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VOLUME VOLUME 6 Chapter 6 The Young Master will accompany you to the end

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    "They were beaten to death by the victims!" At this moment, the old man lying beside Shilin spoke.

    "They bullied the victims a lot. Needless to say, they robbed the porridge. Some victims starved to death, and they sold their lonely children for wine money to play. Beautiful women, they first occupied them, and then sold them when they had enough fun.  , to do some immoral things, can you not be hated by others!"

    Xiao Tuan'er pointed at the woman in front of her and said, "Although Sister Shiliu was regarded as a younger sister by Hu Er, he actually killed her husband and snatched her away. It's pitiful for Daddy to see her helpless. Last night  We've pulled them over and slept together!"

    After hearing these words, the woman blushed, Xuan'er lowered her head, turned around and hid in the corner of the wall.

    "Hey" Gou San'er, who was snuggling against the corner, looked at her and giggled.

    After hearing what the old man and Xiaotuaner said, Shi Lin felt a little less guilty.  Seeing that the earthenware bowl in front of the old man was extremely clean, he knew that he hadn't eaten anything yet, so he poured some of the rice porridge in the bowl to him.

    Seeing the rice porridge, the old man hurriedly got up.

    He squinted his eyes and stared at the rice porridge that covered the bottom of the bowl, as if seeing his own parents. He picked it up carefully with trembling hands, then raised his neck, drank it all in one gulp, and stretched out his tongue to lick the bottom of the bowl.  clean.

    After a long time, the old man took a long breath and rubbed his mouth incessantly.

    "Boy, you hurt me!" The old man looked very angry.

    "What do you say? I gave you rice porridge, how did it hurt you? Could it be that the porridge is poisonous?" Shi Lin asked angrily.

    "It was you who gave me porridge that hurt me!" The old man looked unhappy, "I used to suffer from hunger and hunger, so I got used to it. Occasionally drinking some thin soup, I think it is delicious in the world. But you  I was given such a thick rice porridge all of a sudden, what should I do next? Drinking thin soup, isn't it like drinking water!"

    After hearing this, Shi Lin thought it made sense.

    However, he Xuan'er questioned: "We have hands and feet, why do we have to wait for the government to give us porridge?"

    "What else can I do without giving up the porridge?"

    "Do something that can make money!"

    "How can we make money right now? If we don't have land, we can't be tenant farmers. There are too many refugees and shops are closed, so we can't find any odd jobs to do. When the people of Du County see us, they are like seeing the plague god, and they are afraid that we won't be able to avoid it in time.  "

    Just as the old man finished speaking, Gou San'er took up the conversation.  "Hu Er and the others did evil things, either stealing or robbing, and ruined the reputation of us refugees. The government tried to find excuses several times to drive us out of the county. Thanks to the good officials in the court, we were not driven out."

    It was only then that Shi Lin realized his abrupt thought, which was simply whimsical in this inopportune era.

    Without the right to investigate, there is no right to speak.

    What we need to do now is to obtain as much information as possible on the current situation, so that we can make the next step.

    Shi Lin's trip through this time was really frightening and extremely uncomfortable.

    This incompatibility is naturally due to the many challenges to my own safety.

    First, the four crossings all failed.  In the fifth life, you will either encounter evil spirits or local hooligans.  Thinking about it carefully, the many misfortunes and tribulations may be the result of the cursed soul, and it is only a matter of tossing himself to death.

    "You want me to die? It's not that easy! Since you're interested in playing with me, I'll stick with you to the end!" Thinking of the many accidents and tribulations he will encounter in the future, Shi Lin has an unyielding ambition.

    Seeing the handsome uncle, Xiaotuan'er closed his eyes and clenched his teeth.  That good-looking face suddenly added a solemnity, so he stopped clamoring for words.

    After starving for many days and suffering from the wind and cold, Shi Lin seized the time to recharge his batteries.

    Shi Lin has a firm belief: at any time, the body is the capital of revolution.

    This soft and weak body cannot withstand the explosive power of the golden finger.  A sudden burst can drain one's strength and make oneself dizzy.  In this way, I should use it as little as possible in the future, so as not to pass out again, and no one will rescue me, and I will be completely happy.

    Gou San'er got the support of Shi Lin's unrivaled skill, so he naturally straightened his back in the refugee camp.  Without the threat of Hu Er's gang, he naturally became the dominant player.

    Gou San'er once pinched Shi Lin's arms, legs and feet by flattery, and found that there was nothing unusual about him, so he was very puzzled.  How could this thin and frail body have such explosive power.

    Later, he told people everywhere that Big Brother Shi Lin was sent down to earth by a god, so he naturally hid it deeply, how could it be seen through by ordinary people.

    &One of them reached out to grab Pomegranate who was curled up in a corner and was about to leave, but Shi Lin grabbed his wrist suddenly.

    "Brother, I want to join our team, how about being a younger brother?"

    Shi Lin bowed his body and smiled at him.

    It's hard to hit a smiling person with a raised fist, no matter how sloppy that person's face is, he still has to look at Shi Lin more often.

