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vol.Chapter 13 Who Is This Boy?

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    "He commanded the young and strong labor force, practiced skills, took care of the house and guarded the courtyard, and was free from the protection of the government.  "

    "He set up a forum and talked about storytelling. You can see that the story is not inspirational and gives people hope. Among these, which one is not an excellent way to manage refugees? So, how can I blind my eyes and punish a person?  Where are the talented pillars available?"

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty listed them one by one, refuting Ji An's idea.

    Huo Guang on the side twitched his beard, listening to what the emperor said, and kept nodding his head.

    Ji An didn't care.  He waited until Liu Che had finished speaking, then immediately bowed again and said, "Your Majesty, since that stone forest is not allowed, I dare to participate in another person."

    "Oh? Who!" Liu Che was a little dazed, thinking to himself, what is this guy doing again!

    "I dare to join His Majesty!" Ji An said loudly without thinking.

    "Bold! Ji An, are you crazy!" Huo Guang hurriedly roared to stop Ji An.

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty still smiled instead of anger. He squinted his eyes, looked at the king in front of him, and asked with a smile: "Speak quickly if you have something to say, and let go if you have to fart!"

    "Your Majesty! Since Shi Lin has such a talent for governing the world, His Majesty turns a blind eye and neither promotes nor rewards. Isn't it suspected of being someone who doesn't know talent? If it spreads out, wouldn't the world's capable people feel chilled and affect our majesty and might?  ! Your Majesty, is this subject the right match?"

    "I'm sorry for you! How can I reward a person who doesn't know the details at will?"

    After Liu Che said this, Ji An hastily cupped his fists and bowed deeply, and said loudly, "The minister accepts the decree!"

    "What did I say?" Liu Che narrowed his eyes, looking at the skinny and dry old man in front of him with some interest.

    "Your Majesty's words are so important, and everything is in your mouth!" Ji An smirked.

    "It's a good one!" After Liu Che finished speaking, he lifted his feet and was about to get into the carriage. Just as he was about to climb up, he suddenly turned around, looked at Ji An standing in front of him and asked suddenly: "By the way, what did you just do?"  What are you suing me for? You say I have no eyes, don¡¯t you? Huo Aiqing, punish me with half a year¡¯s salary! The reason is that you dare to sue me! Hmph!"

    Liu Che waved his sleeves and got into the carriage.

    Looking at the carriage going away, Huo Guang folded his hands, frowned, and looked coldly at the person next to him, who had just been deducted half a year's salary, but still had a smile on his face.

    Ji An turned his head, saw Huo Guang's vicious eyes, immediately turned cold, and cupped his fists, "Huo Da Sima, what advice do you have?"

    "Advice? What can I advise a heartless and heartless king? When can you mend your broken mouth that dares to say anything, and then talk about the matter of advice!"

    After Huo Guang finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the grove beside the road with his hands in his hands.

    In the woods, there is his carriage waiting there.

    "Hey, Huo Da Sima, don't take the six-month salary penalty that His Majesty just said, don't take it seriously, it's His Majesty playing with me!" Ji An hurriedly picked up his robe, and quickly chased after him.

    "Are you kidding me?" Huo Guang stopped, turned around and raised his mouth, and snorted coldly, "No joke!"

    After Huo Guang finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and got into the carriage.

    Ji An stopped chasing after him, stood where he was, and cupped his hands towards the receding carriage: "Let's go! The king keeps silent before the king, and the queen works hard to look like a king, you really think you are a fool! Huh  "Ji An suddenly raised his hand to cover his cheeks.

    Crying immediately came up: "My half a year's money! My wife will be beaten when I go home! Ohmy money! My heart is trembling"

    A donkey cart came by, and the handsome young man with sharp eyebrows and fierce eyes looked at his master's appearance, wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh, so he could only hold back.

    Ji An was sitting on the donkey cart, shaking with the shaking of the chariot.

    With a sullen face, he asked, "Wen Qi, how did your investigation go?"

