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Text Chapter 17 Shall I take a shower first?

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    The night is deep.

    The fiery red lanterns at the entrance of the Xiyang compound on the opposite side illuminated most of the street, and even the steamed stuffed bun cage standing tall at the entrance of the shop here was dyed fiery red.

    Dyeing again, dyed the rising water vapor into fiery red.

    "Freshly baked bunsGuest officer, please take a seat! There is still a vacant seat over there, just reserved for you!"

    Hearing the yelling of the clerk at the door of the store, feeling the thick steam like white mist, Shi Lin chewed on the steamed stuffed bun, which was mostly wild vegetables, and felt a different kind of refreshing breath.

    Seeing Gou San'er eating happily, stuffing buns one after another into his mouth, making his cheeks swell, Shi Lin slapped him on the shoulder.

    "Slow down! Why do you feel the hunger of refugees after eating buns!"

    "Hey, master, I've been really hungry for half a year! This time I can see my mother! Can't I have a good kiss?"

    "Drink rice soup, don't choke!"


    While eating steamed stuffed buns with wild vegetables, Shi Lin looked at the gate of the Xiyang compound, thinking about things carefully.

    But I saw a big red sedan chair being carried by six people.

    "Six guest officers, would you like some steamed stuffed buns!" The store clerk hurried forward to say hello.

    "Eat, eat, is there any space in the store?" asked the bearer with a white beard who was carrying the sedan chair at the front.

    "Yes! The six gentlemen, it happens to be a big square table! The small one is just ready, and I will move it out for the six masters immediately!" After the shop assistant finished speaking, he shouted loudly inside: "Six guest officials, a square table for one  open."

    Suddenly, Qi Qi yelled in the shop: "One auspicious table, here we come!"

    The six guys hurriedly put down their work and ran to the backyard together. After a while, two people moved a large table, and four people each held a bench, and moved them outside the store door.

    The shop clerk pulled the numb towel off his shoulders, wiped the table and yelled: "Guests, please sit down first. The buns in the shop include leeks, shepherd's purse, Malantou, and hares, wild tigers, and wild leopards  What would you like, sir?"

    "If you want meat, get more! The few of us will stay up until midnight to pick up the newcomers. We can't carry them hungry, can we?"

    "Okay! Come here! A few of each of the several kinds of game Definitely come A few wait a moment" The shop assistant went to serve the porridge after yelling.

    Sipping the hot rice porridge, the bearer with the white beard said: "Let's be dazed for a while after eating, cheer up in the middle of the night, and follow the host's house to pick up the bride. This time it's done, and there will be a big reward  , keep your eyes open, don't miss the errand!"

    "Don't worry, Second Uncle Tong, you all have the strength to lift a little girl up!" said a guy with a mole on his mouth contemptuously.

    "The baby from a poor family is brisk, but I am afraid that the girl from a rich family will not be so relaxed." The head bearer surnamed Tong said.

    When Shi Lin, who was sitting beside them, heard this sentence, he looked Gou San'er up and down very charmingly, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    "MasterMaster, why do you look at me like this? Your eyes make me panic!" Gou San'er was very surprised by Shi Lin's strange eyes.

    Originally, Shi Lin, a teenage boy, seemed ordinary, but after getting along for so long, Gou Saner couldn't see through him more and more.

    He looks weak and weak on the surface, but he has the explosive power to knock down a dozen people at once.

    He is a scholar, but he knows how to manage refugees in an orderly manner.

    At such a young age, he can tell stories rich in life philosophy.

    Let's just chat, and you can still make money.

    So many people gave him a lot of money.

    Don't sweat, don't shake your arms, don't sellyou can let others take the initiative to pay.

    This ability is really not covered!

    "It's delicious. In the middle of the night, master will take you to a fun place." Shi Lin said lightly.

    The more this happened, the more scared Gou San'er was.

    "Master, Ihow can I thank youbutdo I want to take a bath in the river first?"

    When Shi Lin heard this, he immediately bowed his body, and gave Gou San'er another brain break.  "Wash the mallet! What are you thinking about!"

    "Alas! Master, II didn't think about anything!" Gou San'er said with a mournful face, covering her head.

    "If you continue to think wildly, I will make you a woman again as a teacher!" Shi Lin looked at Gou San'er, who was full of beards, and smiled mischievously.

    "Master, don't laugh! When you smile, I panic! ?You can't do it, you must be right!  You have to know that you are not fighting alone, but for tens of thousands of refugees!  Master trusts you!  You must fulfill your mission!  "

    Gou San'er looked up embarrassingly, looked at Shi Lin and gave him a firm nod.

    "Okay! I did it!"

    "This is my good apprentice! When the time comes, the teacher will help you! You just need to toss about it!"

    While the two were talking, they had already touched the family's backyard.

    There are also two red festive lanterns hanging at the back door.

    Shi Lin stood at the door and pushed it with his hands, only to find that the door was locked and could not be pushed.

    And at this moment, a woman's low voice suddenly came out of the yard: "Are you here?"

    Shi Lin and Gou San'er looked at each other in shock.  When the two of them were about to run away, the woman inside the door asked again: "Are you here?"

    Gou San'er just wanted to run, but Shi Lin grabbed his arm and shook his head at him.

    "Are you here?" The person inside the door asked again.
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