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Main Text Chapter 20 Mother is so handsome!

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    In the afterglow of the morning, I was slightly drunk, and besides the freshness in the air, it was the festive taste of the wedding banquet.

    As soon as the welcoming team turned into the alley, the sound of gongs and drums resounded in front of Xiyang's house.

    The door curtain of the overseas Chinese was slightly opened by a thick finger, revealing an eye in the dark sedan chair.

    After the black eyeballs shot up, down, left, and right, they quickly covered the door curtain, for fear of being seen by anyone.

    The six porters carried the sedan chair with difficulty, and when they reached the door, they finally put down the heavy sedan chair lightly with relief, and hurriedly tilted their bodies and beat their sore shoulders.

    At this time, the matchmaker who had already been waiting at the door, and all the maids rushed to surround her.

    "The auspicious time has come, the newcomer ceremony begins" The master of ceremonies who had been standing at the door for a long time began to sing.

    The young groom grinned at this moment, hurriedly dismounted, and limped towards the sedan chair.

    "Bride, let's go home!" the groom officer laughed in a low voice.

    "Huh lulu"

    There was a deafening snoring sound from inside the sedan chair.

    "Bride!" The groom officer roared loudly, and the snoring inside the sedan chair stopped suddenly.

    "Bride, let's go home!" The groom's officer called softly again.

    "Okay!" A deep voice came from inside.

    The old maids on both sides lifted the curtain of the sedan chair, revealing a tall and tall bride.

    She was covered with a red hood, and her clothes were tight, as if the flesh all over her body would burst the clothes.

    The bridegroom officer was dumbfounded by fright at first, and then he laughed happily, with a long hala from the corner of his mouth.

    When Shi Lin saw it, he thought to himself: "Could it be that this kid is a fool!"

    "The bride crosses the brazier"

    The maidservants on both sides began to help the bride covered with a red veil across the brazier.

    And when the bride stretched out her two big thick and black hands, the maids on both sides were stunned for a moment.

    But the bridegroom officer next to him saw it and laughed happily: "ThisbigI like it!"

    The maids on both sides covered their mouths and laughed.

    The master of ceremonies began to sing: "The bride crosses the door and crosses the fire, and next year she will add wealth and children; honor her parents-in-law and people will not be annoyed, and the family will be harmonious and everything will prosper."

    "The bride walks across the brazier, behaves dignifiedly and tenderly; the husband and wife accompany the confidants, and the peers cherish the elders and respect each other."

    Surrounded by the crowd, the bride is tall and mighty, while the groom is weak, short and lame.

    In such a sharp contrast, a couple of newlyweds entered the house.

    When crossing the threshold, the bride's red hijab suddenly floated up, and the groom's official lowered his head, and suddenly saw the long beard.

    The groom's eyes widened in shock at first, and his mouth was like a round hole.  Then there was dancing in surprise.

    "I like it! I like it!"

    After the red tape was over, a couple of newlyweds were helped into the bridal chamber while the master of ceremonies sang loudly "sent to the bridal chamber".

    Shi Lin and the little maid were politely invited into a room and sat in the middle hall.

    The guests around saw this pair of lovely boys and girls, and they all admired them again and again.

    "This doll is so beautiful. If you marry her and return home, she will definitely give birth to a beautiful child!"

    "This little boy is so handsome! Anyone who wants to marry him must be so beautiful!"

    Shi Lin didn't care about them, but listened to the movements in the bridal chamber.

    Amidst the din of gongs and drums, the banquet began.

    The owner of the house and the guests mingled with each other.

    The head of the Xiyang Patriarch, Xiyang Xiansen, is about fifty years old, with a gray beard and a dark seal. His eyes are lined with huge bags under the eyes, but his small eyes are piercing.

    When all the guests saw it, they stood up and saluted one after another, saying "Congratulations" and "Congratulations" in their mouths.

    Mr. Xiyang returned the salutes one by one and said some polite words.


    In this festive atmosphere, the man's cry of pain suddenly came out again in the wedding room.


    "Come again! I just like you! Ah!"

    After hearing this, Mr. Xi Yang shook his head with a slightly angry face.

    He winked, and a servant with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks hurried forward with his waist bent.  "Master, what are your orders?"

    "Xiao Wu, go and make the band's voice louder so as to cover the young master's voice, the old man's face will be completely humiliated by this bastard!"


    Xiao Wu hurried to tell the band.

      The sound of gongs and drums is even louder.

    The surrounding guests were also very interested, and hurriedly resumed drinking and drinking.

    The cries of pain, the sound of gongs and drums, and the sound of punching fists, one after another, constitute the dynamic movement of the Xiyang family.

    In the boudoir of a large mansion, there was a sudden sound of things being kicked down.

    Outside the gate of the courtyard, the old couple who had just sent away their daughter wiped their tears and walked into the courtyard supporting each other.

    The house slaves immediately started fucking when they heard a strange sound coming from the lady's boudoir.

    "There is a thief in the lady's room! Hurry up! Go in and catch him!"

    Several people rushed into the lady's boudoir angrily, and saw a person lying on the ground beside the bed.

    "There is a thief! Kill him!"

    Seeing this, everyone yelled a few times, raised the board and slammed it on the man on the ground.

    After fighting for a long time, everyone was tired, so they turned the man over.

    Someone suddenly exclaimed: "LittleMiss!"

    Everyone was dazed when they heard this, and hurriedly dropped the thing in their hands, squatted down and helped the young lady up.

    Only then did I realize that the lady had a cloth ball stuffed in her mouth, her hands were tied behind her back, and her feet were also bound with ropes.

    After hearing the notification, the master and wife rushed in crying.

    When the old couple saw the miserable appearance of the girl, they rushed forward and burst into tears.

    The old man stomped tremblingly and roared angrily: "What a Xiyang family! You don't like my girl, and you can't treat me like this! Isn't this just obliterating my old face? Xiyang family, I am at odds with you!"

    Xiyang's family.

    Listening to the voice from the wedding room, Shi Lin raised the corners of his mouth.

    With his smile, he immediately fascinated the maids, mother-in-law, and female guests who surrounded him.

    "Oh, I'm going to die! This young man is so charming!"

    Just when all the female relatives were fascinated, Xiao Wu took advantage of the oil and slipped in from the group of women.

    "Hey, who is more handsome than me?"

    As soon as he got in, he was beaten and scolded by all the women.

    Just as he was playing with the female relatives, when he glanced at Shi Lin, his expression changed drastically.

    With a quick wave of his hand, he shook off the beatings of the female relatives, walked out of the crowd with a cold face, and ran towards Mr. Xiyang.

    There were scolding voices from all the female relatives behind him.

    Xiao Wu came to Mr. Xiyang's side and whispered to him.

    After hearing this, Mr. Xiyang clenched his teeth and showed a ferocious expression on his face.

    "He dares to come? I will let him come and go!"

    As soon as he finished speaking, a group of people suddenly yelled at the door and came in.

    "Old ghost Xiyang! Come out to me! What kind of turtle is holding back his grandchildren, and he did such a thing!" Surrounded by a group of slaves holding guys, it is the old relatives of the Xiyang family.

    "My in-laws! I didn't expect you to come too! You are"

    "Who is your in-law! You old tortoise, I can't finish talking to you today!" The old guy directly led his people to rush up.

    "Wait! What's going on! ?
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