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VOLUME 1 Chapter 10 I'm the Pit King in Dahan

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    "Okay! Another one!"

    The people off the field were all laughing and joking, and it was very lively.

    "I won't come! I won't come! I have to read out the opening poems one by one. When will I have to talk about it? Everyone is here to listen to my storytelling by Shilin. Today, let's come to a story called "Persia  "Treasure Hunting", the story happened in the 23rd year of the Jianyuan period of my great Han Dynasty, there was a son in Hangzhou County on the border of the East China Sea, his name was"

    This story tells the story of a down and out son who suffered countless misfortunes, and finally turned around because of chance, and became a rich man.

    The reason why Shi Lin chose this story to tell is because the story is very suitable for the current situation of the people.

    Besides, Shi Lin saw his tragic shadow in the story told by Mr. Guo Degang, and he hoped that he, like that scholar, would have a happy ending.

    At this time, on the mountain path outside the city wall of Du County, four people dressed in coarse clothes got off their horses and started to walk slowly.

    The leader was an old man with a gray beard.  When he saw someone leading a man to hunt wild animals in the forest, and someone leading a woman to dig weeds on a barren slope, he suddenly felt that this was not like a bandit, but like a large and orderly village tribe.

    Ji An who was next to him praised him from time to time: "Your Majesty oh Brother Wu, you can see that these refugees can be organized into one order, establish a good law and order, and can support themselves without relying on food from the court or relief from big households.  Feeding tens of thousands of disaster victims with hard work is a great achievement!"

    Huo Guang, who was on the side, looked at the expression of Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and added: "Don't brag too much. Did a twelve or thirteen-year-old doll do all this? I'm afraid you old man was confused by these troublemakers, right?"  !"

    It is Huo Guang's skill to be able to tell His Majesty's heartfelt thoughts through observation.

    At the moment, Liu Che also looked at Ji An.

    Ji An was not in a hurry, nor in a hurry to argue, he laughed: "If Brother Wu doesn't believe it, let's keep going! Watch as we go!"

    And Bingji, who was following Huo Guang, pointed to the front and said: "I heard from the report that they all gathered in the square today, saying that the Shilin Pingshu Theater has officially opened! Unexpectedly, these refugees also have entertainment programs!"

    "Stone Forest Pingshu Theater? Is it the miraculous skill that Aiqing talked about this morning? Gu just go and have a look!"

    Entering the city, what surprised Liu Che was that the environment in the refugee camp was not as dirty as he had imagined, but was extremely clean.  The huge square was also divided into several large areas, and each area was laid out with hundreds of grass mats in an orderly manner.

    There are spacious walking paths between the various areas.  There are many stoneware pots on both sides of the walking path, all of which are convenient urine pots.  At this time, after someone collected them in wooden barrels, they washed the clay pots again.

    And there are some people who are carrying a lot of soil with their shoulder poles, walking towards the latrines at the corner, and covering the latrines with soil.

    "It's really clever. It separates the crowd in an orderly manner, and the sanitation is well-organized, preventing the environment from being dirty and messy, and preventing the breeding of mosquitoes. It's really wonderful!" Ji An continued to praise.

    "There are indeed some means to bring together the hearts of refugees fleeing famine!" Bingji also echoed.

    "You said that there is such a genius in governing the people who is a twelve or thirteen-year-old doll?" Huo Guang asked in disbelief.

    "Listening to the words of the servant, it is naturally not bad! That doll has miraculous powers. He once fought against seven people by himself, and even foresaw the poisoning of Xiyang's family.  Catch the poisoner, punish him, and let him go!" Ji An is like a treasure.

    "Is this true?" Liu Che asked with a frown upon hearing this.

    "The matter is being investigated. That person went back to Xiyang's house that day and never disappeared. I am afraid that he was silenced. I have sent people to search for it in detail."

    "If a big family does such a nasty thing, it will definitely be executed! Hurry up and handle this matter!" Liu Che gritted his teeth.  Seeing is believing, hearing is not hearing, he thought of what the speech officials said this morning, which was completely inconsistent with the reality, so he couldn't help but get angry.

    Liu Che thought to himself: "If I didn't read it myself, believed them, and sent troops to deal with these refugees, wouldn't I be helping the evildoers and becoming a tyrant!"

    Thinking of this, Liu Che felt a little afraid, worried that many things in the past were just one-sided trust, but he followed the thieves' evil intentions, and he became their butcher's knife to kill people with vengeance.  He cursed in his heart: "It's really hateful!"

    "Your MajestyBrother Wu, don't make a big move at the joint where the victims of the disaster have emerged. If you hit the big households that provide disaster relief, you may shake the enthusiasm of the big households for their generosity!" Huo Guang reminded.

    "Shi Linna?I have a feeling of being unable to wake up.

    "Well, no one can compare to you, you already have a sense of happiness, pride and satisfaction!"

    "That's true!" The old man smiled approvingly after hearing this, turned over, and continued to sleep.

    "Being heartless is a kind of supreme happiness!" Shi Lin exclaimed, closed his eyes and began to rest.

    ? In the distance, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty looked at the young man, he was full of vigor on the stage, but he was like a beggar off the stage, squatting in the corner, and frowned immediately.

    "Could it be possible that a young man who is well-educated and well-educated will be content with being a beggar?" Emperor Wu of the Han murmured.

    Huo Jin on the side squeezed his thick eyebrows towards Ji An, and Ji An immediately understood, and said: "Your majesty Brother Wu, congratulations to Brother Wu, congratulations to Brother Wu."

    "Where is the congratulations? Where is the congratulations?" Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty asked.

    Ji An did not rush, and replied: "The so-called genius does not stick to small details. He can manage the refugees in an orderly manner, which is no less than that of the army.  Brainwashed wisdom. A man descended from heaven, so congratulations to Brother Wu, congratulations to Brother Wu.¡±

    "Huh! It's a mule or a horse, I still have to take a walk!" Huo Guang saw Emperor Wu of Han's mind, and immediately taunted him.

    "Okay! Shall we go for a walk?" Ji An immediately raised his head with a happy smile.
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