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VOLUME 1 Chapter 5 Neutral Kamui in the Refugee Camp

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    Shi Lin was so angry and annoyed, how could he have time to control him.

    Seeing that he was silent, the old man was enjoying himself: "The government used to give out porridge once a day. At the beginning, the amount of rice porridge and chaff was quite enough. Seeing that more and more refugees gathered, the amount of porridge given away suddenly decreased.  .Today¡¯s porridge is not only a long time late, but most of it is rice soup, and there are no rice grains. However, I heard from them that it would be good to have this pot, and I¡¯m afraid I won¡¯t give up porridge tomorrow!¡±

    When he said this, the refugees around him echoed: "The court doesn't treat the people as human beings, it's not as good as a dog in their family! Dogs still have dog food, and those of us who are ordinary people even drink rice soup  I have no qualifications!"

    "Because there are fewer and fewer porridge houses, many people starved to death in Dongjie yesterday! I am afraid that after tonight, more people will starve to death"

    Listening to the stories of the people around him, Shi Lin began to criticize this evil feudal society more and more in his heart.

    "The wine and meat of Zhumen stinks, and there are frozen bones on the road!" Shi Lin turned from resentment to lamentation, and recited these two lines without realizing it.

    As soon as he blurted out, the people around fell silent, carefully reading these two lines of vividly portrayed poems.

    "Good sentence! The one who sees your skin and tender flesh must be a scholar!" The old man's bright eyes flashed, and he looked up and down Shilin.

    Shi Lin was too lazy to talk to him.

    ? When people are extremely hungry and cold, talking is the most unnecessary, and they don't even bother to move their minds, and all the strength of the whole body is used in rough panting.

    "Young man, I'm not talking about you. You messed with someone. Just now you molested Gou San'er's daughter. Be careful, this daughter has a strong desire for revenge. At night, I will give you a boring brick while you are asleep!" The old man's words were full of words.  Full of playful banter.

    Shi Lin thought he was talking about the Xu family, so he quickly opened his eyes to question Gou Saner's character.

    Seeing that his words were effective, the old man smiled, and said, "You have a good eye, and you won't miss four or five year olds!"



    Knowing that the old man was referring to the little girl he helped pick up the dolls just now, Shi Lin cursed in his heart:

    You old man is old and disrespectful!  Such dirty thoughts!

    Seeing the young man staring at him sharply, the old man laughed jokingly: "There are two major gangs in this refugee tide, one is the Hejian Gang, and the leader is Hu Er. The other is the Luzhong Gang, and the leader is Gou San'er."  The two gangs have already fought a lot of battles in order to rob the porridge, and just killed many people in the previous battle"

    After listening to the old man's narration, Shi Lin began to laugh at them. He said in his heart: "Man dies for wealth, and birds die for food. In this hungry age, people will go to great lengths for a little food, even killing people."

    Listening to the noisy conversation, Shi Lin's heart trembled suddenly: "Grandpa said that my mission in this life is to 'work for the welfare of the people of the world'. In such a poor age, how difficult the task is to achieve this goal! Besides, right now  You can¡¯t even support yourself, talking about grand goals is simply nonsense!¡±

    When you are hungry, days are like years.  The night is like ghost maggots, gradually thickening the sky.

    Shi Lin could only squeeze into the corners on both sides of the street with the victims.

    In late spring, some willow buds have just been spit out.  It was unusually cold late at night.  Shi Lin, who was wearing thin clothes, couldn't stand the coldness, so he curled up with all his strength.

    The victims crowded together, apart from sighing, there was consistent silence.

    The exhaustion of the day finally took over his frail body, and Shi Lin gradually fell asleep.

    In the middle of the night, when the cold air invaded his body, Shi Lin only felt top-heavy and dizzy for a while.

    "Could it be that you got hit by that Gou San'er? If so, I'll be rude to your daughter tomorrow morning!" Shi Lin stared, trying to open his eyes, but he didn't have the strength to support his heavy eyelids.  .

    Shi Lin raised his hand subconsciously, and wiped it on his forehead.


    It was extremely hot, like boiling water.

    I have a fever!

    In the previous life, if you had a fever, you could get over it by taking a few cold capsules and amoxicillin, and sweating.

    But in this material-poor ancient times, a fever and a cold would kill a person!

    Shi Lin tried hard to open his eyes, forced himself to stand up, and used the form of running to make himself sweat.

    But all efforts were in vain. There was no food in his stomach, and his body could not support the scorching fever.

    After some tossing, not only did it work, but he passed out even more.

    don't know drowsinessYou drink it!  " Gou San'er smiled very shyly, but there was sincerity in his words.

    Shi Lin no longer had any scruples, took the bowl and sang a small sip first.

    thick porridge!

    Shi Lin raised his head in disbelief, and looked at the three people in front of him again.

    "Drink, good-looking uncle! Now no one is competing with Daddy for porridge, and all the delicious ones are left to us."

    After hearing Xiao Tuan'er's words, Shi Lin lowered his head and continued to slowly suck the rice porridge.

    In this life, Shi Lin had tasted rice porridge and porridge with rice bran for the first time.

    Shi Lin was extremely distressed in his heart: "This stupid time travel has really made me taste the suffering of the world! My requirements are not high, a piece of land, a leisurely mind, a glass of dirty wine, and a table of side dishes, these are enough!  "

    "Why do you work for the welfare of the world! I have become a beggar! You even talk to me like a moth! Just enjoy the life of petty bourgeoisie!"

    Shi Lin made up his mind, once he finds the original owner's family, what's the point of being an emperor? Isn't it nice to be a small landlord?  Just live your life in peace and stability!  What is the fate of the Shi family? My own life has long been over!

    Look, didn't Xiang Shaolong in "Looking for the Qin", the originator of time-travel novels, return to his previous life?

    What is so rich and powerful, my life is so cheap, I have no blessing to enjoy it!  Let's be a small landlord with a house, a land, a wife and a son!  If you are idle and bored, you can read Tang poetry and Song poetry, tease beauties, or travel all over thousands of rivers and mountains, and write a book "Stone Forest Travel Notes", maybe you can leave copyright fees for your children.

    While drinking porridge, Shi Lin made up his mind to be a small landlord, not a big emperor.

    "Good-looking uncle, is it delicious? Do you know? After Hu Er and the others died, Daddy would grab the best porridge every time." Xiaotuan'er blinked her cute big eyes and chattered.

    "Hu Er and the others are dead?" Shi Lin still finds it difficult to accept beating someone to death.

    Shi Lin has a firm belief in his heart: taking human life in vain will result in retribution.
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