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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 114: Did you pick up the soap?  (Please subscribe)

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    "Release god-level skills, load files! The system is randomly selecting a date!" !!!! The system's voice came slowly and without emotion. Yang Fan was in a coma at this moment, but in a daze, he was still  I can hear some sounds, but they can't stay in my mind deeply, as if I'm dreaming.  Ice@Fire! Chinese "It is detected that there are many forces mixed in the host body, and when they overlap and return to the previous attributes, unexpected things will happen, so we will use the most perfect method to mix the forces in the host body. This method  It means everything is cleared, but it will be integrated into everything and your genes will be enhanced, but a large amount of apocalyptic coins will be needed. " "Didi di I found that the host has a large amount of apocalyptic coins, which is just enough to maintain this mixture. Do you want to choose.  Mixed? "If you find that the host cannot speak, then give the host ten seconds to choose yes. If you fail to answer after ten seconds, you will be forced to choose yes!" If Yang Fan knew it later, he would definitely curse.  The system is bad So for a period of time, Yang Fan's memory was blank. When he opened his eyes again, it was snowing in the sky !!!! "This is?" Opening his eyes again, the first time  All he saw was snowflakes all over the sky, and then the whistling cold wind blew in his face, ringing in his ears, making a sound, as if he was sitting on a car.  Looking to the left, Fu Gaobin, who looked worried, was sitting next to him. At the same time, he turned around and saw that Wu Liang, who had been kicked away by Li Qiang long ago, was sitting there honestly, thinking about some sweet dreams and fantasizing in his heart.  After encountering the army, suppress yourself.  The two girls sat there tremblingly, not sure whether they were cold or scared. Wang Cheng, who was bitten to death by the alien beast at the beginning, also felt a little uncomfortable sitting in the car. Time seemed to have returned  On the thirteenth day of the end of the world, we have returned to more than twenty days ago.  In other words, Yang Fan looked at the sky outside. It was extremely clear and bright. If he guessed correctly, he should have just met Ji Wu and was about to meet Li Qiang.  This time is very good, very good, very good, even better than Yang Fan expected. Everything has not been discovered. In fact, the most important thing for Yang Fan is to catch up with the arrival of the Black Stone a few days ago. Now he has returned to the Second World  After more than ten days, I can only say that it was very good.  Everything can be changed accordingly, but Yang Fan felt that his strength seemed to be a lot weaker. This was very strange, so Yang Fan immediately opened his attribute interface.  Character: Yang Fan Era: Doomsday Era Planet: Earth in the mz11 solar system.  Region: Southern China.  Character: Yang Fan.  ?Professional level: Level 1 and level 0.  (Ancient Warrior) HP: 5/5.  (Defined based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Magic value: 5/5.  (Defined based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) ) Attack power: 2-3.  (Drafted based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Defense: 1.  (Drafted based on attributes and certain passive skills, no detailed explanation.) Physique: 4 (Mainly related to resistance and recovery ability, equivalent to 40% of ordinary people) Strength: 4 (Mainly related to offensive ability, and weight-bearing ability  , equivalent to 40% of ordinary people) Agility: 4 (mainly related to reaction ability, movement speed, equivalent to 40% of ordinary people) Wisdom: 4 (mainly related to special areas, calculation speed, equivalent to 40% of ordinary people) Skills:  Power of the Gods lv1, Halo of the Gods lv1, Shield of the Gods lv1, Tai Chi lv1, Qi Collision lv1, Fighting Mastery lv2, Cold Weapon Mastery lv2, Hot Weapon Mastery lv4, Detection Mastery lv2, Combat Mastery lv2, Intelligence Mastery lv2  , Gang Qi Mastery lv3.  Invisibility (Equipment Skill, No Level) Equipment: God's Cloak, God's Crown, Thunder Blade, Lady Picture.  Props: Explosive Talisman, some groceries.  Combat rating: A level.  (Divided into sss, ss, s, a, b, c, d, e, f) Bloodline: None Doomsday Coin: 0.  Talent: Archive, super god-level talent, description: You can archive at a certain time period at will, just like any stand-alone game. It needs to be cooled down for seven days after archiving. The time will start counting after seven days, and the system will randomly return it to 1-30 days.  Before, it is currently in a cooling state.  Current experience value: 0 Required level 1 upgrade experience value: 10 !!!!!! Yang Fan is really speechless for this attribute, the level, property, and everything are all clear.??, this is like starting over from scratch. It is completely different from the first time I loaded the file. It stands to reason that I should keep my Doomsday Coins and accumulate them tenfold.  Where is the money now?  Was it all swallowed up by the system?  wipe!  Yang Fan immediately became very unhappy, but soon he felt relieved. This attribute was very awesome. To be precise, it was very powerful. It was completely equivalent to the attribute status of an ordinary full-level player.  "The attributes of the system are determined and enhanced based entirely on the person's genes. Could it be that after I loaded the file, my personal genes improved a lot?" Yang Fan thought in his mind, and at this time, he suddenly heard Wang Cheng's  A voice came from behind: "Thank you."  Fu Gaobin didn't say anything. He just took a cigarette from the car window and lit it himself. Then he asked Wang Cheng to smoke a cigarette and opened the window slightly to breathe. The cold and biting wind immediately hit him.  It blew in through the car window, and everyone couldn't help but tremble.  Fu Gaobin quickly closed the window, and at the same time he cursed and said: "Damn it, the weather is so bad that no one can live anymore." He spoke very complainingly.  Exactly the same, exactly the same, the entire movements, environment, tone of voice, and behavior are all exactly the same, without any changes.  It was as if history had returned to this moment. Yang Fan looked at the sky and couldn't help but laugh. He seemed to have seen a butterfly, inciting its simple wings, but he didn't know that the effect it produced was very terrifying, and his fate was determined by it.  And change.  The world changed at this moment. To sum up, when I read the file, although I lost a lot of apocalyptic coins, there was no difference at all. It was as if I had taken a third-class potion, and my genes were ten times stronger than those of ordinary people.  Times, this is a value that cannot be measured with money!  "Hahahahahahahaha!" Yang Fan suddenly laughed. Everyone was startled by his smile. No one could have imagined that Yang Fan would laugh out of the blue. Wu Liang's heart tightened, thinking that  Yang Fan guessed what he was thinking.  Wang Cheng felt nervous, thinking that Yang Fan was some kind of bloody, bt person.  As for the two girls, they were afraid that Yang Fan would go crazy and turn into that kind of thug. In the end, Fu Gaobin asked calmly: "Did you pick up the soap?" (Chapter 1, begging for subscription and monthly tickets, I  I don¨t want to be too embarrassed to lose!) (To be continued.)
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