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VOLUME 8 Chapter 8 The Cheat Finger Failed!

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    When Shi Lin heard that he was coming for him, the corners of his mouth turned up, revealing a ferocious smile.

    He pushed aside the crowd and stood between the two teams.

    "What's the matter with my young master?"

    Looking at the emaciated little baby in front of him, the big guy on the horse smiled even more arrogantly.

    "You are such a weak and weak student, but you are as poisonous as a snake and a scorpion! You have killed several people in my family! Today I picked you and roasted you on the fire to feed the dogs!"

    As he spoke, the big man drew a broadsword from his waist, clamped the horse between his legs, and urged the horse forward.

    "Look at the knife!"

    The big man waved a long knife and was about to chop it off.


    The long knife cut off Shi Lin's head with strong wind.

    Shi Lin stood majestically, waiting for Goldfinger to explode at the moment of danger.

    However, today's golden finger seems to be out of order!

    There is no response!

    Just when Shi Lin stared wide-eyed in horror, staring at the hoho long knife flying towards his head, he suddenly heard three loud noises:




    Seeing the long knife cut through the heat wave air in front of the tip of the nose, it slashed straight to the ground.

    And the big man on the horse suddenly fell off the horse and fell to the ground.

    A long arrow pierced the heart of the big man impressively.  The dense arrow stands abruptly at the back of the heart.

    The two teams immediately retreated with a "wow".

    They all looked at the big man who fell to the ground in the middle, their faces full of horror.

    Shi Lin turned around in the direction of the flying arrow and looked towards the top of the tall building in the distance.

    There was a man standing impressively on the eaves of a tall building, holding a big bow in his hand, and his blue gown was swaying violently with the spring breeze.

    Shi Lin turned around, cupped his fists at the man from a distance, and then bowed deeply.

    What he couldn't see was that far above the eaves was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old man.

    The man has sword eyebrows and star eyes, and a handsome face.

    He saw Shi Lin salute him from afar, but he just smiled, turned around and flew away.

    In the square, the leader was beheaded, and the remaining minions panicked.

    When they looked around and were at a loss, Gou San'er roared, making them tremble in fright.

    "Catch! You dog slaves! Why don't you give up porridge today! You know how to kill people! Kill people!"

    A Xiyang family slave seemed to be the little leader of these people. Relying on the fact that there were more than a dozen people holding sticks here, he dared to bite Gou San'er and the others;  I give you porridge every day. You are so heartless, you not only smashed the porridge shop of Xiyang family, but also killed our people. A mob like you should starve to death!"

    When Gou San'er heard that he had no porridge since then, he suddenly became furious.  Mouth "Yi Yi Ya Ya" to curse up.

    Seeing that the refugee had been successfully teased, the little boss smirked proudly.

    Shi Lin saw his treacherous plan, and also knew that if there is a murder today, there will be poisoning tomorrow, or even a sneak attack.  Simply do not do two endlessly.

    When Shi Lin thought of this, he immediately shouted: "Gou San'er, it's time to test the combat effectiveness of the team you lead!"

    After Shi Lin finished speaking, he turned around smartly and walked towards the rear of the team.

    At the same time, Gou San'er waved his sap stick, and hit the little head.  The man immediately straightened up and fell to the ground.

    Gou San'er immediately roared: "Go! Kill these dog slaves who bully our refugees!"

    When he took the lead in demonstrating this, the people around immediately waved sticks of various sizes and fought with the members of the Xiyang family.

    The members of Xiyang's family are indeed Lian's sons, and the refugees who came up at first were thrown away by their long sticks.

    But refugees are as numerous as ants.  When one is beaten to the ground, three or five people will come up again.

    Three or five people will be beaten down, and eight or nine people will flock to them.

    In just a split second, the servants of the Xiyang family turned into dead dogs on the ground.

    After cleaning up the battlefield, Gou San'er led his men to kill the horse and use it as today's meal.

    Shi Lin, who was squatting in the corner, closed his eyes, recalling the thrilling scene just now, and still had lingering fears in his heart.

    "Relying on golden fingers? It's too unreliable! In this era of fighting and killing, you still need to have a sharp weapon for self-defense." Shi Lin thought about making firearms, but those things were too complicated to be used at all.?As long as you see the target, give it a hard hit"

    "Master, they said you came several times."

    "How many times? How many times? Well a little bit is enough to make it cool!" Shi Lin replied in bewilderment.

    "Master, they said that you threw stones with your bare hands, and you shot dozens of rounds in a row"

    Uhare you dirty or me

    Shi Lin really wanted to curse.

    However, Shi Lin still squatted down pretending to be deep, leaning his back against the wall, and said slowly: "This miraculous skill cannot be practiced overnight!"

    "Master, I can endure hardship!"

    "Really? Gotonight to guard the well in our compound. Pay attention, leave two people standing by and doze off on purpose. The rest hide. Once you find suspicious people, they will be arrested immediately."  " Shi Lin narrowed his eyes slightly and ordered.

    "What's the point of guarding a broken well?" Gou San'er scratched his head in wonder.

    "Are you going or not? If you don't go, you, the great disciple of Kaishan, will be fired!" Shi Lin said angrily.

    "I'm going! I'm going!" Gou San'er pouted, turned around reluctantly, and muttered: "Looking at a broken well? What does it have to do with practicing magic?"

    He walked a few steps without thinking about it, ordered a few young laborers along the way, and then headed for the only well in the yard.

    The people by the fire in the distance looked at Gou San'er's embarrassment and laughed.

    After Gou San'er walked away, the old man asked, "Do you think they will come tonight?"

    "Plan ahead, just in case!" Shi Lin replied lightly.

    "Prepare for a rainy day? Good words!" The old man praised, closed his eyelids again, and continued to doze off.

    In this life, Shi Lin has become accustomed to dozing off at the base of the wall. He sleeps during the day and sleeps again at night, as if to make up for the loss of staying up all night playing games, reading novels, and watching small movies in his previous life.

    "Hey! It's not as comfortable as lying down, and it's not as delicious as dumplings!"

    "Wonderful! Wonderful! It's easy to say, people who have read books are different! By the way, what are dumplings?" asked the old man.

    "Sleep! I said sleep!" Shi Lin was worried that he had missed something, so he corrected it immediately.

    In the middle of the night, Shi Lin dreamed of his previous self, eating dumplings made by his mother, and the corners of his mouth leaked out.

    "It smells so good ?
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