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Main Text Chapter 21 The Lady Is Tied

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    "Wait! Yulin in-laws, what the hell is going on!"

    Before Mr. Xiyang could finish speaking, the old man in Yulin rushed forward like a tiger, and punched Mr. Xiyang's face with his fist.


    This fist made Mr. Xiyang's eyes shine with gold stars.

    It took a long time for the frightened little old man standing aside to react, and he shouted: "Yulin old ghost, you are crazy!"

    Afterwards, he pounced on the old man in Yulin like a vicious dog, and wrestled with him.

    The servants brought by the old man in Yulin did not show any weakness, and each carried a stick to attack the servants of the Xiyang family.

    "Ping ping pong pong"

    The banquet tables and tables filled the courtyard became messy after a while, and the drinks, dishes, plates, tables, chairs and benches were scattered all over the floor.

    "Tell me, what are you doing on the day of the children's wedding?"

    "I have to ask you! What's the matter with your son tying up my daughter and stuffing her under the bed? Your son doesn't want to marry my daughter, so just tell me! My daughter still doesn't want to marry yours.  Where is the lame and stupid son!"

    "Who do you think is lame and stupid! You are lame and stupid!" Mr. Xiyang usually hates people talking about his son like that, especially avoiding hearing "lame" and "stupid". As a result, the old man in Yulin  It's just such a face-to-face exposure.

    His flames suddenly shot up to three feet high.

    He waved his fist and threw himself at the old man Yulin again.  "Shoot to death you old bastard!"

    Just as they were fighting in full swing, there were pig-killing howls from the bridal chamber.


    Following this miserable ghost scream, the house became deadly quiet.

    At this time, Mr. Xiyang only reacted.  "What did you just say? Your daughter was tied up at home?"

    "Can this be false?" The old man in Yulin covered his big face that had been beaten, closed one eye, bared his teeth, and gasped.  "You guys are really good! You have so many tricks, and you've cheated! You pretended to marry my daughter, but in fact tied my daughter up, and changed other girls on the way. You guys are really clever! You fooled our Yulin family, and you guys!  "

    While talking, the old man in Yulin turned around and clapped his hands to the guests watching the excitement around him: "Everyone is here today, you come to comment on this old man!"

    "Oops!" Mr. Xi Yang suddenly turned pale, as if he had figured out something.  Because during the melee just now, he happened to catch a glimpse of a handsome young man in the crowd showing a sly smile at him.  Thinking about it now, that smile made him shudder.

    At this time, he looked for the people around him, but he couldn't find the boy.

    When he heard what the old man Yulin said, as well as the strange screams from his son in the bridal chamber, he immediately thought of something bad, became anxious, and his legs began to tremble.

    "It's been tricked!" He shouted, and ran towards the bridal chamber.

    "It really was your trick! Now you finally admit it! Old man Xiyang, give me an explanation!" Old man Yulin still stood where he was, pointing at his back and cursing loudly.

    "We have all been tricked! My son! Oops!" Mr. Xiyang turned his head and cried at the old man in Yulin.

    Seeing that his behavior did not seem to be pretending, the old man in Yulin felt that things were not what he imagined, so he stepped up to chase after Mr. Xiyang.

    When the two ran all the way to the bridal chamber and opened the door, a tragic scene unfolded in front of their eyes.

    I saw the groom passed out on the ground next to the bed, his face was bruised, and blood was flowing from his crotch

    "Damn it! Stone forest, it must be that stone forest!" Mr. Xi Yang's eyes were red, and his face with some bruises was covered with black clouds.  He turned around and yelled at Xiao Wu who was guarding the door: "Block all the doors of the house, turn the house upside down, and catch that stone forest! I want to kill him one by one!"  The flesh is torn off!"

    He stared angrily and gritted his teeth, making the old Yulin standing beside him tremble with fright.

    "My son!" Mr. Xiyang rushed towards his only son who was lying in a pool of blood as if he had lost his soul.

    When Mr. Xiyang was holding his unconscious son and crying bitterly, there was a sudden exclamation from the yard: "It's flooded! The grain depot in the backyard is flooded! Please, Dragon King"

    This voice directly made the heartbroken Mr. Xi Yang so frightened that he couldn't cry out.

    He stood up abruptly, staring at his big eyes, stumbled into the yard, and looked towards the backyard.

    There, the billowing smoke is like a green dragon, twisting its body and rushing towards the sky.

    &nbspAfter Shi Lin changed her clothes, she shyly handed her clothes to Mei Erniang, and said some words of thanks and apology.

    Erniang Mei ignored it, and when accepting the clothes that Shi Lin brought over, she unconsciously held Shi Lin's two arms, her eyes fixed on Shi Lin's handsome face.

    Shi Lin also looked at him with such rapt attention.

    Gou San'er, who was anxiously waiting for Shilin at the gate, suddenly heard a group of people shouting from far behind: "Quickly inform the general on the Guanqiao, block the stone bridge, block the stone bridge! Don't let that kid in Shilin run away!"  !"

    Shi Lin also heard the uproar, bid farewell to Mei Erniang, and hurried into the car.

    Gou San'er whipped his whip for a while, and the donkey was so painful that he spread his hooves and ran.

    Seeing a sedan chair walking slowly in the middle of the bridge from a distance, Gou San'er shouted: "Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"

    The four people who carried the sedan chair didn't take it seriously at first, but when they turned their heads, they saw a donkey cart rushing towards them frantically.

    ? From a distance, the big man driving the donkey cart shouted: "The donkey is crazy! The donkey is crazy! People on the road hide! I'm tired! I'm tired!"

    Professor Shi Lin's method really worked. When Gou San'er shouted like this, the passers-by in front dodged one after another, giving way to a wide road.

    And the four bearers of the sedan chair did not dare to delay, and hurried to the side of the road.

    The flash was too fast, and the person who was dozing off inside the sedan chair was suddenly knocked down, and his head hit the cross-bar of the sedan chair, causing him to grin his teeth in pain.

    "What are you doing!" he reprimanded as he lifted the curtain.

    "My lord, there are people who are fighting for the way with us, and they are very arrogant. We have to dodge in time to prevent the sedan chair from being knocked apart by them!" The leader of the bearer hurriedly explained.

    As soon as the people in the sedan chair looked up, they happened to see a young man sitting on top of the donkey cart that had just passed by, and the young man seemed to be smiling at him.

    "Isn't this young man the flower girl in the early hours of this morning? A young man seeking fame and reputation, he is still so reckless and rude. How can he be a student of the Taixue, and he has a degree in woodwork! Isn't this a fraud? The old man must participate in a book, how dare you?"  Pretend to be a student of Taixue, and I will kill your whole family!"

    In the sedan chair, the man blowing his beard and staring at him was Zhang Ou, the imperial historian.

    "Turn around! Go back to Weiyang Palace! I want to meet His Majesty in person and participate in this book of Stone Forest!"

    Gou San'er ran wildly in the donkey cart, shouting and scolding from passersby constituted the early morning movement.

    The rising sun is reflected by the wide river under the bridge.

    The sparkling light and the gurgling stream constitute another beautiful music in the morning.
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