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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 123: Second Disease

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    The bullets actually did not enter the bodies of the two girls, but bounced out directly. In an instant, the bullets shot out directly in front of the two girls. Those crazy people were all attacked.  Ice@Fire! Chinese Especially that young man, he was pierced in an instant. There were countless bullet holes all over his body. Yang Fan understood the principle in an instant. The position where the two girls were standing might not be in front of him.  space, the bullet hit in front of them, but it entered other spaces.  This is the folding of space and then rebounding. Now everyone is seriously injured. Bullets are flying. It looks chaotic in the past, but Yang Fan clearly discovered that just now, all those who are evil and those with evil intentions have been the first to do so.  He was hit by bullets and shot in the head.  People panicked instantly, but it only took about a minute. Of the more than 400 people, two-thirds were basically dead. There were only a few dozen rounds of bullets, but the bullets seemed to be controlled by the two women and hid.  Yang Fan, who was in the dark, was increasingly shocked by the two women's methods.  With such space skills, he is simply invincible, and his methods are so powerful that Yang Fan doesn¡¯t know what to do next.  After waiting for people to die, Xiaolin pointed to the dead people and said: "What happened to them? Why is there red water on their bodies, why did they all fall down, whywhy" "I don't knowforget it, we  Let's go, don't use skills randomly next time, otherwise you may get something wrong." The other Xiaoli waited for dozens of seconds before replying. The two of them were naturally slow.  After saying this, the two women turned around and left without even taking a moment to remember this place. Yang Fan was immediately confused. What was going on?  Could it be that the reason why Li Qiang lost two buses was because two girls controlled the space at will and then did this?  If this is the case, then the two women have no power behind them at all, and Yang Fan thinks about the past life. If it is assumed that the two women really did this in the previous life, then some of the people who survived may get lost after going out.  On a snowy night, Li Qiang couldn't find them even if he tried to find them.  So they got separated, and Li Qiang didn't care very much, because he was also afraid of getting into trouble that he shouldn't have caused. If his hypothesis was successful, then the two girls in front of him would not have any group, so wouldn't it be possible for him to win them over?  Not to mention becoming subordinates, but they can become partners, two great assistants.  Thinking of this, Yang Fan suddenly spoke. He stood up suddenly and shouted to the two women: "Wait" But the two women ignored Yang Fan and went their own way. In fact, Yang Fan could have appeared in their eyes.  However, he was afraid that due to the slow personalities of the two women, he would not say anything at first, and then react and start fighting directly. Then he would be unlucky.  So shouting is the best way. In the eyes of people with dementia, the world is completely different from the world in the eyes of ordinary people. In their time and space, the world is half a beat slower, so Yang Fan slowly follows behind.  But didn't speak.  After waiting for more than twenty seconds, the two women finally came to their senses. They looked at Yang Fan and said, "What's wrong?" The two women walked outside a few meters and looked at Yang Fan in confusion. Xiaolin said, "You also want to  Are you going to kill our people?" After Yang Fan heard this, his expression changed immediately, and then he waved his hands hurriedly, his mind was spinning rapidly, and then he suddenly thought that the two women's surnames were slightly different, so-called  In Secondary 2, there is something different. I think I live in another time and space. To put it simply, I dream too much and cannot distinguish between reality and dreams.  In fact, everyone has a bit of a middle-class personality, and Yang Fan also has it, but after reaching a certain age, this kind of middle-class personality disappears. For example, when we were children, we all imagined that there would be a Santa Claus in the world, and that once  If there is danger, Aotu Man or the King Kong Gourd Baby will come to save you.  In fact, these are some performances of the second grade, and little boys and girls aged thirteen or fourteen are more likely to fall into the second grade. Therefore, Yang Fan had an idea and immediately thought of a way. He took a deep breath, and then his face became  He said very seriously: "I am the future person from the Myc planet. I come from the future. My profession is the Holy Demon Ancient Warrior, which represents justice and light. I am here now to resist evil. Now  I noticed that you also have special energy. Two respected ladies, I wonder if you are willing to save the world with me. "In fact, after saying this, Yang Fan couldn't help but feel very ashamed, saying this to lie to a three-year-old child!  More or less, he was really worried that the two women would directly expose his lies, which would be embarrassing, but fortunately there was no one here, otherwise, even if the two women didn't expose his lies, he would probably die of shame.  Twenty seconds later, twoHer expression suddenly changed, and then she jumped back. Xiaolin looked at Yang Fan nervously and said, "Are you an evil force who came to deceive us? People on the myc planet have their own numbers. Yours  "Yes, tell me now, what is your number? I will conduct an investigation on the wireless star network. If it is found that you are a hero pretending to be from the myc planet, we will give you the severest punishment."  You will always fall into the infinite space!" Yang Fan: "" As expected, the child with the second disease is the most boring and the most speechless child. At the same time, Yang Fan is also a little nervous. The methods of these two girls are their own.  They understand. Even though they sound retarded, who knows if these two people are really that powerful, what kind of eternal exile.  ¡°If they were really thrown into the endless space, wouldn¡¯t I be in trouble?  So Yang Fan couldn't help shouting when he was nervous: "8008208820, this is my number. I hope you can check it as soon as possible." On the surface, Yang Fan was very calm, but in his heart, he was very nervous. He was even ready to escape. Anyway,  The two girls were slow to react. With their own speed, it shouldn't be impossible to escape. Otherwise, [Power of the Gods], with invincibility for five seconds, should be able to block all skill attacks.  So thinking of this, Yang Fan gave KDJ the phone number for home delivery.  After the two girls were stunned for twenty seconds, Xiaoli, the elder sister, put the bag on her head and muttered: "Connecting to the satellite Connecting to the star field Connecting to the universe area network Connecting to 1% connection."  2%" Next to her, Xiao Lin looked at Yang Fan nervously, as if she would release her skills at any time. A girl with middle school disease really can't afford to be hurt After a while, Xiao Li, as the older sister, suddenly seemed like a robot.  Said: "Connection successful Querying, mcy planet, holy demon ancient warrior, hero number 8008208820 Didi didi, the information was found didi didi the information was verified successfully, didi didi, what other services do you need?  !" Xiaolin shook her head and said, "No need!" Xiaoli nodded, then trembled, opened her eyes again, and looked at her sister confusedly and said, "Is he MCY?"  "Is the information correct?" "Very correct, sister, he is a hero!" The younger sister put down her guard and looked at Yang Fan, and then said to her sister, who immediately changed her appearance and looked energetic.  Said: "Hero, thank you for coming. The world needs you. I don't know what we can do for you!" Yang Fan looked at all this speechlessly. He couldn't act so fake. Why did he suddenly become weak and weak all of a sudden?  He was so energetic Yang Fan already felt a little regretful. Will he make any mistakes or make any trouble by roping in these two girls with secondary disease?  But thinking about it, Yang Fan might as well not think about the future. Anyway, his goal has been successful.  ?Looking at the two women again, one has a respectful look on his face, and the other has a confused look on his face.  But it is certain that both women have been conquered by him, everything seems very weird and nonsensical (To be continued.) q
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