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Volume 12 Chapter 12 This Kid Is Amazing!

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    The evening glow is flying, and the wilderness is boundless.

    In the end, Liu Che was still shocked by what he saw and heard today.

    "Did a 13-year-old doll do all of this?" Liu Che has asked this question more than three times.

    Ji An, who was following behind his buttocks, glanced at Huo Guang, only to see that the latter squinted his eyes, smiling in a funny way and saying nothing.

    Ji An, this old fox, couldn't see His Majesty's heart was surging.

    Who is Ji An?  Fight the sky, fight the ground, fight the air, the only donkey who dares to fight Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

    If you don't complain at this time, when will you wait?

    The reason why Ji An dared to gossip is not because of the experience he has come up with again and again.

    Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty didn't have the word "fear" in his life, and he was most annoyed by others whispering in his ears.  From time to time, the Huns flashed their swords at the big man, and he was beaten to pieces.  The Nanyue Kingdom was arrogant and deliberately looking for disabilities, and the country was destroyed.  Dawan Kingdom felt that it was far away from the big man, so there was no harm in biting you like a mosquito. As a result, the big man's cavalry traveled thousands of miles to ravage the local area regardless of blood.

    Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty had a bad temper, but he was also straight.  This kind of heart is simple, simple and rude.  Once you get angry, you will show your fists, show off your muscles, and beat you up to see if you accept it or not.  Dissatisfied?  Fight again!

    There is such a boss with a weird personality and a bad temper. Every morning, the mood of those courtiers is almost the same as that of going to the grave.  Because they are worried that if they are not careful, they will encounter the ending of over's game life.

    But such a ruthless person has nothing to do with Ji An alone.

    In Ren De's entire quiet temple, only the old man Ji An slashed his sword immediately, and kept attacking the emperor.

    The domineering president enjoys the result of "removing a hundred schools of thought and respecting Confucianism alone", and finally indulges in the sense of superiority without making noise, and he can't help being arrogant for a while, acting as some kind of literati and poet.  Some countries in the Western Regions donated bloody BMWs to him. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was excited for a while, and he wrote a poem with his mouth open: "The heavenly horses come from the west pole, and the quicksands come from the barbarians"

    Others are shaking their heads in cooperation, immersing themselves.  Dudu Jian was very disdainful and sneered: "Your Majesty, don't be the fourth uncle! You are so serious, can the ancestors and the common people understand?"

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was stuck in the neck for a while, as if the poetic nature of the Yangtze River flowing eastward was about to burst out, I think I think

    Ji An continued to hate, you better forget it!  If you want Confucianism to decorate your appearance, this is not suitable for you, because your literary talent is so-so, don¡¯t use it to make people laugh The emaciated Emperor Wu¡¯s face turned blue, the corners of his mouth twitched, his adrenal glands soared, but he just got up, flicked his sleeves,  When going out, at the end, he would let out a yell: What a fart meeting, get the hell out of here!

    Others wondered why Ji An's hob meat couldn't be chopped.  But he swears firmly, and swears to the sky with some grievances: take other people's money and do things for them.  I want to be worthy of the boss's salary!

    Everyone thinks that Ji An is not short of brains, but really stupid.  How far can he go?  Because of his hobbies, he always hated him, causing Emperor Wu to see him as if he was seeing a plague god, and often found reasons to demote him to other places.  Ji An took a look at the imperial decree, and replied directly: I won't go, please take a sick leave.  He turned his head and left without asking the emperor whether he would agree or not.  Someone asked him what was wrong with him.  He bluntly said: The official is too young to be overqualified!  It doesn't match my temperament and identity!

    Sick, sick, really sick!

    Others regarded him as a lunatic, and from time to time they seized on him and asked the emperor to kill eighteen generations of his ancestors.  The emperor's old man stood by Ji An's side and scolded those ministers.

    ?Because the boss knows it well: Ji An is my mirror, showing my filth and reminding me not to do inhuman things.

    Speaking like this, in fact, he already had a large shadow area in his heart.  So much so that he could listen to General Wei Qing's report on his work while pulling Xiang Xiang, and he could meet Prime Minister Gong Sunhong in big pants.  But when he saw Ji An, he had to dress up formally, because Emperor Wu had a deep depression towards Ji An.

    Emperor Wu was afraid of Ji An, but he also doted on him.

    Sometimes when Ji An got up together, Emperor Wu really tried to cooperate.

    There was a fire in Hanoi County, and more than a thousand homes were burned. Ji An, as the head of the special delegation, diverted the route halfway and gave the disaster relief funds to the disaster-prone Henan County.  The emperor asked him why he took my words as a fart?  He plausibly said that if it is burned, it will be burned, and it is not worth worrying about His Majesty.  Your old man gave them the money, but it is not in exchange for gratitude.  The money was given to the victims, and the advertising effect was good.  They kept saying that the emperor's kindness is mighty, and that the true god descended to earth.  There was a slapping sound after a flattering.  It was rare for Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to hear his praise once, and it was very useful to save him from disrespecting his decree.

    If someone asks Emperor Wu about his relationship with Ji An.  Presumably Emperor Wu would say: I and Ji An Aiqing are good friends of the great manHe is like a small roundworm in my stomach, and he knows what I mean.

    According to Ji An, he understood the other side of the emperor hidden deep in his heart

    Seeing that the emperor's car is not far ahead.

    Ji An took a step forward, came to Liu Che's side and said, "Your Majesty, I have an answer!"

    "Talk!" Liu Che was extremely happy in his heart. Although he was a little puzzled, he was rarely so happy.

    "Your Majesty, I want to read a copy of the young stone forest!"

    "Oh?" Liu Che hurriedly stopped when he heard it, "Why? Tell me now!"

    "Your Majesty, I have accused the stone forest of five crimes. First, he is not as young as the weak crown, but he dared to practice governance techniques, vainly caring about ordering the chaotic refugees. Second, he also chose young and strong laborers to form an army  , practicing martial arts on a regular basis every day, just like a military system, there may be unsuspecting intentions."

    "Thirdly, he set up arms privately, hunted and killed the spirit beasts in the mountains, and seized the ground spirits without the consent of the local government. Fourthly, he cut off the porridge from the big households, and beat the servants of the big households for no reason, causing them to be in a state of panic all day long.  Fifth, he set up a forum privately to confuse the crowd with evil words."

    "These five crimes, all of them can be sentenced to death! Please receive the order immediately and lead someone to arrest and bring him to justice!" Ji An bowed deeply after finishing speaking.

    Huo Guang who was on the side took a long breath when he heard that Ji An had listed so many years of crimes, obviously he was against the emperor.

    He thought to himself, what the hell is this guy doing!  Did he leave his brain at home again?  Squeezing a cold sweat for him at this time, the emperor is rarely happy for a while, you actually poured cold water on him, you forgot that the emperor is a tiger-like person, and he is rewarded by some people at every turn, today you are with a gangster  As if possessed, he insisted on going where he likes, and he must die as a cripple!

    Why!  For the sake of old friends for many years, I will collect the corpse for you in a while!

    As a result, what Huo Guang didn't expect was that the emperor smiled instead of anger.  Liu Che raised his hand, pointed at Ji An with his index finger, and laughed: "You cunning, are you telling the truth? Although he is very young, he has the ability to govern the country. He is indeed a young man with talent.?
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