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Main Text Chapter 16 Joyful Wedding Banquet

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    "Mei Er's daughter-in-law, I have called you by your name for so many years, and I have never seen Mei Er. Last night, in a dream, an old man came to tell me that I was Mei Er. At that time, I kept wondering, wasn't I Tang Si'er? Why?  I have become Mei Er. When I woke up, I found out that I was your husband who has been trending for many years! I slapped my thigh, so I am happy for you!" In the teahouse, a rude man who was drinking tea from a rough porcelain sea bowl shouted.

    "You!" A sweet voice came from the shop.

    And when the sackcloth door curtain was raised, a beautiful young woman came out from inside.

    As soon as she came out, all the tea drinkers in the shop cast their eyes in unison.

    I saw that she was in her early twenties, and her body had already matured like a peach.

    "What does your name matter to me? Even if you call it a puppy! I, Erniang Mei, can't climb up to you, a rascal, tall branch!"

    She was talking while holding a tub of water for washing dishes, and walked towards the door of the store.

    "Haha, I know you have a hard mouth but you are very happy in your heart! Let me tell you, the reason why I am happy for you is because since my name is Mei Er, then you won't have to suffer from lovesickness for me in the future nights!"


    When the rude man said this, the people in the teahouse burst into laughter.

    "I'm afraid that if you have the guts to come, you will die to go back!" Mei Erniang said while angrily pouring out the water in the wooden basin.

    It seemed that the pot of water was that rascal, and she wanted to take her out on her.



    Coincidentally, Shi Lin just walked to the door of the shop, and the water splashed directly on him.

    Shi Lin suddenly became a drowned rat.

    Vegetable leaves and oil stains are scattered all over the body.

    "Don't you have eyes!" Gou San'er who ran up from behind just yelled, when he looked up and saw that the woman carrying the empty basin was a person with excellent figure and appearance, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

    With his mouth wide open, his eyes stared straight at the charming young lady in front of him.

    "Oh!" Mei Erniang hurriedly threw away the wooden basin, and frantically threw her hands at Shilin.

    A pretty lady treated a boy like this, causing the men in the shop to scream "Aww".

    "Mei Erniang, you did it on purpose! Splashing it on this beautiful young man is obviously intentional!"

    "Are you moved? Seeing the handsome guy, I have never struck up a conversation like you!"

    "Did you take the opportunity to take his clothes off by getting him wet? Take advantage of him?"


    The people in the tea shop were suddenly excited.

    Mei Erniang really took what she said later to be true.  Immediately, he said with a serious face: "Young master, please go to the backyard and change into clean clothes. I don't know what you want?"

    Shi Lin looked at the drenched clothes eagerly, and wanted to get angry at first, but after hearing what this man said, Shi Lin also felt moved.

    "My lord, follow me this way!" Mei Erniang twisted her waist and led the way in front, walking around a low wall from outside the shop door.

    Looking at Mei Erniang's regulated movements in front of him, Shi Lin had the illusion of seeing a stewardess leading him onto the plane.

    Go around to a small door, push the door and go in.

    The door of the main house in the yard was wide open, and a crosswind smelling of wine and meat blew in, and the noise and laughter suddenly rang out.

    Hearing the nasty jokes those people said, Shi Lin knew that this was the backyard of the teahouse.

    Mei Erniang led Shi Lin directly to a big house, seeing the dressing table, washbasin and other furnishings, Shi Lin knew that this was her bedroom.

    Erniang Mei quickly opened the cabinet, took out a dark green brocade gown from inside, and handed it to Shi Lin.

    "Young master, please change your clothes. Give me the clothes you changed. I will wash them for you. After they are dry, you will come to pick them up again."  Shi Lin suddenly felt trembling all over.

    Not to mention Gou San'er who has been following behind Shi Lin.

    He kept baring his teeth all the way, laughing "hehe", just like a fool.

    After changing his clothes, he handed over the dirty clothes to Erniang Mei, and Shi Lin thanked him and got out.

    "Master, master, look at that little widow who is the most suitable for my teacher's wife! You have to have good looks, you have to have a good figure, you have to be charming and charming!" Gou San'er kept chasing behind Shi Lin, smacking his lips, chattering non-stop  .

    "Presumptuous! Who said she is a widow!" Shi Lin was afraid of this kind of person who chewed people's tongues.

      "In her bedroom, there are only things that women should have, and what men use, there is not even a single shoe. Is it a widow or something? Is it a big girl who has not left the cabinet?"

    After Gou San'er said this, Shi Lin remembered that when he entered her bedroom just now, he really hadn't seen a single thing used by men.  It stands to reason that the husband and wife's bedroom should be indispensable to the man's things.

    And the fine brocade gown she was wearing seemed to have not been worn for a long time, and it still had a faint musty smell.

    "However, after all, it's worth it for Master to exchange a shabby dress for a fine brocade dress!"

    "How do you say that? Could it be that we corrupted her clothes? After the matter is done, I will go and change the clothes back."

    "Yes! Change it back! Master and my wife should really get in touch with each other more!"

    "Touch the head! You're the only one who is full of bad water!" Shi Lin turned around and gave Gou San'er a headache.

    "Master, I don't dare anymore! I don't dare anymore!" Gou San'er hurriedly covered his head to avoid it.

    Enough of the squabbling, Gou San'er followed Shi Lin to the bustling night market.  "Master, where are we going?"

    "Just follow me!"

    The two of them twisted and turned all the way, and when they were approaching the end of a long street, they suddenly heard a burst of gongs, drums and suona playing, creating a festive atmosphere.

    As soon as the two turned the corner of the street, they saw red lanterns hanging high above the gate of a large house.

    There are two seal characters written on the lantern: "Xiyang".

    Only then did Shi Lin let out a sigh of relief, and said, "This is it!"

    "Who? Are we here for a wedding? Relatives of Master?" Gou San'er looked at a large group of people running in and out of the door, constantly moving things, and his mouth seemed to be greedy.

    "A relative? Ha! It is indeed a relative, a bad relative! Since it is a relative, we always have to show something, and we just had a happy wedding banquet!"

    "Really? Master, are we lucky?" Gou San'er's greedy haha ??flowed out.

    "Sell buns here~ freshly baked buns here~" There is a bun shop diagonally opposite the door of the big family.

    Under the light of the lamp at the entrance of the steamed stuffed bun shop, it was obvious that several tables were set up, and pedestrians coming and going, some of whom hadn't eaten dinner, stopped and wanted to serve some steamed stuffed buns.

    Smelling the long-lost aroma, Shi Lin said: "Let's go! Let's eat some steamed stuffed buns first, and tonight we will be of great help to the wedding party!"

    When Shi Lin said this, a sly smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    Thinking of that bad idea, if it is really implemented, I will really be a complete villain.
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