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VOLUME 1 Chapter 1 The start is against the sky, five times crossing and four times hitting the street

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    "Hey hey¡ª¡ª"

    "Oh yeah¡ª¡ª"

    After cursing the soul for a strange laugh, he finally let out a roar.

    "No matter how much you Shi family travels through, you can't escape my palm!"

    Under the black cloak, a gloomy light shone from the two black eye sockets on the skull.

    "Don't be afraid! Stone Forest! Go through quickly! Grandpa is here to protect you!"

    Grandpa's spiritual power shot out and directly hit the cursed soul.

    "Grandpa! I don't know what the time travel spell is!" Shi Lin shouted anxiously.

    "The spell is Listen carefully" Grandpa panted while typing, "The spell is a, b, c, d, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n"

    The black line on Shi Lin's forehead was immediately added with a red certificate from the first grade of primary school. It seemed that he saw the primary school Chinese teacher, Mr. Liu, knocking on the blackboard, teaching ignorant children how to learn pinyin.

    "Hey! It's all because the crazy grandpa is obsessed with writing novels!" Shi Lin yelled at the two who were fighting vigorously:

    ¡ª¡ªWriting novels indiscriminately will kill people!

    The huge Shi family, because grandpa inadvertently snooped the time travel cheats hidden in the ancestor's tomb, secretly traveled to ancient foreign lands, plundered many rare treasures, and resold them to later generations, earning a lot of money.  For decades, you can eat delicious food and drink spicy food without having to work.

    Unexpectedly, because my grandfather in his later years imitated the appearance of the Nanpai third uncle's "Tomb Raiders Notes" and wrote some shit "Traveling Notes", the cheats were leaked and the curse seal was accidentally awakened.

    Since then, the entire Shi family has fallen into a dangerous situation of being hunted down by the ancient spirits of the witch clan.

    Grandpa said that the Shi family was originally a remnant of an ancient tribe. In the wild ancient times, during the battle between the royal family and the witch clan, hundreds of clans were cursed.  Many of his tribes failed to survive the curse and were wiped out one after another.

    And the Shi family was able to escape this catastrophe, relying on the special function of the Shi family - time travel!

    Relying on this supernatural function, the Shi family has become a veritable family - the time-traveling family.

    The ancestors worked together to avoid the curse and the doom of a tribe's demise through time and time again crossing and changing bloodlines several times.

    When "Traveling Notes" came out, Grandpa was very depressed.  Because the ancestor entrusted a dream to grandpa, telling the Shi family that disaster is imminent!  Because of the novel he published on Qidian, he accidentally revealed the secret, and was sensed by the cursed soul before, and the curse descended on the Shi family again!

    Because of this, grandpa died mysteriously.  Subsequently, the seventh uncle, second uncle, and fifth uncle died one after another.  The medical certificate given by the doctor was: insanity, collapsed and died.

    When Shi Lin fell into a boundless sea of ??smoke due to a car accident, Grandpa's spirit appeared and told him the whole story.  Only then did Shi Lin understand that the uncles had exhausted their efforts and failed to complete the time travel, so they could only end up dead.

    To my grandfather's great satisfaction, he discovered through touching the bones a few years ago that Shi Lin's bones are amazing and endowed with extraordinary talents, very much like the transmigration body recorded on the stone tablet that can go through five reincarnations, and is the purest blood of the Shi family  .

    Afterwards, grandpa took the opportunity to break through the secrets of the world, and tried his best to cross it.

    "Since ancient times, only human emperors have been able to ward off ghosts and gods. To break the curse seal of my Shi family, the only way is to be able to transmigrate to the body of the emperor and do some earth-shattering events.  To inherit the unique learning for the past saints, to create peace for all generations, to work for the welfare of the common people in the world, if we can convince the people of the world, the curse of our Shi family will be easily solved!"


    Not only do you want to time travel, but also time travel to become the Emperor?  What lofty things do you want to do, to establish a heart for the world, to establish a life for the people, to inherit the knowledge of the past, and to bring peace to all generations It hurts to think about it.

    "I'm just an ordinary person. Isn't it good to enjoy a good life?"

    "Even if you become an ancient person through time travel, you still have to aspire to be an idle rich man, plant a small field, earn a little money, cook a little food, drink a little wine, cuddle a little wife, brag about a calf,  It¡¯s okay to make a baby, isn¡¯t such a pastoral life beautiful?¡±

    "Why can't you think about it, you want to be a hardworking son of the royal family who is under heaven and above ten thousand people?" Just when Shi Lin was puzzled by this problem, the chaos in front of him suddenly spun.

    Spin, spin, until everything in front of you returns to darkness again.

    ?Since then, Shilin has experienced a lot of troubles.Defeated, the Shi family is really hopeless!

    However, if he said such a thing, it would be equivalent to throwing the Shi family into a situation of complete destruction.

    "Shi Lin" Grandpa seemed to have understood the loss in Shi Lin's heart. Although he was burning with anxiety, his words began to soften.

    "Shi Lin, you have to know that if you successfully time travel, not only your parents and fifth uncle's family will be saved, but also your second, sixth, seventh uncles and me!"

    "What!" Shi Lin's nerves tensed suddenly, and he asked excitedly, "Grandpa, you mean none of you are dead?"

    Grandpa sighed, and said: "Because of the special blood of our Shi family, we have experienced time travel more or less, but the time is too short. And because I cracked the code of the stele in the ancestral grave, I was able to travel to  That magic continent lasted for twenty years. And it was precisely because of my greed that I pushed the whole family into the pit of fire. I really regret it"

    Grandpa choked up as he spoke.  Self-blame, remorse, and resentment were all intertwined, making Grandpa feel extremely overwhelmed.

    In the darkness, Shi Lin couldn't see anything, only heard voices.

    "Grandpa, Second Uncle and the others" Shi Lin broke the painful silence and asked.

    "None of them died. I learned a special ability to hold souls in the magic world. After they failed to cross over, I collected their souls and placed them in a safe place. As long as you can pass through successfully, you can become an emperor."  , Pursue the dream of the world, we can all be resurrected."

    "Grandpa, thesethat Wu Clan spirit masterwouldn't know the secret, would he?"

    "I know!" A pair of shining eyes suddenly appeared in the darkness, and the hoarse witch's voice sounded again: "Of course I know! Ahaha! But, you will not succeed! Ahaha!"

    "Namioboroli search and send go!" Grandpa chanted a spell and drove the witch away again.

    "Ahem Shi Lin, I don't have much energy" Grandpa was panting.

    "Grandpa!" Shi Lin shouted.

    "Shi Lin, go quickly! Otherwise it will be too late! Go fast! Go fast! Grandpa will sleep first sleep for several years waiting for your triumphant return"

    Grandpa's voice is getting smaller and smaller.  As the grandfather's voice gradually faded away, Shi Lin's ears suddenly heard a gust of wind, starting the fifth and last time travelling.

    Whether it can be successful depends on this one action!

    If it fails, the entire Shi family will be destroyed!  Unchangeable!

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