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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 122: Twin Sisters

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    (Although it is a VIP chapter, I still ask for a recommendation vote~) No one would have thought who came in, including Yang Fan, who didn¡¯t believe it. It turned out to be two girls who looked like they were fourteen or fifteen years old, wearing black clothes.  Skirt, walked in, no, to be precise, the two of them were hanging about three centimeters in the air.  Their feet were not touching the ground. The two girls looked quite pretty in the past, and they both looked the same, as if they were a pair of twins. But at this moment, they walked towards each other with expressionless faces, like ghosts. In an instant,  Countless people were frightened and trembled, shouting in their hearts that they had encountered a fool. No one noticed the shadows behind the two women.  But Yang Fan was different. He didn't believe in ghosts and gods at all, so he was keenly aware of the shadows behind the two women. Coupled with his previous thoughts, he immediately looked at it with his zombie eyes and found that all the attributes of the two women were  Question mark, question mark, but fortunately there is a lady¡¯s eyes.  This kind of thing focuses on women. If it is not a woman, no matter how weak the opponent is, it will not be able to know the opponent's information. But now these two lolita happen to be women, so the lady's eyes immediately identified all the information between them.  Attributes, these two people are called Xiaoli and Xiaolin respectively.  The characteristic was that they were slow to react and were in the middle of the class. This characteristic made Yang Fan very speechless. However, the reaction of the two of them was indeed very slow. They slowly walked into the car and looked at everyone for more than 20 seconds, and then compared on the left  The older girl, Xiaoli, looked confused and said, "Who are you? How did you get here." The younger Xiaolin frowned and said, "Sister, it seems we brought these people here.  Right? " From the words of these two people, they seemed to be still in a state of confusion, and they pulled everyone over without knowing what happened. If Li Qiang knew about this, I wonder if Li Qiang would be so angry that he would vomit blood.  , his men and vehicles were brought over in a daze by two little lolita.  But Yang Fan didn¡¯t have time to think about this.  He looked at the dazed look of the two women, as well as the slight sluggishness and slow reaction shown in the ladies' eyes, so he was already thinking about how to interrogate some information that was valuable to him.  Deceiving a little girl, this kind of thing.  Although Yang Fan did not say that he had done too much, if he really wanted to deceive, he still had some methods. It was the end of the world, there was nothing shameless, everything was beneficial to himself.  He had to do it even if it was shameless, so Yang Fan continued to squat there, wanting to see the people coming behind the two little girls.  Yang Fan doesn¡¯t think that people with this ability are a separate group. There must be a group behind the two of them.  If they weren't strong, Yang Fan wouldn't mind killing those people, and then he would take in the sisters.  Therefore, Yang Fan squatted there without saying a word. The two women looked at everyone with a dull look, and then looked at each other in confusion. But at this moment, one person finally couldn't stand the depression anymore.  It seemed to him.  There are no ghosts in the world, the only thing is these two girls are pretending to be ghosts.  So he couldn't stand this kind of depression, and he felt irritable and depressed. Finally, he grabbed the submachine gun of a soldier next to him, and then suddenly stood up and pointed the gun at the two girls.  He shouted: "Stop pretending to be a ghost here, kneel down now, otherwise, you will all die. Do you know? You will all die, obey me, obey me, hahahahahahaha!" He was forced to hurry up by the end of the world.  He was crazy and didn't want to live anymore, so he was so crazy, he rushed over and looked at the two girls with a ferocious look on his face. No one expected him to do this, including Yang Fan.  Yang Fan, who was hiding in the corner, looked at this man with cold eyes. When he took away the soldier's gun, Yang Fan was sure to subdue this guy in an instant, but Yang Fan did not do it. The reason was simple. He wanted to see  What are these two girls capable of?  If you have no skills at all, you will die if you die. Yang Fan will not regret it, but if you have any skills, you can also know it. If you know yourself and the enemy, you will not suffer. Of course, this is what they say, but Yang Fan absolutely believes it.  , the two women will not be killed by guns.  I'm afraid that even if the two of them don't take action, the people behind them will. So thinking of this, Yang Fan restrained himself even more. He knew that if he helped, he might attract the attention of some people, although he didn't.  You know who these people are, but if you don't know good and evil, don't act too rashly. Just be an ordinary person and keep a low profile. You won't lose a piece of meat.  