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Main Text Chapter 19 The Stunning Flower Girl

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    "Look at the sword!"

    "Good sword!"

    A long sword flew out and slashed at the stone forest.

    And when the sharp sword edge was about to touch Shi Lin's Adam's apple, Qing'er suddenly widened her eyes and stopped the long sword from advancing.

    "It's you!"

    "It's me! Miss Killer, I'm Shi Lin!"

    "It's you again! You big pervert!" Qing'er gritted her teeth tightly and flew out.

    "Don't! Miss Killer, listen to my explanation!" Shi Lin yelled, sideways avoiding the sharp blade, for fear that the bronze sword that cut iron like mud would hit his neck, and he would die immediately.

    "Smelly men love to explain! To explain is to cover up, and to cover up is to use strong words to deceive people's hearts! I see that you have deceived too many good women at such a young age!"  He chopped and chopped the stone forest, roaring angrily.

    "You wronged me! This cheating is really cheating! But you have never cheated a good family! You have never cheated a woman!" Shi Lin explained panting while skillfully dodging the flying sword.

    "What?" Qing'er was confused for a moment, Jian'er paused, and when she figured it out, she suddenly yelled angrily: "You duomang! See if I don't destroy you!"

    "Help!" When Shi Lin heard that this beautiful killer lady was about to cripple him, he hurriedly ran away in embarrassment and annoyance.

    "Run away! Look at the sword!" Qing'er was about to chase after throwing the sword, but unexpectedly her arm was hugged all of a sudden.

    Qing'er turned sideways, and found that the little girl who was bullied by Shi Lin was holding her arm tightly with both hands, looking at her with big watery eyes and said happily: "Big sister, you misunderstood!  The lover who eloped gave him the burden by mistake. However, I think he is also very good-looking. It is better to elope with him than that heartless one! Sister, don¡¯t embarrass him! You put him  Give it to me!"

    "What!" Qing'er was confused, "Let give it to you?"

    "Yeah!" The little girl was full of expectation, "Well, this bag is for you! That handsome guy will give it to me! There are gold and silver in this bag, so it's valuable!" said the little girl  Before finishing speaking, she stuffed the bundle into Qing'er's hand, and Sa Yazi went after Shi Lin.

    "Don't run away! The young lady won't destroy you, so don't run away!" The little girl chased after her.

    "Stop! It's you!"

    As soon as Shi Lin reached the entrance of the alley, he was blocked by four or five people.

    When they saw Shi Lin, they laughed cheerfully.

    "Ah! It's been exposed! Gou San'er, a bastard, did you mess up the matter?" Shi Lin yelled and turned around quickly, about to run back.

    There is a group of thugs from the Xiyang family in front, and Miss Qing'er, the killer, is behind.  Shi Lin made up his mind that he would rather die under the pomegranate's skirt than under the executioner's butcher's knife.

    As soon as Shi Lin turned around, he found that no matter how hard he kicked his legs, he couldn't move. When he lowered his head, he found that he was hanging in mid-air.

    When he was wondering, he turned around and saw two vicious men grinning at him.

    It turned out that his two arms were held up.

    "Let me go!" Shi Lin looked up and saw Qing'er not far away, and hurriedly shouted: "Miss Killer, there is something I want to tell you, it has been hidden in my heart for a long time, come and save me!  "

    Qing'er was carrying a bundle in her hand, with a ignorant expression on her face.  When Shi Lin yelled this voice, he was even more puzzled.  Looking at the stone forest is like watching monkeys.

    At this time, the little maid also ran up, grabbed the arm of one of the big men, and begged bitterly: "Master, let my young master go!"

    "Boom!" The big man reached out and grabbed the little girl's arm.

    "It's just a pair! You can be our flower girls!"

    "Flower girl? Good! Good!" The little maid suddenly changed from surprise to surprise, and smiled happily.

    Shi Lin was still struggling in mid-air, "Let me go, let me down!"

    The little maid grabbed Shi Lin's arm and said happily: "My lord, don't be afraid! They invite us to be flower girls, and they won't do anything to us!"

    Seeing the incomparable innocence of the little maid so calm, Shi Lin stopped struggling.

    At this time, a woman came over and put two bouquets on Shi Lin and the little maid.

    A chubby woman looked at the two and said cheerfully: "These two dolls are really gratifying! The boy is handsome, and the girl is handsome. If we can find such a beautiful flower girl this time, I will definitely treat the owner  Happy!"

    &nb??The team missed, and the boy with the big flower walking at the front was obviously only twelve or thirteen years old.

    "He is a Taixue? At this age ºÇ Presumptuous!"

    Zhang Ou knows that Taixue is a government-run school and the highest institution for the imperial court to select and educate people.  Those who can enter Taixue are not only of high family background, but also of high knowledge.  Those who can go in to study must not only have a strong relationship and a good family background, but also have to go through various examinations.

    And isn't this so-called Taixue person in front of him a naive child?

    "Presumptuous! Doesn't he know that if he pretends to be a student of the Taixue, he will be beheaded?"

    "Stone Forest?" Zhang Ou secretly memorized this name. He will send someone to check this person after the morning court.

    "At such a young age, you are obsessed with trying to gain fame. How can you be successful in the future? Don't you want to be emperor" Just thinking of this, Zhang Ou deeply condemned himself.

    "Sinsin ?
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