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VOLUME 1 Chapter 9 The Mysterious Skills of the Teenager

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    A loud noise awakened Shi Lin from his dream.

    "Catch him, don't let him run away!" Far away, Gou San'er roared, tearing the silence of the night.

    On the other side of the well, amidst the chaos, several clusters of torches suddenly lit up.

    "They are still here after all! Little brother, you are really good at predicting things!" The old man turned over and muttered to himself.

    Shi Lin smiled slightly, and immediately pretended to be unfathomable.

    "They're a bunch of brainless things, that's what idiots did!" Shi Lin said, getting up from the ground at the base of the wall, patted the dirt on his body, and walked straight towards the well.

    "What is this? Say!"

    A guy in black was bound hands and feet by the crowd, and Gou San'er was holding a bag of things and questioning him ferociously.

    Ren Gou San'er stabbed and kicked him a few times from time to time, but the man didn't say anything.

    Shi Lin walked over slowly, Wei Ran stood up, seeing that the life and death of the mortal enemy was completely in his hands, he was suddenly full of vigor, and his heart was filled with the pleasure of strategizing.  I made a movement of shaking the fan with my hand, and suddenly felt that there was missing a magical artifact in my hand-folding fan.

    Shi Lin stood again with his hands behind his back without losing embarrassment, staring at the bound man in front of him with his eyes, and looked him up and down carefully.

    The man seemed to be unable to stand the majesty, trembling with fright.

    At this time, Gou San'er hastily stepped forward to flatter and flatter: "Master is really a master! I was not convinced by guarding this broken well, but in the middle of the night, this man jumped off the wall and was sneaky."  If I didn't wake up after urinating, this guy would have thrown this thing into the well."

    "Oh?" Shi Lin looked at the small bag in Gou San'er's hand, and immediately guessed it.

    "This man is a guy with a bad tongue, why would I ask him what it is, but he just won't tell!" Gou San'er said angrily.

    "It's not easy! Why don't you use your brain! You're already dumb, and you still ask him?" Gou San'er was stunned when Shi Lin said this.

    "Master can even guess that he is dumb? What a god!"

    "Come on! Master taught you a method, which is a hundred times better than punching and kicking!" Shi Lin said, and Gou San'er immediately posted it with a playful smile.

    "Master, how to kill him, please tell me!"

    Seeing his respect, Shi Lin was very satisfied.  He nodded slightly, and said slowly: "Stupid, feed all these medicines into his stomach, won't you know what this medicine is?"

    "Oh! That's right! Why didn't I think of that! Hehe!" Gou San'er slapped his head, and immediately stared at the bound guy in front of him, his eyes sparkling.

    "If you don't say yes, I'll give you a taste, sir? Tie him to a tree and feed all the medicine into your stomach!"

    When the man heard this, he babbled and screamed in fright, struggling to break away from the crowd.

    How can Gou San'er let go of such a good opportunity to trick people.  When the crowd tied him to the tree trunk, he pinched the man's cheeks and stuffed the whole package into the man's mouth, then pinched his nose tightly, poured a sip of water, and hit his stomach hard  ground punch.

    The man swallowed the whole packet of powder into his stomach without leaving any residue.

    After a while, the man started to foam at the mouth, and then his whole body twitched.

    After a while, the man became incontinent with feces and urine.

    After tossing until dawn, the man had already changed his appearance from exhaustion.

    "Let him go!" Shi Lin said lightly, looking at the man who didn't have much breath.

    "Master, are we going to let him go like this? The medicine he took last night was really poisonous. If people in our refugee camp drank this water, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people would all lie down. No one survived."  Gou San'er roared viciously.

    "I let it go as soon as I said it, why is there so much nonsense!" A thirteen-year-old young master spoke so loudly that Gou San'er, who was nearly forty years old, was a little afraid.

    "Okay! Master, don't be angry with me, master, don't be angry with me!"

    The two people in the past, after untying the man, took his arm and dragged him outside the city, throwing him on the road.

    After experiencing the commotion last night, everyone admired Shi Lin even more.

    "Stone Forest is really clever!"

    "A living god is alive!"

    "He is a great hero sent by God to save our refugees!"

    Weiyang Palace.

    The aged Emperor Wu of the Han leaned sideways on the dragon chair tiredlyBook Theater!  "

    ? At this time, Shi Lin had just finished reciting a set poem when he saw many local people gathered at the village alleys and streets.

    Shi Lin suddenly became interested: "Okay! Here's another opening poem, listen up! It's snowing heavily in the twelfth lunar month of October, and the old couple sleeps and fights for the hot kang. The old man wants to sleep on the kang, and the wife won't let it.  "The old man picked up the top latch, the wife picked up the rolling pin, and the old couple clanged until dawn, and it was so hot that no one fell asleep!"


    As soon as Shi Lin finished speaking, the people in the audience and the people at the entrance of the village burst into laughter.

    Shi Lin saw that for ordinary people, he could only choose some simple and easy-to-understand jokes to get the miraculous effect, so he threw out some vulgar jokes one after another:

    "On the 33rd and 23rd day of the new year, the couple closed the door after eating. A fly took away a grain of rice, and the old man chased him to Sichuan in a rage. The wife made a fortune at home, which cost money and anger, and made him lose money."


    "Ha ha¡­¡­"¡ª¡ª

    "another one!"

    The people in the audience were suddenly enraged.

    Shi Linxin said: "Okay! Let's be tough!"

    "Bright moonlight in front of the bed, two pairs of shoes on the ground ?
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