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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 99: Fighting

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    Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin almost vomited out what they had eaten yesterday. It was too bloody and terrifying, especially the miserable screams, which were enough to make anyone's hair stand on end.  "There are at least seventy or eighty left. There are less than eighty Explosive Talisman left. We must rush into the battlefield. Relying on Explosive Talisman alone is completely useless!" Yang Fan realized that the effect of relying on Explosive Talisman was getting more and more effective.  Low, now all the Zerg are more careful to avoid the Explosion Talisman. Although they will still step on some, they are not like before, like wasps trampling and moving randomly.  After paying part of the price, these Zerg quickly chased after them, and no less than twenty humans died. This made the Zerg realize that as long as they chased those who escaped, nothing would happen. So after having this idea,  Those steel beetles, as well as the more honest corrupted beetles hiding behind, let out shrill screams.  I don¡¯t know if I¡¯m excited, angry, angry!  After a long run of more than 300 meters, Yang Fan finally brought them to a downhill area with many trees around. It was very inconvenient for these steel beetles to walk here, even if they had enhanced human powers.  Even with ten times or twenty times the force, it is impossible to break the tree with ordinary force. If you hit it with all your strength, you will still cause a lot of damage to yourself.  Therefore, some steel beetles began to walk on the trail, walking over as long as they could. If they couldn't walk, they had to change paths. Some steel beetles roared and sawed their insect arms in anger.  On the trees, if you want to saw them, it will be easier to walk.  "Okay, bring the enemy here, everyone starts to attack, archers, crossbowmen, attack quickly." Yang Fan yelled, this place was discovered by him two days ago. Originally, Yang Fan meant to finish it first  The flying Zerg then led the land-shaped Zerg here, and then the natural conditions here gave these Zerg certain obstacles.  Everything in the plan is perfect now, except that there were some accidents in the avalanche, which resulted in the deaths of more than ten people in vain, but those had little impact on the overall situation.  Li Qiang, who had already laid an ambush, immediately gave orders for soldiers and heirs of the Doomsday System to start attacking. As early as the beginning, Yang Fan asked a group of people who were good at shooting to hold weapons such as bows and arrows. Yang Fan bought some bronze  Level bow and arrow weapons.  Now the iron arrows are falling like raindrops, landing on the Zerg. Occasionally, one or two almost hit people. Fortunately, humans react faster, and those Zerg, to be honest, can actually avoid them.  , but many Zerg were stuck in the center of the trees and immediately became live targets.  If he couldn't find the fire source, Yang Fan's original intention was to make kerosene arrows, but he knew that it might not work. Not to mention that this was snow, and the flames would have no effect if he fell to the ground.  Well, the main thing is, if we really do this, will it cause any other troubles?  So after considering several points, Yang Fan finally gave up the idea of ??making kerosene arrows and just used iron arrows to attack. Although the damage is not high, it will cause a certain amount of damage when shot. This is not more than forty arrows.  A steel beetle died immediately, continued to lose excessive blood, and these injuries took away the life of this insect!  Then Yang Fan didn't waste any time, picked up the Lei Yuan Blade and rushed over, then asked Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to pay attention to it. After Yang Fan rushed over, Wang Cheng looked at Fu Gaobin and said, "What should we do?  Should we follow behind or hide? " "Hide from you, uncle. Although we are not as powerful as our brothers, we will definitely stand behind our brothers. The two of us will join forces with others to kill the Zerg next to Brother Yang Fan. I'm paralyzed.  It won¡¯t work anymore, these unintelligent beasts are no match for us!¡± After Fu Gaobin said this, he took out Azir¡¯s sword without hesitation. The silver-level sword was flashing with sharpness.  Fu Gaobin's cold light has been strengthened and has four times the ability of an ordinary person, so now he can easily lift a sword weighing more than thirty kilograms and slash at the Zerg closest to Yang Fan.  This Zerg was stuck, so Fu Gaobin shamelessly went to kill it. Wang Cheng saw it, so naturally he would not fall behind. From his understanding during this period, he knew that Yang Fan valued Fu Gaobin very much, because they  He is a best friend, and he also has the opportunity to become Yang Fan's good brother. This opportunity is to treat Yang Fan as a true brother.  The so-called true brothers do not mean hypocritically saying that they will defend their brothers all their lives, but they will help them at the right time. When their brothers become famous, they will congratulate them. A true brother is the simplest one, not just talking about it.  , that kind of person will fall off the chain when the critical moment comes.  Therefore, Wang Cheng rushed over with the green spear that Fu Gaobin gave him. The two of them and the other four or five people began to torture him.?Steel Beetle.  "The weak point is the abdomen. This is the shortcoming of most Zerg races." As Yang Fan shouted, some people saw the blade in Yang Fan's hand directly piercing the abdomen of a steel beetle that had just escaped from trouble, that is, the left and right sides of the abdomen.  In such a way, the Lei Yuan Blade penetrated directly from the abdomen to the back.  Green blood flowed down the Lei Yuan Blade and the wound behind it, bringing more than 300 experience points. Yang Fan looked at his experience points and found that he needed 15,000 experience points to upgrade, so he took it out without hesitation.  The Lei Yuan Blade is here, looking for the next target!  "Soso awesome!" Some people who were hiding in the snow and holding bows and arrows standing on the high ground couldn't help shouting in surprise after seeing Yang Fan's movements like clouds and water, but soon they  , they were pulled back from their surprise by a few screams.  Although everything was done flawlessly, it was absolutely impossible to achieve zero casualties. A few people were too selfless to kill the Zerg, but they did not realize that several steel beetles had escaped, and then the sharp insect arms, as well as the cold  The sharp and sharp fangs bit hard and cut into his body.  The meat was bitten into pieces, and then torn off. Pieces of meat, thighs, backs, heads, some were directly hugged by a steel beetle, and then bit from the face. The steel beetle was very strong and wrapped it  A person who will almost never let go.  Those fangs bit into the face, nose, legs, back, and head.  Bloody and cruel Roar!
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