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VOLUME 1 Chapter 14 What a Big Conspiracy

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    "Who is this young man?" At this moment in the garden of Huo Mansion, Huo Guang, who was walking through the blooming spring flowers, was asking Bingji.

    "My lord, the surname Shi was originally unfounded. I'm afraid this boy deliberately concealed his real name."

    Huo Guang stood still and stared at Bingji with sharp cold eyes.

    Bingji hastily lowered his eyebrows and bowed slightly.

    "Do you think I'm a fool? Everyone can tell that the young man is clearly the appearance of Prince Liu Shi. How can he have the surname Shi? The surname is Liu, right?"

    "Yes! My lord has sharp eyes!"

    "Hmph! Do you have something to hide from me?" Huo Guang asked coldly.

    "My lord, why did you say this?" Bingji's forehead was tensely covered with cold sweat.

    "Don't you know? Didn't you know why I used you back then?" Huo Guang picked up the scissors, and began to trim the fresh and tender leaf buds that had just protruded from a potted plant.

    "In the second year of Zhenghe, the crown prince Liu Ju revolted in anger due to the scourge of witchcraft, but all branches of the family died. The only grandson, Liu Xun, was left behind in prison. Who paid out of his own pocket and chose a cautious and kind female prisoner?  To support the orphans of the Prince's family?"

    "In the second year of the Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Wu was ill. The witches conceived that there was a dragon's spirit in the prison, which would kill the life of the emperor, so they ordered all the prisoners to be killed. Who is it that one man guards the gate and ten thousand men can't open it? Who alone blocks the guards with swords  , protected the orphan?"

    Following Huo Guang's aggressive narration, Bingji remembered all the past.  He knew that Liu Ju was wronged, and that Liu Xun, Liu Ju's grandson, was still in his infancy, but he was imprisoned and left unattended.

    If it were someone else, Liu Shi's only surviving relative would really die.

    When Liu Che had a nightmare, he was tricked into thinking that he was a son of heaven in Chang'an Prison because of a bad dream.  Liu Che didn't distinguish between black and white, so he ordered the people in the prison to be massacred.

    Bingji knew that it was Liu Xun who was in prison clearly accused by the sorcerer.  They clearly wanted to exterminate Liu Ju's family.

    The insider ordered Guo Rang to kill all the way to the county prison, and Bingji closed the prison door to prevent the executioner from entering.

    No matter how furious Ren Guorong was, Bingji, relying on the impenetrable prison, reprimanded him with complete disgust: "Go away! Kill innocent people indiscriminately, and you will be killed sooner or later!"

    Guo Rang fabricated Bingji's crime and went back to sue Liu Che.

    When Liu Che heard it, he immediately said in astonishment, "This is a warning from the heavens, don't kill me in the future!" Guo Rang was left alone at the door in a daze

    Huo Guang continued: "It was the second year of the Yuan Dynasty again, and Emperor Wu gave amnesty to the world. Who is going to hire people and provide them with food and clothing?"

    After Bingji heard this, tears welled up in his eyes, and he quickly bowed and replied: "It's all done by the lower officials!"

    Huo Guang's words immediately brought back Bingji's memories of the past.

    Back then, because the prince Liu Ju rebelled against him, he was imprisoned in the county prison as an infant.  His grandmother Shi Liangdi, father Liu Jin, mother Wang Wengxu and his aunt were all killed in Chang'an, leaving him alone.

    Later, due to the serious illness of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the wizard slandered that there was dragon energy in the prison, which absorbed His Majesty's Longevity.  People inevitably slipped through the net, so they ordered that all the people in prison be beheaded.

    Fortunately, Bingji, who was then Ting Weijian at that time, gave up his life to resist the order, protected Liu Xun, and paid for the loyal and cautious female prisoners Hu Zu and Guo Zhengqing to live in a spacious and clean room to nurture Liu Xun.

    However, thinking of what happened afterwards, Bingji still regretted it very much. He should have brought Liu Xun by his side to raise him himself, but he was poor at that time, and he was afraid that he would treat the child badly because of his own defects.  As a result, greater regret was created.

