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The Eve of the End of the World Chapter 124: Light and Darkness

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    (Thanks to my brother for the reward at that time???) After conquering these two guys, the next thing will be easy to say.  Ice@Fire! Chinese What Yang Fan means is to let them go back by themselves, or send them there by himself, and then take the little loli with him. Anyway, he knows Li Qiang well, and Yang Fan is not worried about what accidents will happen. He just needs to spend some time thinking about it.  A better approach would be enough.  But what Yang Fan expected was that some people actually planned to survive in the apocalypse on their own and did not want to rely on others. Since others had said so, Yang Fan would not stop them. He had no intention of helping them in the first place. They  Yang Fan doesn't care much about his life or death.  But there are some people who want to follow Yang Fan. Basically, there are almost a hundred people who survived, including seven or eight men, and a few women who swore to rely on themselves to inspire people, so most of them  All the men followed, and many women took them with them.  There are about ten people who still want to follow Yang Fan and hope that Yang Fan will take them to Li Qiang. But they don¡¯t know who secretly said bad things about the two little girls. What if Xiaolin, Xiaolin  Li went crazy and was about to die.  So some timid people still retreated, but two or three girls came to Yang Fan and prayed to follow Yang Fan. One of them was the woman who was almost fucked by Gong Suannu before. Yang Fan looked at her  face.  She is indeed quite beautiful, and judging from her clothing, although she is quite dirty, compared to other women, she is quite clean. From this, we can see that this girl may be from something  A famous family, and then they are very arrogant.  In this case, Yang Fan had almost guessed what kind of woman this woman was from the team spirits of those people before, so Yang Fan looked at her flatly and said: "If you want to follow me, why don't you just be me?"  Subordinate, use your body to fight for me, or you can only be my vassal, you know what I'm talking about." When Yang Fan said this, there was no hint of joking, or any obscene look.  It was exactly that kind of calm and indifferent look. The latter looked at Yang Fan, and then looked at the unkind eyes of the group of people behind him. He stood behind Yang Fan without hesitation, lowered his head and said, "I understand."  !¡± There is nothing sad about her current mood, the only thing is not to be tortured, to be fed, to be clothed, to be alivethe rest is just a cloud.  There was one person who took the lead, and the same was true for several other women. The ones who spoke were all pretty, otherwise they would not have the confidence to join Yang Fan. The four or five women were all pretty good-looking. Although they were not as good-looking as the first woman, they were still good-looking.  It can be regarded as meeting the standard of a lady's picture.  For women, Yang Fan is naturally the more the better. Anyway, as long as she provides food, she can be trained, transformed, and cultivated, and then increase her full abilities and become her own subordinates. This will greatly benefit her ability to survive in the apocalypse.  Five women were collected in one go. Yang Fan did not throw them directly into the ladies' picture. After everything was settled, Yang Fan left with Xiaoli, Xiaolin and several women. The other refugees saw Yang Fan leaving.  , also followed one by one.  They didn't know where this was. Although they said they had to rely on themselves, people in the wilderness were panicked. When Yang Fan noticed these people following him, he couldn't help but frown, and then walked silently. He was now  Rely on the marks you made before to go back and forth.  Xiaoli and Xiaoli, they just pulled the big car to a place two hundred meters away. Yang Fan had searched before, but he didn't search too deeply, so he didn't notice it. But Yang Fan knew that even if he searched deeply, I'm afraid  The two women could not be found either.  They who have mastered the space ability must have incredible power. Only now did Yang Fan think that maybe he had noticed the two women. He even said that when he was looking for them before, the two women were by his side. It was just because they were not in the same place.  The range of space, so I didn¡¯t notice it at all.  And just when Yang Fan was thinking wildly, Xiaolin suddenly spoke: "Brother Yang Fan, do you hate these people who are following you?" Before, the two of them called themselves heroes, but after thinking about it, Yang Fan still fooled them into shouting  As Yang Fan's brother, he said it was to avoid the discovery of evil forces, so the two women agreed without hesitation.  But now, when Yang Fan heard Xiaolin's words, he couldn't help but be startled, and then thought of the slowness in their eyes, so he said with relief: "Yes, the evil forces are constantly tracking me now, and my full strength has not been restored yet.  One in a million, messengers of light and darkness, what can you do? "Who doesn't know how to fool people? It's just like a skit said. When playing mahjong, you have to say one hundred million or one billion.Anyway, it was just a lie to children. Yang Fan planned to say one in a billion. If it didn't feel that it was really fake, he would have said it long ago.  At the same time, before that, Yang Fan also announced the identities of the two women. The identities of the two women were the legendary messengers of light and darkness. After speaking at that time, the two women responded with a perfect answer: "No wonder I always feel like I am  I always dream about light.¡± Another sister said that she dreams about darkness.  So facing two middle school sophomore sisters, Yang Fan didn't know whether to laugh or cry But now Yang Fan is really tired of the people following him. If he meets Li Qiang later, he really doesn't know how to explain it.  , Yang Fan originally planned to bring several women who followed him into the picture of ladies later, and naturally he would not notice anything by then.  But now that such a group of people are following, Yang Fan is not willing to do anything too harsh. After all, they are the same kind, so now after hearing Xiaolin's words, Yang Fan nodded eagerly, and it seemed that they had a way.  Sure enough, as Yang Fan expected, after waiting for 20 seconds, Xiao Lin nodded and said: "Okay, since brother Yang Fan wants them to leave, I will use the power of light space, brother, you watch."  When he said this, his whole body was emitting white light, which surprised Yang Fan. He murmured in his heart: "Is it possible that they are really the messengers of light and darkness?" But this Yang Fan just thought about it alone. He didn't think so, what?  Light and darkness, these things are all unrealistic things But then, Yang Fan clearly saw that with Xiaolin's spell, all the people behind him suddenly disappeared (To be continued.)
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