were already calculating in their hearts what their winning rate would be in fighting these beasts!  "My level is still too low. Facing this group of guys, I have to at least evolve the Lei Yuan Blade to a silver-level weapon, and then my strength reaches the full level of the first level before I can kill these beasts intact. These  The things are just simple, and the quantity is relatively good. They are not like the ones that will appear in groups after a while. No matter what, just kill them reluctantly. I think these beasts can help me to reach level 7!" Yang Fan simply said!  After some calculation, how much experience can these Zerg bring to him? After all, there are so many people here. If they are evenly distributed, he will not have much experience, but Yang Fan naturally plans to fight alone.  But now let¡¯s finish solving the problem of the Corrupted Beetle.  Corruption beetles, they are very difficult to deal with. It is enough to know from the description. As long as you touch the corrosive liquid, you will know what cruelty is and what pain is. This shows how terrifying this corrosive liquid is.  At this moment, the rows of Zerg were crowding towards Yang Fan. Their speed was seventy or eight meters per second. Within one minute of Yang Fan's arrangement, they had arrived within more than a hundred meters.  , now Yang Fan and others began to run away frantically, and they also began to speed up their escape.  The Zerg's favorite thing is to eat, eat, eat, because eating can increase their energy and strength, so now I see more than twenty corpses there, exuding warm blood, just like tempting delicacies, low-level  The Zerg are all mentally retarded, so they began to eat these corpses crazily. If it were a mutated beast, or a full-level mother zombie.  Maybe you will also consider it, and the Zerg race has no IQ to speak of. At least, the current Zerg race has absolutely no IQ to speak of. Then when everyone ran nearly seventy or eighty meters, suddenly several blasts  The sound vibrated around, and the overwhelming snow came directly over, causing a small avalanche.  "It's over!" Yang Fan really didn't consider this. He first chose a place similar to a canyon, and then ran from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain, about four or five meters downhill. Now a small avalanche is coming, and many people are directly hit.  On the contrary, there were not too many fatal injuries, but when a guy stood up and felt a pain in his abdomen, he turned around and saw the body of the Steel Beetle came into view, Yang Fan knew that it was over!  "I would rather hide in the snow. The Zerg will only hunt based on smell and temperature. It is the cold wind period now and there should be no smell, so as long as we hide well, we will be fine. Everyone, run away!" Yang Fan shouted,  Then he took Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin and ran to death, wishing he had two more legs. However, Yang Fan was not stupid. On the way to escape, he arranged some more explosive charms. He arranged several of them and buried them in the snow.  Since it is set so that it will explode only when the breath of alienated beasts, zombies, and Zerg comes into contact, so Yang Fan does not need to worry about being stepped on by the same kind.  Just like that, as Yang Fan released the talisman, the sound of explosions became louder and louder, and at the same time, the sound of the system also followed.  "Congratulations to the player, you killed a corrupted beetle and gained 700 experience points!" To perfectly kill a beetle, you must have stepped on an explosion talisman alone, and then all the experience belongs to you. A corrupted beetle actually gave you 700 experience points.  , which is very expensive. Now I only need more than 2,000 experience points to upgrade, which means that I only need to kill four to upgrade to level seven.  So Yang Fan was cruel and bought a set of explosive talismans, and then arranged them on the ground for free. At the same time, he asked Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to run away first. Anyway, he could catch up. Even if he couldn't catch up, being invisible was not a vegetarian, it was magical.  The acceleration ability of the cloak is enough to allow Yang Fan to surpass everyone at the same level.  After placing a certain amount of explosion symbols, Yang Fan continued to run forward, and at the same time, a series of system prompts sounded in his ears, most of which said that he hadHow much experience has been gained, as few as three or four hundred, as many as six or seven hundred, and a series of four or five.  At that moment, he was promoted to level 7, but now was not the time to celebrate the upgrade. Yang Fan had already purchased the level 7 potion and drank it without hesitation.  "You take the level 7 potion, which increases your strength by 45!" "You take the level 7 potion, which increases your agility by 45!" "You take the level 7 potion, which increases your physical fitness by 45!" "You take the level 7 potion, which increases your wisdom by 45!" ¡ª¡ª  ¡ª¡ª All increased by 4.5 times. Now the full ability is 34.5 times that of ordinary people. Yang Fan instantly felt that his head was getting clearer and clearer. It was as if some shackles had been unlocked all over his body.  On the one hand, they have all been greatly improved.  "According to this, the eighth level is forty times that of an ordinary person, the ninth level is forty-eight times that of an ordinary person, and the tenth level is sixty times that of an ordinary person. After entering the second level, I am afraid there will be even more unexpected gains, so good!" Yang Fan speculated!  Thinking of his future attributes, he carefully hid with Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin. Looking behind him, there were already fewer of the hundreds of steel beetles and corrupted beetles, and they were no longer so densely packed.  However, some people still did not escape the fate of death. Some were frightened, and some were crushed by the snow, and then they were surrounded by the Zerg. The screams there were extremely desolate, and they were surrounded by the Zerg.  There is only one end.  That¡¯s death, it¡¯s impossible to die, and it¡¯s an extremely cruel death!  Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin looked back. They both saw a man struggling, with one hand shaking outside. A steel beetle suddenly flashed past, and the arm was sliced ??open.  , the white bones were all seen, and the blood on the ground was very terrifying!
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