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VOLUME 2 Chapter 2 Snatching a Beauty from a Bandit

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    Shi Lin's thoughts kept falling in a black abyss.


    Shi Lin felt that his stiff and upright body fell forward.

    Shi Lin opened his eyes suddenly, and suddenly grabbed it with his right hand, and a long bronze rod supported his body.

    At this time, a heat wave came, and ethereal ancient music sounded.

    Shi Lin followed the sound, and beside him, there was a group of girls and men in strange ancient costumes playing music.

    Some are playing flute, some are stroking guzheng, some are playing pipa

    Looking back, he saw several handsome men standing upright beside him, holding the same weapons as himself, and also wearing armor and helmets.

    !!Shi Lin knows that this is not a costume film, but he has traveled through time!

    Having already experienced the reincarnation of the fifth life, he has long been accustomed to this.

    And what kind of evil world did he travel through this time?

    Shi Lin quickly scanned the surrounding environment from the corner of his eye.  This is a classical hall, with irregular chiseling marks one after another on the wall, which seems to indicate that this place is in a stone cave.  And the lamps stuck in the deep holes in the walls indicated that it was late at night.

    In front of him was a small square, accompanied by the rhythm of the music, a group of seven or eight beauties were dancing.

    The dance is melodious and the music is melodious, while the song is sad and fragrant.  Flicking the sleeves and charming the love, Tao Ran is like a village.

    The girls danced with long sleeves, like countless delicate petals fluttering gently between the sky and the earth.  Most of them are wearing long pink dresses, which spread out like blooming flower buds.  In the rain of flowers all over the sky, there is only one girl who is as beautiful as a fairy, wearing a long red dress, appearing like an orchid in the empty valley, with her light and graceful dancing posture like a fairy, covered by wide and wide sleeves, it further sets off the  She has a magnificent appearance.

    What is very coordinated with the color of the clothes is that this woman has a handsome appearance and exquisite facial features, which perfectly interprets the natural perfect match of "three courts and five eyes" and a melon-seeded face.  What's even more commendable is that her pair of big smart eyes are as pure and moving as a clear lake.  She is like a magnet that firmly attracts the eyes of everyone around her.

    When Shi Lin thought in a trance that the thin waists and undulating chests of these girls seemed to have no clothes, he took a closer look and found that their long skirts and silk clothes were as thin as cicada's wings.

    "Gu!!!!" Shi Lin swallowed hard, withdrew his eyes that made his face hot and his heart beat faster, and continued to look around.

    What made Shi Lin angry was that there were four or five men sitting on one side of the small square. Except for a handsome boy in a white robe, the rest were all big men with vulgar appearance.

    What surprised Shi Lin was that one of them had an unusually burly figure, and his skin was as dark as charcoal, and his body was covered with messy black hair.  But the head on his neck is a half-face half-black brown bear.  A pair of ghostly big eyes stared at the woman in red drifting back and forth.  The mouth of the blood pot was half open, and the blood flowed, and all of it flowed into the wine glass he half-raised in the air.

    "A monstrosity! A monstrosity with madness!" Shi Lin suddenly felt sorry for the woman in red who was dancing lightly in front of him. What he was most worried about was that after the banquet, he would be dragged into the "bridal chamber" by this bear demon, and do something that would kill people.  nasty things.

    Shi Lin shot his eyes quickly while hating.  The young man in white clothes seemed not interested in the dancing women on the field, instead he turned his head up and gave the people on the stage a sneaky look.

    Shi Lin murmured in his heart: "Could it be that the one sitting on it is a female mountain king? Seeing that these guards are all handsome and handsome young men, they must have been kidnapped by her. They serve as guards on weekdays and fitness trainers at night!"

    And as the seven or eight dancers were swimming gracefully, Shi Lin found out in vain through the gaps in the figures that sitting on the king's seat was an old man with a black face and a beard.

    And after he exchanged glances with the white-clothed boy, he caught Shi Lin's prying eyes sharply, and immediately widened his eyes, showing a sensual flash of lightning at him.

    Shi Lin instantly noticed that this gaze was extremely strange, and hurriedly stopped staring at him, and lowered his gaze.  At the same time, he felt the burning pain in the vent behind him.

    "Oh ha ha!" Shan Dawang smiled heartily, and shouted with his incomparably majestic voice: "I am very happy that you can come all the way from Chang'an to see me! You are busy on pommel horses today, you should rest as soon as possible."

    When his voice stopped, the group of guests seemed to turn a deaf ear to it, and their eyes were still fixed on the beautiful girls on the field reluctantly.

    "Oh haha! Since you have this kindness! I will give them all to you, you can choose whatever you want!"

    The words of the king of the mountain??

    "Jun Lang! Jun Lang be careful!"

    When the two were running and talking intoxicatedly, the pace of their feet slowed down a bit, and the black bear who was catching up at this time had already had gold stars in their eyes.

