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Main Text Chapter 15 Doing a Big Deal

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    In the evening, Shi Lin reconciled with Gou San'er.

    A day of storytelling earned three hundred and twenty-six dollars.

    Except for the screened out three-baht coins that cannot be spent, there are seven and thirteen four-baht coins.

    For the remaining money, Shi Lin asked the price of a stone of rice at that time, which was twenty yuan.

    According to today's purchasing power, a five baht coin is equivalent to 8 yuan.

    Shi Lin gave out two hundred coins, and asked Gou San'er to buy ten shi of rice.

    These are only enough for so many refugees to consume for a day or two.

    Shi Lin wrapped the three baht coins and four baht coins that could not be used in circulation separately in small cloth bags.

    These were listed as dead coins by the court at the time, but they are worth the money of the old when they are taken to later generations.

    When Gou San'er came back from buying food, Shi Lin took the remaining 100 yuan and took Gou San'er to visit several old clothes shops.

    Gou San'er looked at those old but unpatched clothes, with longing and envy in his eyes.

    But after inquiring that the price was too outrageous, Gou San'er cocked his thumb and said to himself: "Master, my outfit is very expensive! This outfit is my status symbol. It means that I am a refugee leader! Someone  I won¡¯t sell it for thousands of dollars!¡±

    The little guy who had finished serving the customers looked at Gou San'er up and down with disdain, snorted coldly, and said, "You're a dirty outfit. If you give me money, I won't buy it!  Go! Go! Don't delay our business!"

    Gou San'er and Shi Lin were kicked out by the store clerk.

    Shi Lin is not surprised to be treated like this every time.

    Gou San'er walked on the street swaggeringly with his big mouth curled up and his arms dangling.

    Some people run away when they see it from a distance.

    Shi Lin looked at Gou San'er in rags, feeling quite familiar.

    Brother Sharp?

    It's just that Gou San'er's tattered clothes are like the feathers of a bird that have just been scratched, with countless holes, large and small, all around.

    Fortunately, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and these holes are really a place for taking clothes off to enjoy the cool.

    "Master, why do you want me to change clothes? I have an identity only in this body!" Gou San'er's arrogance suddenly disappeared when he walked to a place where no one was around.  He hunched over and came to Shilin, weighing his clothes with his hands, and asked respectfully.

    Shi Lin knew that buying clothes this time had damaged his self-esteem a lot.

    However, Shi Lin was quite satisfied to see Gou Saner's strong mentality.

    After all, Mr. Lu Xun said: There are many races of dissatisfied people who are always moving forward and always have hope. There are many races of people who only know responsibility but do not know how to reflect. Woe, woes.

    People who are not complacent, doubtful and dissatisfied always have a lot of energy.  This momentum is like an upward wheel, which can carry dissatisfied people forward.

    "I'll take you to do a big event!" Shi Lin didn't say much, but there was no doubt about it.

    "Oh!" Gou San'er was also very obedient, because he knew that since Shi Lin said so, he must have his reasons.

    After visiting a few more shops, Shi Lin finally chose a dark green brocade gown. Although it has been washed for a long time and has lost its luster, it can be regarded as an ordinary middle-class attire.

    The clothes I bought for Gou San'er were coarse linen clothes, which had been washed and I don't know what color they were.

    Putting on this suit, he was completely dressed as a servant.

    A total of 102 cash was spent on the two pieces of clothing.

    Seeing that a lot of five baht coins were given to the waiter, Gou San'er suddenly felt distressed.

    He stared greedily at the shopkeeper's hand counting the money, and the flesh on his face jumped.

    When Gou San'er wanted to pack his old outfit, Shi Lin ordered: "Throw it away!"

    Gou San'er couldn't bear it, grabbed the clerk by the neck, and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth fiercely: "I will keep it for the uncle! Tomorrow, the master will come to pick it up. Do you understand?"