    Bingji almost burst into tears when he thought of this, and he lamented: "When Liu Xun was five years old, the officials sent him to the home of his grandmother, Shi Liangdi, and handed him over to Shi Liangdi's elder brother, Shi Gong, to raise him. Shi Gong's mother  Zhenjun was old, and seeing the child alone, felt very sad, so he took care of Liu Bingji himself. It didn't work out, because the historian was involved in the salt and iron business privately, and the whole family was beheaded. After I found out, I rushed to ask  , but Liu Xun's whereabouts could not be found. Since then, there has been no news of Liu Xun like a disappearance."

    Seeing Bingji in pain, Huo Guang couldn't help feeling sad.  The reason why he was willing to take a fancy to Bingji and gradually promote him from a small jailer was not because he wanted to take the opportunity to cling to the future prince Liu Xun.

    Although this child is currently a person who is guilty, Huo Guang, who is familiar with the changes in power, knows best that as long as his status is royal orthodox, he will not worry about the "you can joke, you can joke", and you can make a joke when you are happy.The guilt of the inquiry was cleared.

    If the future master is at his worst, if you give it a hand, the future Huo family will surely be under the protection of the emperor for generations.

    It's a pity that the prince and grandson Liu Xun have been missing for many years.

    The originally ignited idea of ??marrying the precious daughter to this real dragon emperor instantly turned into a whisk and swayed away with the wind.

    However, when I saw the stone forest today, the fire that had been hidden deep in my heart instantly ignited.  "Historist? Stone Forest? Ahahahe really is a cunning boy!" Huo Guang suddenly thought of something, and suddenly he felt relieved.

    "My lord, the first time I saw that young man, I had a vague sense of intimacy, and the verified age happened to match Liu Xun's age very well." When Bingji thought of the young man he saw today, he felt excited.  endlessly.  "It's a pity, I didn't expect him to become a refugee. When I think of this, I feel heartbroken. I am ashamed of the prince!"

    "Well, you don't need to worry too much. You don't need to check his life experience. His appearance is exactly the same as that of Prince Liu Ju when he was a child, which proves his identity. The old man's vision has never been wrong. What you have to do now  What I want to do is to find ways to get close to him, help him as much as possible if he has any requirements, slowly get along, and try to make him our person!"

    When he said the following words, Huo Guang's eyes shone with joy.  He also raised his hand and patted the back of Bingji's hand, signaling him to do something intimate.

    "Your official understands!" Bingji bowed to the end, then stepped back and walked towards the gate of the garden.

    Weiyang Palace.

    Changle Hall.

    Under the candlelight, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty half-lyed on the dragon couch listlessly.

    Looking at the starry night sky outside the window through the wide window lattice, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty fell into a moment of thought.

    Today, as soon as I saw that young man, I recalled my eldest son, Liu Shi.

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty has been childless for more than ten years after he came to the throne.

    Until he was 29 years old, Wei Zifu gave him a son.

    That year, he was very happy, and immediately ordered Mei Gao and Dongfang Shuo, who were good at writing poems and articles in the court, to write "The Crown Prince's Ode" and "Li Prince's Congratulations".

    He also built a shrine to the God of Marriage and Childbirth, Gaoyu God, and often worshiped it.

    Thinking about it now, the joy at that time is still vivid in my mind.

    Who would have thought that Liu Ju couldn't bear the slander from his son Jiang Chong and the eunuch Su Wen, so he led his troops to fight in the palace in anger, and finally committed suicide.

    When he came to his senses, he regretted it unceasingly, and built a womb of thinking, hoping that his soul would return.

    ? Although this move made people in the world sigh with regret, thinking of their own righteousness.

    But who understands their suffering?

    Whenever he woke up from a nightmare at night, he would often scold: "My son is childish! He is full of passion and reckless without thinking!"

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty came to the gate of the palace and looked up at the stars all over the sky.

    He burst into tears, laughed at himself again, and finally sighed: "Thinking about my life as a soldier, seeing ghosts and killing ghosts, seeing monsters and killing monsters, I didn't expect to put the butcher knife on my own family in the end. In the end, I still do it."  Wrong! Wrong!"

    After Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty finished speaking, he closed his eyes abruptly, letting the old man burst into tears.
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