So thinking of this, Yang Fan, like other ordinary people, looked at this man in horror, did not speak, and just curled up his body. After the young man yelled, his face turned red, and someone wanted to stop him.  But it¡¯s nice to look at this young manHe was going crazy, his eyes were wide open, and his face was ferocious, so no one dared to stop him.  At this moment, including the people in the army, they did not dare to anger this madman, and they were not willing to be the first to show off. In addition, they also wanted to see what these two women were capable of. They were not stupid, even if  Without the transformation of the apocalyptic system, their intelligence is not what ordinary people can have.  "Sister, he said He asked us to kneel down, otherwise he would let us die, but what is death? Haha?" My sister Xiaolin started to speak, her voice was very calm, then she raised her head and looked  He glanced at the young man, as if being seen by a poisonous snake. The latter's whole body suddenly trembled, as if he felt that he had offended an existence that he could not afford to offend, and he was panicked and frightened.  But having the gun in his hand gave him a little courage, and he fell to the ground without losing his legs. Xiaolin's sister, Xiaoli, laughed, then touched his head and said, "What is this?"  Death? What is death?" She looked at the man in confusion, her eyes clear, and she really sounded like a child asking this question.  "Ah! I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you!" The young man collapsed. After hearing Xiaoli's words again, he didn't have any patience at all. He turned on the phone, and then bang bang bang, the loud gun fired.  Sounds came one after another in my ears, the bangs were numerous and loud.  "Okay, I want to see what methods they have, or who is the person behind them?" At this time, this was what many people were thinking, but Yang Fan suddenly seemed to feel something strange.  An ordinary thing, and then in an instant he moved his body, hiding among the crowd instead of being exposed.  Seeing someone shooting, some thugs were laughing, laughing like crazy, and roaring: "Kill them, kill them, kill them all, hahahahaha, kill them, kill them!"  " "Don't give them any way to survive. They are all going to die anyway. Why don't we finish it quickly and kill these soldiers and these bastards who have oppressed us for a long time. We must stand up and survive. Then we can unify the world and put those beasts to death.  Kill them all and throw the zombies into the sea! " "Hit everything, hit the evil organization!" People have gone crazy and started dancing, while some people are huddled there, trembling.  If they dare to speak, they are not crazy yet, but if they are forced, they may really become crazy. People who have lost their principles and moral concepts are madmen. Such madmen often do terrible things.  But a scene that shocked Yang Fan appeared. Because his strength was forty times that of ordinary people, which was forty times almighty, including eyesight, so he simply saw the traces of bullets. He saw the bullets hit two people.  The little girl's body could be instantly flooded with bullets.  When the little girl was three inches away, they all disappeared, but in everyone's eyes, it seemed that this crazy young man hit the two girls with every bullet, but they did not notice that the two little girls were only slightly scared.  He looked at all this, but did not scream at all.  If it is said that the reaction is slow, that can be explained, but Yang Fan clearly found that the bullet did not hit the two little girls because there was no blood at all, so where did the bullet go?  Why did the bullets not hit the two of them? Space, space, must be the power of space. Yang Fan instantly guessed what it was.  So I was very surprised by the abilities of the two girls. I didn¡¯t expect that they really had the ability to use space. These are two powerful assistants.  It's just that I can only think about this kind of thing for the time being. For such a powerful assistant, the team behind him must be very strong, but nothing is absolute. If the team behind the two people is not strong, then I will accept the two women.  H.  "A thousand-mile horse needs Bole to dig it out. These two women are undoubtedly the thousand-mile horse. As for Bole, let's see who has the stronger ability."  The bullet entered the bodies of the two girls, just like a mud cow entering the sea. No one knew where it went. Later, it was not only Yang Fan who discovered this, but also the soldiers who were more sensitive and careful.  At this point, the bullet entered the body and was completely separated.  First, there was no trace of blood, and then there was no wound.  So the bullet is gone?  The crazy young man was already crazy. He laughed hahahahaha and looked crazy. But at this moment, something shocking happened. Yang Fan's expression changed drastically, revealing a shocked face (to be continued. If  If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendations and monthly votes at Qn. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please come and read it.nbsp;9
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