    "Okay, okay, guest officer, I will keep the little one for you!" The shop waiter greeted him with a smile as if he had received a reward.

    Unexpectedly, as soon as the two of them left, the waiter in the shop threw the bundle of clothes that fell apart as soon as they were picked up outside the door.

    Although the clothes and hats are barely there, his face is still ashamed.

    When Shi Lin led Gou San'er to the long bridge, he saw some women sitting in the river under the bridge picking up stones.  They tightly held the coarse linen clothes soaked in the water with one hand, and the small wooden board with the other, and beat on the soaked clothes.

    ?When every board is lifted, white water splashes are brought up, and when the sun shines, it is like scattered silver, shining brightly.Under their wet hair, all of them have delicate features, and their skin is as natural as milk.

    Shi Lin praised the women of this era, without the corrosion and covering of chemicals, they have a pure beauty that is not stained by mud.

    Shi Lin walked down the small stone path to the river, squatted by the water, picked up the river water, and washed his face.

    This is the first time I have washed my face in this life.

    ? After rubbing off a layer of dust, I immediately feel that my face is extremely refreshed.

    Gou San'er stood motionless behind him.  He stared fixedly at the women who were beating their clothes and looked up and down, and his mouth was still laughing.

    "Gou San'er, wash your face, let's go to town!"

    "Master, as refugees, we should not be too clean. If it is too clean, we will easily get sick!" Gou San'er's presumptuous words made a lot of sense.

    Shi Lin raised his head and looked at his face as black as the bottom of a pot, his grinning mouth was like a pair of ghost teeth floating in the air in the dark, suddenly felt that there might be a different kind of style to have such a vicious guy beside him  .

    Thinking about it this way, Shi Lin naturally didn't care about him.

    However, when Shi Lin got up, the moment he inadvertently looked at the women doing laundry, a woman shouted: "That handsome young gentleman, you can go to Mei Erniang's house tonight, and her men are all going to the city."  Just kidding, no one bothers you!"

    Shi Lin didn't feel that they were talking to him, but when he saw those women were all casting strong glances at him, Shi Lin knew that the man was shouting at him, and he understood something all of a sudden.  The ground suddenly boiled hot.

    The woman shouted again: "Hey! Even a handsome gentleman can be shy! Why don't you go to my house tonight!"


    "Go to my house! My house is spacious! The sky is the quilt and the ground is the mattress!"

    "Isn't that the dairy pen!"

    "Fuck you! You are the cow! The cow that can crush people!"


    When the women were happy, they splashed water on each other.

    Shi Lin originally thought that ancient people should be closed, but he did not expect to be so open.  Hearing their wanton and joking words, his face became hotter and hotter.

    "Let's go!" Shi Lin turned around and had already reached the bridge, but Gou San'er looked at the women and "hehe" happily.

    He also thought the women were talking to him, and he was very happy in his heart.

    He was short of replying to the women: "I'm free tonight!"

    When the two came to the other side of the covered bridge, the soldiers let them pass without further questioning after seeing their clothes.

    The afterglow of the evening is reflected in the sky, like a red-hot pot helmet.

    On the other side of the bridge there was a dark silence.  On the side of the bridge, the lights are brightly lit, and the crowds are constantly flowing.

    The night market has begun!

    "Master! What are we doing here? There are only a few big coins left in our pockets! We can't buy much!" Gou San'er looked puzzled.

    "I, I will bring you here to do a great job!" Shi Lin smiled and said nothing, and did not point out the trip.

    He knew in his heart that once what happened tonight was done, it would cause a sensation in the entire Du County.

    And the hatred of the refugees will be avenged.

    "What's the big deal?" Gou San'er asked.

    "Buy a few buns first, let's fill our hunger!"

    "Come on!"

    Gou San'er got the order and hurried to the bun shop not far away.

    And next to the steamed steamed buns at the entrance of the bun shop, there is a shop that says "Mei Erniang Tea House" on the front.
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