    "Let go! Don't delay the uncle, be happy!"

    Seeing that he insisted on taking pomegranate away, Shi Lin laughed even harder: "Brother, my sister is afraid of strangers and has a very strong temper. A few days ago, someone tried to occupy her, and my sister tore that man's bird  Bite it off and swallow it alive."

    After Shi Lin said this, the three big men touched his thighs at the same time.

    Shi Lin knew that his words had an effect, so he continued to smile and said, "If elder brother takes a fancy to my sister, it will be my sister's blessing! How about this, let me persuade my sister well, let my sister serve you well with all her heart  A few big brothers. I can¡¯t let my sister eat a full meal by gnawing on the birds of a few big brothers!¡±

    When Shi Lin said the last words, he deliberately raised his voice, scaring the three shouting and their faces becoming extremely frightened.

    "Brother, allow me a little time to persuade my sister, and I will send it to you as soon as it gets dark!"

    Seeing what he said, one of them seemed to be the leader, and pretended to be calm and said: "Well, you boy, don't make up your mind! You must know that my elder brother's people are all over this city. Want to slip? The door  nor!"

    "Yes! Yes! How could my little brother sneak away! There is food here, and you won't starve to death if you go to other places!"

    Seeing how timid he was, the three of them let go of Shiliu's hand.  Pomegranate was so frightened that she ran to the bottom of the wall and hugged Xiao Tuan'er.

    Seeing that the pomegranate was safe, Shi Lin continued to humbly say to the three of them: "Several big brothers, please introduce me to the big brothers, the young ones want to join the gang!"

    "Just you?" The seemingly boss looked Shi Lin up and down with his big mouth curled up, feeling extremely contemptuous.

    "To be honest, my youngest name is Shi Lin, and he is the boy who beat Hu Er'er to death a few days ago!"

    As soon as the three of them heard "Tiger Two", they immediately changed their expressions, and looked up and down the stone forest full of horror and doubt.

    "You wait, let's report to the elder brother first." After the man finished speaking, he yelled at the other two and turned back.

    Along the way, when they saw the old man blocking the way, they gave each other a kick.  See which woman is beautiful, grab her arm and pull towards their territory.

    Some people came forward to beg, and they raised their feet to serve.  Many of these refugees have been starving for many days, so how could they survive this torment.  An old man was beaten and died on the spot.  Lying on the ground, no one cares.

    Shi Lin gritted his teeth and stared, taking a panoramic view of the actions of these villains.

    "Are you crazy? Aren't you afraid that Hu Er is with them?" The old man got up and blamed him.

    At this time, Xiaotuan'er and Shiliu helped Gou San'er up and pinched him among the people.  After a long time, Gou San'er took a deep breath and woke up slowly.

    "Good-looking uncle, are you really going to give them Sister Pomegranate?" Xiaotuan'er burst into tears because he was frightened and felt sorry for his father and Sister Pomegranate.

    The anger on Shi Lin's face was completely different from the playful and flattering face just now.

    "Why would I give pomegranates to these livestock to spoil? No one would do that!" Shi Lin said lightly.

    "Butyou don't send it, how can they spare us!"

    "I have my own way!" Seeing one of the three people walking towards this side, Shi Lin got up, stepped over the half-lying Gou San'er, and tried hard to create a smile on his face.  What others didn't notice was that Shi Lin put his hand into his trouser pocket, where there was a small, solid cloth bag.

    Xiao Tuan'er turned his head, watching Shi Lin follow the man towards a corner of the city, tears became more intense.  "Isn't something wrong with the good-looking uncle! Nothing will happen!"

    Shi Lin followed the man into a small courtyard built of adobe, and found that they were not refugees.  Because there is a huge grass shed in the yard, a lot of reed mats are lined up side by side, and it looks like a place for servants or thugs to live temporarily.

    Refugees are all nested in the heels of the wall, how can they be so particular about it.

    In addition, there is a large firewood pot in the middle of the yard, and meat is being stewed in it.  Bursts of meaty aroma wafted out, making Shi Lindun feel hungry.  On the side of the stone pile, there were several bloody dog ??skins.  Several people were playing with a few dog heads.

    Shi Lin felt disgusted in his heart, and secretly cursed: "Those who kill dogs will be punished!"

    While Shi Lin thought to himself, he tightly clenched the small cloth bag in his trouser pocket.

    "Ahaha! Take it off for me! If you can't take it off, just tear it up!" At this time, in the shack, a fat man was instructing several men to tear the clothes of the woman who was pressed on the reed mat.

    The woman screamed in pain and rolled on the mat, kicking and beating several big men with both feet.

    Instead of being annoyed, they laughed even more arrogantly.He tightly clutched the small cloth bag in his trouser pocket.

    "Ahaha! Take it off for me! If you can't take it off, just tear it up!" At this time, in the shack, a fat man was instructing several men to tear the clothes of the woman who was pressed on the reed mat.

    The woman screamed in pain and rolled on the mat, kicking and beating several big men with both feet.

    Instead of being annoyed, they laughed even more arrogantly.
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