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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 115: Fu Gaobin is a thorough grandson

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    Guazi sincerely asks for a subscription and a monthly ticket, otherwise Guazi is afraid that he won¡¯t have the courage to write. In 14 hours, Guazi only had 130 subscriptions. In addition to 10 friendships, there were only 120. Guazi is really speechless. It¡¯s still like that.  In a word, if you subscribe to more than 300, you will get 10,000 updates a month, which is more than 500. If you have 10,000 updates in two months, you will get more than 800. If you have more than 10,000 updates in 5 months, you will get more than 1,000 words. In 5 months, you will get 12,000 words of updates!  At the same time, every time the number of monthly tickets exceeds 10, additional tickets will be added!  (There is no need to pay for the above words~no need to worry.) "Pfft." After Fu Gaobin said this very funny words, everyone couldn't help laughing, but Wu Liang didn't know why Wang Cheng and the two women  He was still wondering what was so funny about picking up soap. He didn't understand the world of young people, just like he never knew the sadness of black sky during the day.  In fact, Yang Fan also smiled at this moment. Now Yang Fan looked at everyone carefully. His feelings after reading the file, his world view, and everything had undergone subtle changes. Yang Fan seemed to understand a lot about life. Thinking of this, Yang Fan  I couldn't help but laugh at myself, when did I become so sentimental?  Look at Fu Gaobin again. Because he wants to look cool, he wears a black tuxedo, has a standard oval face, and has a delicate face. Generally speaking, he is quite popular. However, in the end of the world, Fu Gaobin is  People of this kind are the most susceptible to jealousy. If you meet someone who is unbalanced, be prepared to be unlucky.  "What are you looking at me for?" Fu Gaobin looked at him with some fear, and then he said calmly: "Boss, don't be serious" "Fuck your sister." Yang Fan couldn't hear what he meant.  , laughed and cursed, and then stopped talking. He sat quietly in the car, waiting quietly for Li Qiang to arrive later.  However, in the car, Yang Fan did not really go to rest, but was planning for the future. Yang Fan basically knew clearly what would happen in the next ten days, so he planned everything now. The first point  Just ask Li Qiang to choose ten women. This is the main thing.  The second point is to ask Wang Cheng and Fu Gaobin to recruit some people for him. The third point is the most important point. His current registration has been completely cleared. He must upgrade. He can use the weird  Various alienated beasts attracted by the stone to upgrade.  This is the most important thing. Not to mention other equipment, just experience is a huge fortune, wealth that cannot be bought with money. When he thinks of this Yang Fan, his blood boils all over, and then he can't help but say coldly in his heart: "Chen Hu,  I will make sure that you never come back this time!" Thinking of Chen Hu and others, Yang Fan couldn't help but feel angry, an anger from deep inside. At this moment, Yang Fan knew without having to guess, what about Chen Hu and others?  They must be torturing others, which makes Yang Fan feel very disgusted, so he must kill them without any mercy at all. In addition, when Yang Fan saw the death of everyone before, Yang Fan had already thought of how to kill them and how to torture them.  Thinking of this, Yang Fan immediately thought of one thing, and that was to go and take a look at the portrait of ladies. He wanted to see if the person was still there?  So Yang Fan summoned the spirit of the lady picture, and then after a brief speech, Yang Fan's vision entered the lady picture, and then he saw the ladies who were training.  Seeing this scene, Yang Fan couldn't help but breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, everything was just back to this time. Nothing was too much and nothing was missing. After rejoicing, Yang Fan immediately found Liu Qiaoqiao and asked him to buy it.  Thousand Miles Telephone Note, this thing is very expensive, I don¡¯t have any money, but fortunately Liu Qiaoqiao can get a loan.  So after reluctantly borrowing a [Thousand Mile Telephone Note], Yang Fan immediately sent a message to Zhu Liang and the others, because there was going to be a feast, and he could eat a big cake, but it was impossible for him to eat it all by himself, and Li Qiang would never allow it.  Eat it all by yourself.  But Yang Fan has a way. Basically, he can get 60%, Li Qiang will get 20%, and the remaining 20% ??will be given to Bai Chen, Zhu Liang and the others. Yang Fan has calculated everything now.  "I'm really looking forward to the feast in more than ten days." Yang Fan said in his heart, and then he began to close his eyes and rest, really relax his mind, and began to rest for a while, just like before, he was also resting.  Just like this, when Yang Fan was sleeping deeply, the car suddenly stopped with a "clunking" sound, and the car body shook. Yang Fan woke up immediately. This time he opened his eyes, and the sky was full of darkness.  There are not many stars in it.  "What's wrong?" Yang Fan said knowingly, and Wang Chengcheng and Fu Gaobin got out of the car. Wu Liang hid in the car as usual, not daring to get out for fear of encountering some danger.  "The car broke down!" Suddenly, Fu Gaobin, who knew a little about car repairs, said to everyone in a serious voice after checking, his face looked a little ugly at the moment, you know what it is nowYou know, if the car breaks down, let alone the cold weather problem, just the sudden appearance of the alien beast can destroy everyone.  So no one's face would look good, but after Yang Fan got out of the car, he looked at the car and didn't say anything nonsense. He just took out a pack of cigarettes from the car window, turned his back to the strong wind, and lit a cigarette for himself.  Pop, pop, pop, the sound was very small, but everyone could hear it clearly.  "Brother Yang Fan, what should we do?" Fu Gaobin saw that Yang Fan was not afraid at all, or that he did not see Yang Fan at all nervous or anxious. He immediately guessed that Yang Fan had something to do, so he also  After relaxing for a while, he leaned over, took a cigarette, and lit it for himself.  "What else should I do? Wait here to see if there are any passers-by." Yang Fan smiled indifferently, then took a deep smoke from a cigarette. The smoke was very rich and spit out from his mouth, and then he cursed  He yelled: "I can't help but fucking smoke this cigarette. I just smoked one, and most of it was gone. Damn it!" Yang Fan cursed carelessly, and Fu Gaobin didn't feel any surprise at all.  , because he felt that Yang Fan's ability to say such things in this environment proved that he was not crazy. If Yang Fan became very ruthless, Fu Gaobin was really worried that something would go wrong, so he was also happy  He jokingly said: "Damn it, if we meet the boss who makes cigarettes, we will definitely give him a fucking blow. He will not make cigarettes that are banned, right? Brother Yang Fan." Wu who was sitting in the car  Liang immediately felt that Fu Gaobin's grandson was not very good at flattering, but seemed very clumsy. However, he did not need to remind him, because he knew that the two of them were just joking and not really flattering.  Suddenly, Wu Liang felt melancholy. He was wondering when the army would find him and when he would be able to suppress Yang Fan and others.  Then he was promoted to a cadre, and finally became a high official. In troubled times, a hero like us emerged, and Wu Liang simply had a sweet dream.  As for Wang Cheng, he felt very strange. Originally, Yang Fan in front of him felt like a man who had suffered from wind and cold. After years of wasted time, but looking at it now, he felt that Yang Fan was not as mature as before, but more youthful.  Vitality, Wang Cheng thought hard about this.  To put it simply, Wang Chengcheng was thinking about how to acquire Yang Fan so that Yang Fan would recognize him as a useful person, rather than a useless and subordinate younger brother. In Wang Cheng¡¯s words, since he must be a younger brother, he also  To be a little brother king And Fu Gaobin, he is a grandson, a grandson through and through (To be continued.) q
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