    When there were still a hundred meters away from the two of them, he aimed at the target in front of him, and he swooped forward, like an arrow from the string, directly hitting Shi Lin's back.


    The black bear's huge palms patted Shi Lin's back firmly.

    Immediately, the armor was smashed to pieces, and the stone forest rushed out like fallen leaves in a strong wind.

    "Plop!" Shi Lin and the woman fell to the ground suddenly.

    "Roar!!" the black bear turned its back and roared, rounding its fists and beating its chest.

    "It doesn't hurt enough to shoot it! Come and taste this!" The beautiful girl's voice rang in her ears, and a bronze whip flew over with a black shadow.

    "Bang!" The bronze whip smashed firmly on the black bear monster's head, immediately hitting its eyes with stars.

    "Roar!!" the black bear's beast nature was aroused again, it roared, and a strong flame rose from its whole body.

    "Fire method? Qiankun fire method? What kind of evil world is this! Can even livestock practice such high-level martial arts!" Looking at the menacing black bear, the beautiful girl suddenly became a little timid.

    "Little beauty, come on! Tonight I will make you completely conquer me!" The black bear monster waved its two bear paws with fireballs and patted the beautiful girl.

    The bronze whip should be far away rather than close. With the black bear monster approaching every step of the way, the beautiful girl could only retreat step by step, and the bronze whip in her hand lost a little bit of air.

    "Bang!" The black bear monster suddenly grabbed the tip of the bronze whip, slammed it hard, and threw the beautiful girl on the other end of the bronze whip into the air.

    "Bang!" The black bear mercilessly smashed the girl on the rock.

    "Pfft!" The beautiful girl spat out a mouthful of blood, then she rolled her eyes and drooped her head.

    The black bear roared and patted its chest again.

    His roar shook the valley, and many rocks shook in response to the sound, falling down and smashing into the river, and there was a sound of "thunderbolt", which was very unique in this moonlit night.

    This roar also awakened the unconscious Shi Lin.  When he looked up, he suddenly saw the black bear carrying the beautiful girl on his shoulders, twisting his fat body and walking towards the foot of the cliff.

    He will climb the cliff all the way to the cave on the top of the mountain, and then

    How could Shilin allow such a thing to happen, but he has no strength to restrain a chicken, and no useful weapon. If he has a sniper rifle, or a submachine gun at this timeor a huge hammer used to travel through the third world, maybe  !

    "Iron hammer?" Shi Lin was thinking, his right hand was suddenly heavy. He looked down, and what he was holding in his hand was the huge hammer used by the original owner of the third generation.

    "It's easy with you!" Shi Lin shouted, but the thing that made him feel chilled, he couldn't walk a few steps, the huge hammer seemed to be attracted by the magnet of the earth, once it fell to the ground, he couldn't pull it up again  .

    Shi Lin tightly grasped the wooden handle of the hammer with both hands, and tried hard to move it, but it was as heavy as a mountain, a tree growing on the ground, and his own strength was extremely weak.

    Seeing the black bear climb up the cliff with the beautiful girl on his back.

    The girl who was lying on the back of the black bear opened her clothes, and two continuous mountain peaks suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

    "How can this work!no way!"

    Shi Lin roared, and the long-lost blood was suddenly awakened, and quickly rushed to the whole body, the veins in his hands burst out, and the strength returned.

    The huge stone hammer finally became extremely relaxed.

    Shi Lin waved the stone hammer, flew up, and flew straight towards the black bear climbing halfway up the mountain.

    "Huh?" The black bear felt a strong force coming towards him, and as soon as he turned his head, he was served by a huge stone hammer.


    The black bear's head was like a ball, and it flew a full mile away by the stone hammer.

    The headless body was still lying on the cliff in a gecko-like posture.

    "Wow!!!!!" The huge corpse slid down the cliff.

    Shi Lin hastily dropped the stone hammer, supported the beautiful girl's arm with one hand, and put the other hand under the beautiful girl's legs, holding her tightly in his arms.

    Sinking, sinking Shi Lin's consciousness gradually blurred.

    When he hit the ground heavily and the beautiful girl was lying on him unharmed, his consciousness slowly died down.

    And when the consciousness gradually blurred, there was a faint voice in the ear:

    "Youyouyou are really a big manthe number one strange person!"

    "Big man? I have traveled to a big man? How can a big man be in such a monstrous world!"

    Shi Lin asked such a sudden question in his heart, before he could open his mouth, a sharp pain hit his head, and his consciousness was completely cut offWhen it was blurry, there was a faint voice in my ear:

    "Youyouyou are really a big manthe number one strange person!"

    "Big man? I have traveled to a big man? How can a big man be in such a monstrous world!"

    Shi Lin asked such a sudden question in his heart, before he could open his mouth, a sharp pain hit his head, and his consciousness was completely cut off ?
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