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Main Text Chapter 18 Caught by a Chivalrous Woman Again

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    "Are you here?" The female voice inside the door became more and more urgent.

    Shi Lin was quick to wit, and directly lowered his voice and whispered to the opposite side: "Here we come"

    "Damn it! It's too late to respond! Let me shout for a long time! Then!" The girl inside the door said, and immediately threw something out of the air.


    Shi Lin watched the thing fly out from the door and over the high wall.

    "What!" Shi Lin asked subconsciously.

    "Damn it! A burden!"

    "It's okay, what burden are you shaking!"

    Shi Lin caught the thing, and it was indeed a burden, and there seemed to be some money in it.

    "I still want to elope with you!"

    The person inside replied while pulling the door bolt.

    Shi Lin saw some bushes on both sides of the door, so he quickly put Gou San'er inside and hid it.

    "Follow the teacher's plan!" Shi Lin whispered to Gou San'er.

    "What should they do if they find out and beat me?" Gou San'er looked blank.

    "If you hit one punch, you won't get a hundred punches!"

    When Shi Lin finished speaking, the door suddenly opened.

    Shi Lin hurriedly lifted the bundle to cover his face, but from the corner of his eye, he saw that the woman inside the door was only fifteen or sixteen years old. Although her appearance was ordinary, her figure was not ordinary, and she was full of pride.

    "What are you doing in a daze, come here and hug me, I couldn't see the way at that moment, I sprained my ankle!" The girl bent down and rubbed her feet with grinning teeth.

    Shi Lin thought for a moment, if he went to help her at this time, or bent down to rub her feet, he would definitely reveal his secrets.  In case the girl bluffs, the plan will be in vain.

    Shi Lin's thief's eyes wandered around, thinking about it.

    Shi Lin suddenly shouted: "Come here comes someone! Run!"

    After Shi Lin finished speaking, he twisted his body with his burden in his arms and ran away.

    "Ah! What! You wait for me!" The girl panicked all of a sudden, and seeing the man running away, she also stepped out of the threshold and ran after the man in front.

    She ran and shouted: "Damn! You wait for me! My feet"

    At four o'clock in the morning, the street was quiet.

    After waiting for a while, Gou San'er came out of the bushes, came to the half-open door, put his head in, and saw that there was no one in the courtyard, he picked up a few stones and threw them into the courtyard, and found that there was no watchdog.  Then slipped into the yard and quietly covered the door panel.

    Along the stone road, taking advantage of the dim light in the early morning, touch all the way in.

    Turning around and turning outside a circular arch, Gou San'er dodged in, found a water jar to hide behind, raised his head, and peeped.

    A two-story building stands at the end of the house. At the door, there is a tall red lantern. A middle-aged woman with thick powder is holding a handkerchief in her hand and waving it rhythmically as she speaks.  "Ah, my lady is getting married today, all of you, keep your spirits up! My uncle will be here in a while, and if you take good care of her, you will be rewarded! Let's all look forward to it!"

    "Matchmaker Wang, the young lady's attire has been taken care of, and I'm just waiting for the uncle to come to the door. Shall we go eat something to make a place for the bar first? Or you will be hungry soon, and I will embarrass you!"  The little maid said with a smile.

    After she said this, the other maids also echoed.

    "You guys, you just want to know how to eat! I really can't help you, so hurry up!"

    When the matchmaker waved her hand, all the maids scattered away.

    "Oh, I've been standing for a long time, my old waist! I need to rest for a while!" The matchmaker thumped her lower back with her backhand and walked towards the side room.

    From their words, Gou San'er knew that the lady she was going to marry today was in this upstairs.

    Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one at the door, he stooped, trotted to the door, and gently opened the door to enter.

    The first floor is a living room for entertaining people. Except for the burning candles that illuminate the small room, it is quiet and unattended.

    Gou San'er quietly went upstairs along the stairs in the corner.

    At the end of the stairs, a lamp was burning fiercely.

    Gou San'er went there quietly, looked inside, and saw a woman in a big red robe sitting on the edge of the bed, with a red hood covering her head.

    Gou San'er stood on tiptoe and took a deep breath, "Pfft!"

    He blew out the lamp.

    The second floor suddenly darkened.

    Gou San'er finally got used to his sight, and hurriedly tiptoed towards the direction of the bed that he had checked before.


      Gou San'er suddenly had stars in his eyes, as if he had bumped into something huge.

    Gou San'er just wanted to squat down on the cat's waist, but after a "bang", two fat arms wrapped around him around his waist, and Gou San'er struggled hard but couldn't break free.

    Suddenly, a foolish laughter sounded like a coaxing bell: "Hey! You're finally here! You're so impatient, can't you wait until you get married? That's fine! Sooner or later, it's your person, and it won't be a while! Let's  Come now!"

    "Ah!" Gou San'er was strangled by the two fat arms, like a little chicken, lifted up with both feet hanging in the air, and walked towards the bed.

    "Why do you still grow a beard?" A woman's thick voice came from my ear, "Hey, but it's better than seeing you with thin skin and tender flesh a few days ago! I just like you who are thick and strong. Come on  , let us perform the ceremony of husband and wife first!"

    "Boom!" Gou San'er was thrown on the bed.

    Gou San'er saw that he was not a heavyweight compared to her, he hurriedly reached into his arms, pulled out a little rope, and was pressed down by the heavy body.

    "I" There was a buzzing sound in my head, stars appeared in my eyes, and I almost passed out.

    When he was almost suffocated to death, Gou San'er suddenly had an idea. He gasped and said, "Shall we play a special game tonight?"

    "Game? What game? I want to play! I want to play!" The woman's voice was thicker than Gou San'er's.

    "You follow my steps, I guarantee you will like it very much!"

    "Wow! Come on! What are the steps?"

    "First step, take off your clothes"

    The twilight of the morning sun flickered across the clouds with a trace of warmth, and spread on the hazy street.

    Shi Lin and the beautiful girl were running on the smooth stone road one after the other.

    When turning into an alley, Shi Lin, who was out of breath, couldn't hold on, and finally stopped, leaning on the wall with both hands and panting heavily.

    And when he suddenly looked up, he saw the word "Xu" written on a few red lanterns swaying in the wind, and his eyes almost straightened.

    Isn't this house exactly Xu Pinger's home!

    Half a month ago, he personally sent Xu Pinger to the door of his house, but he didn't expect that half a month later, he would end up as a refugee.

    When Shi Lin was lamenting that time was passing by and people and things were wrong, the maid from Xiyang's family finally caught up behind him.

    She came forward and beat Shi Lin's back with both fists, complaining: "How can you be so strong? Aren't you usually soft and weak? You took the wrong medicine today, you? You  What are you running for!"

    When she turned to the front of the stone forest, she suddenly saw a strange boy standing in front of her, and she shouted in surprise: "Ah! Who are you! What are you doing with my burden! Youyou take advantage of me!  "

    Just as Shi Lin was about to explain, a woman's voice suddenly rang out from the wall: "Who is bullying my daughter? Look at the sword!"


    A red shadow jumped down from the wall.

    The corner of Shi Lin's mouth twitched, and he immediately shouted: "Miss Killer, don't come here without any harm! ?
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