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Volume 11 Chapter 11 Ninety-Five Supreme, Eternal One Emperor

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    Shi Lin is following the old man to learn how to doze off.

    His expression had just flickered into the early stage of an extremely comfortable nap.

    Shi Lin enjoys the comfort of the current life, and even feels his spine numb from the toil of the previous life.

    In that era, everyone was busy dying.  When I was a student, I spent nights fighting for good grades, and adults monitored children like they were prisoners.  Except for studies, no games, no games, no novels.

    ?It was not easy to survive until I had learned something, but I had to run around for a living.  Earn money to buy a house, save money to buy a car, and finally cheat a daughter-in-law to go home, but also to contribute to stimulating consumption and stimulating domestic demand. After giving birth to a second child, I will start to straighten my sore back  Prepare for triplets.

    The child was brought up with great difficulty, and the first child of the eldest, second, and third child had to be looked after in turn, followed by the second child of the eldest, second, and third child, and then the third child of the eldest, second, and third child  The couple spent the rest of their lives devoting themselves to stimulating consumption and boosting domestic demand.

    "Hey! It's boring!" Shi Lin exhaled.

    He feels more and more that it is better to be in this ancient times where there is no need, even if you are a refugee or a beggar, the air is sweet!

    "What's so boring! I didn't expect you to be so sentimental at such a young age! Worrying about the country and the people!"

    There was a laughing sound from one person.

    Shi Lin opened his sleepy eyes and saw three old men standing in front of him, looking at him with very playful eyes.

    To Shi Lin's surprise, the three of them were all extraordinary.  I saw these three, one was sixty years old, with sword-like brows and star-eyed eyes, his appearance was imposing, his long and narrow eyes were as bright as candles, deep and restrained, calm and calm.  Although he was wearing a coarse cloth, he couldn't suppress his heroic demeanor.

    Behind him are two old men, one fat and one thin.  From that reserved posture, it was obvious that they were the servants of that lord.

    However, the characteristics of the two are obvious, one is burly and seems to be a ruthless thug.  A skinny, treacherous villain who seems to have a lot of tricks.

    If it weren't for this ancient time, Shi Lin would have thought that he had arrived at a theater where TV dramas were performed.

    What surprised Shi Lin Zizi was that the demeanor of these three people could not be performed by actors of later generations.

    Shi Lin was very impressed with these three old men.

    It was they who heard the most fascination, and they were also the first to invest money.  Speaking of which, the reason why I was able to open the account smoothly today is thanks to these three old men.

    However, just now, when he heard a bony old man speak like this, Shi Lin knew that the visitor was not good.

    What made Shi Lin even more displeased was that these three people must be wealthy people by their attire, but they only rewarded them with a few coins.

    I bother!

    Another group of rich and powerful people who love to look down on others, who use strict levels to distinguish people from social superiors.

    Shi Lin only glanced at a few of them, then closed his eyes slightly again, and said slowly: "If you want to continue listening to storytelling, come back tomorrow. That's it for today!"

    "You!" Huo Guang couldn't help being a little sullen when he heard that this servant had neglected His Highness so much.

    As soon as Liu Che raised his hand, he stopped Huo Guang from being presumptuous.

    Ji An raised his eyebrows, took care of his heart, and continued to maintain an amiable appearance: "I am so young, I didn't expect to worry about the country and the people!"

    Originally it was a sneer, but Shi Lin was not stupid, he suddenly opened his eyes, and glared fiercely at the thin old man in front of him, so frightened that he hastily leaned back half a step.  He said in his heart: "What a mighty demeanor, this such a look, how could my heart tremble a little?"

    Just as he was trying to lose his temper, Shi Lin said coldly: "You old man is really boastful!"

    He cupped his fists at the sky again, and said sternly: "Those who worry about the country are the Ninth Five-Year Honor, and the Emperor Wu who is one emperor through the ages is on duty. Those who worry about the people are the most important weapon of the country. It is the duty of Huo Guang and others.  How can De be able to do it for you? Aren't you the venerable Zhasha, insulting the untouchables?"

    Ji An was originally sullen at this kid's sarcasm, but just about to explode, when he heard this, he immediately closed his eyes.

    After listening to it, he carefully smacked at a few fresh and shocking words: "Ninth Five-Year King? One emperor through the ages? A national important weapon? Yue Zu replaces it? Wonderful! Wonderful!"

    After frowning and appreciating the new words, when he looked up, he saw the shock on the faces of Liu Che and Huo Guang, and an irresistible flame burst out from their eyes.

    That is clearly the fire of excitement!

    &nbsp??Martial arts, opened up the territory and expanded the territory, beat the Huns howling, and established the vast territory of my big man.  Internally, the centralization of the imperial court, the minting of coins by the imperial power, and the high degree of unity of state power have laid the foundation for the upcoming prosperous age of our great Han. It is foreseeable that there will be a peaceful and prosperous age in the next fifty years.  If there is no such thing as what Emperor Wudi Laozi has done, how can there be prosperity?  "

    "Oh? My big man will have a prosperous age? How did the little brother know?" Liu Che's face was full of surprises.

    "I" Shi Lin quickly searched for the answer in his mind.

    Tell him, from the history textbook?

    Forget it, so as not to scare them to death.

    "Last night, I was woken up by urinating" Shi Lin raised his head, looked at the sky, and said thoughtfully.

    "What does this have to do with prosperity?" Ji An asked.

    "I got up and took a pee, and saw the twinkling stars reflected in the pee nest"

    "And then?" In his later years, Liu Che was very superstitious about the divination technique of hexagrams and images. Hearing this mystery, he suddenly regained his energy.

    "Then I put on my pants, went back to the wall and fell asleep."


    A crow flew over the heads of the three old men's sons.

    "Suddenly!" Shi Lin's life scared the three of them into tension.

    "In my dream, I saw a Taoist priest walking by in front of me. He told me that fifty years later, the prosperous age of the great man will come, so let me practice the skill of urinating.  , don¡¯t always piss in one pit, dig a wide pit, pee more, so that you can fertilize"

    The three old men looked at each other, speechless.

    Looking at the doll again, he has already closed his eyes and fell asleep.
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