    The handsome young man clasped his fists at him, bowed his head slightly, and replied in a low voice: "My lord, the identity of that young man is indeed strange. I checked it through Hu Cao, and I don't have the surname Shi."

    "Oh?" Hearing what the young man said, Ji An was also taken aback.  I thought I could find the juvenile's household registration information smoothly, but I didn't expect that there would be twists and turns at the beginning.

    "My lord, I suspect that he deliberately concealed his name. I searched through the people who had already been deployed in the city, and found out that although this person said that he is from Du County, he doesn't seem to remember where his home is."

    When Ji An heard this, he took a breath of air-conditioning.

    "He seems to have come from somewhere suddenly? came out.  However, a few months ago, he returned to Du County with the eldest daughter of the Xu family, a big family in Du County.  "

    "The Xu family?" Ji An seemed to have grasped a bit of spiritual information, and his small eyes shone with light.

    "From the people of the Xu family, when the eldest lady of the Xu family went hunting in the deep mountains, she was stunned by the hunters and sold to the bandits. And Shi Lin happened to be robbed in it. It was after Shi Lin killed a monster, she came from the mountain.  He escaped from the thief and escorted Miss Xu's family all the way back. Afterwards, he wandered on the streets and somehow got mixed into the refugee camp."

    "Interesting!" After Ji An heard this, a gleam of light flashed in his small eyes.

    "A young man who suddenly lost his memory fell into bandits and sacrificed his life to save Miss Xu's family. Ahem, what a legend!"

    "My lord, ever since Xiyang's family began to give away porridge, there have been refugees missing. The little one has been closely monitored according to my lord's instructions. I didn't expect to see this young man knocking down seven or eight strong men by himself. However, since then  Falling into a coma. When the Xiyang family attacked again, he frequently showed weakness. Even if he was humiliated as a dog, he was extraordinarily attentive. For some reason, all the members of the Xiyang family fell into rabies overnight and bit each other to death  The villain thinks that this boy is deliberately hiding everything, or pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger. The villain thinks"

    "Talk!" Seeing that his caring entourage for many years started to stammer, Ji An said encouragingly.

    Wen Qi thought for a while and continued to answer: "My lord, the villain thinks that this person is very powerful, and has a vicious heart, and is extremely insidious. My lord has to guard against it!"

    "Huh! Just a little kid!" Ji An closed his eyes, and walked on the rough road with the wheels, shaking his body, unconsciously, the previously tense nerves gradually eased.

    "Wen Wen is a weak young man, but he can defeat monsters and beasts with his own strength, and escape from danger. When he enters a refugee camp, he can use courage and strategy to drive out vicious dogs. He can bend and stretch. The big family has run out of rations, but they can rely on themselves to find a way to survive.  People gather, but they can be like a village, planned and managed in an orderly manner. The difficulty of refugees lies in their inertia. He is a doll, but he can do this. It is indeed a very human talent. This doll is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  People. You must not know people viciously, but approach him and make friends with him. In the next few years, you will know Yafu's difficulties."

    "Yes my lord father taught me a lesson!" Wen Qi clasped his fists and nodded, then followed the donkey cart silently and slowly.

    Ji An glanced at the man who was about to reach the weak crown beside him, and nodded firmly.

    He said to himself: "It's almost twenty years in a flash! When I picked him up from the side of the road, he was still lying naked in the haystack and crying. I felt sorry for him as a life, so I picked him up. I didn't expect him to suddenly  My son has grown up. I teach you knowledge, but I can't give you a good future. You still have to go on your own way in the future. If you seize the opportunity and meet this amazing and talented young man, no, this  A prince and grandson, even if he climbs this big royal tree, he will definitely have a good future."

    At this time, the sunset glow was coming to an end, and the black gradually climbed up to the original red clouds.

    The chariot creaked, echoing for a long time in the open mountains.

    The passers-by have their own concerns, but they share a common melancholy - who is that young man?
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