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Text Chapter 22 Master, Don't Laugh

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    Weiyang Palace.

    Ganquan Hall.

    After the morning court, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty lay on the bed and closed his eyes to rest his mind.

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, who has entered his sixtieth year, is no longer as good as before, he feels less sleepy, and his energy is not as strong as before.

    Suspicion and insecurity often wake him up from nightmares.

    Especially the scourge of Gu poison a few years ago has made him suspicious of the people around him.

    Sometimes, with every mouthful of food and water, he felt that someone was hurting him.

    Even soaking in the bathtub, I always feel that there are some unclean things floating around me.

    To be honest, his later life was not happy.

    Tired of the unshakable morning court, the banquets that can't be changed much, and the concubines who are tired of watching, staying in the surrounded palace every day is like being imprisoned These daily routines that do not cause much shock have long made him feel

    I feel like a walking dead every day.

    However, after seeing the story-telling doll yesterday, Liu Che felt for the first time that there was still something to look forward to in the world, and at first he scratched his head because he couldn't get the result of the story.

    But after a night of savoring carefully, he felt more and more that in life, listening to other people's stories - the boy called it "storytelling" - is something that excites him.

    It is rare that there is such a thing that inspires him to be nostalgic for life, how can he give up?

    After the early morning court, an edict was issued to let Huo Guang and Ji An stay.

    The two of them stood outside the door early, waiting for the emperor to wake up from his sleep.

    Huo Guangzheng put his hands in his sleeves, stood up straight, closed his eyes and took a nap.

    Ji An bowed his hands slightly to Huo Guang, and asked: "Huo Da Sima! I really don't understand why the emperor left us two brothers to stand guard here after the court today?"

    After hearing this, Huo Guang opened his eyes slightly, glanced sideways at Ji An, and said in his heart: "You old fox, don't you understand the emperor's thoughts? Hmph! Don't play with the old man. Only three-year-olds are playing.  It's a trick!"

    "Hehe, Mr. Ji, I don't know about it either!" After Huo Guang finished speaking, he closed his eyes again and continued to doze off.

    Seeing his arrogant expression, Ji An curled his lips, immediately changed the subject, clapped his hands and said, "Oh, that's bad! That's bad!"

    When Huo Guang heard this, he quickly opened his eyes to look at him, "Lord Ji, why are you making such a fuss? Don't disturb His Majesty, if you startle the holy car, you will not be able to eat and walk away!"

    "Oh! Oh! I suddenly remembered! The storytelling that the young man said yesterday seems to be ending today. It seems that I have no luck today, so I went to hear the end of the story! What a pity!"  Ji An clapped his hands and complained endlessly.

    Huo Guang originally thought that there was something surprising about him, but he didn't expect it to be such a thing.

    Moreover, Huo Guang naturally understood that this was Ji An pretending to be confused.

    He clearly knew that the reason why His Majesty kept the two of them here was not to wait for him to rest for a while. When Sishi, the three of them went to the southern suburb of Nadu County to continue listening to storytelling.

    "Yesterday, I saw a rare smile on His Majesty's face. It's not easy for you and me to find something that makes His Majesty happy. Why don't we invite that young man to the palace and let him be responsible for His Majesty's work?"  Talk about storytelling? Huo Da

    Man, what do you think next?  "Ji An squinted his small eyes and asked with a smile.

    "No way!" After Huo Guang finished speaking, he turned his head again, closed his eyes, and continued to doze off.

    Ji An knew that this kind of occasion was very boring, so he closed his mouth, just like Huo Guang, with his hands in his hands, his eyes closed, and he dozed standing up.

    "Two adults!"

    Someone exclaimed so suddenly that Huo Guang and Ji An shuddered at the same time.

    The two of them opened their eyes almost at the same time, and when they saw Zhang Ou, the censor, hurrying over with his robes in hand, he shouted out of breath, "My lords, why are you standing here as punishment?"

    After hearing this, Huo Guang and Ji An looked at each other, frowned, and glared at Zhang Ou in unison: "Is this a standing punishment? Look clearly! This is standing and dozing off!"

    After Zhang Ou heard this, he laughed with a "puchi", and said while laughing: "Napping standing up? Aren't you two adults as capable as my horse!"

    "Can we compare with horses? No! Can horses compare with us? It's just presumptuous! You are not afraid of disturbing His Majesty's dream!" Huo Guang was incoherent with anger.

    Zhang Ou looked aggrieved, "In terms of voice, the lower officials can't compare with Mr. Huo. As the saying goes, 'cock?Is Liu sick?  "

    "Is Liu sick?"

    Almost everyone present silently recited the name in surprise.

    Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was a little lost.

    Huo Guang began to frown and think about the relationship between this young man and Liu Shi.

    Ji An rolled his small eyes and stared at the expressions of everyone, secretly guessing their respective thoughts.

    Bingji's eyes lit up, as if he had found some treasure.

    "Is that the kid who was messing around in the street? Zhang Aiqing?"

    Zhang Ou hurriedly replied: "Return to Your Majesty, that naughty child is not called Liu Bingji, but Shi Lin!"

    "Stone Forest?"

    "Stone Forest!"

    "Stone Forest!"

    This time, Liu Che was astonished along with Huo Guang, Ji An and Bingji.

    Liu Che, on the other hand, sat down and drank tea leisurely, with a lot of playfulness. They bowed their heads, not daring to breathe.

    After Liu Che drank a few cups of tea, he finally asked, "Yesterday, what time did that kid say that storytelling is going to start today?"

    Ji An hurriedly reported: "Your Majesty, it's time."

    "Okay! Let's go and listen together! Zhang Aiqing will go together! Come! Change clothes with me!"

    Du County.

    Refugee area.

    Pomegranate and everyone are busy washing rice, lighting a fire, and cooking.

    Gou San'er was being surrounded by everyone, listening to him spit and brag about the great things he did last night.

    Talk about how he subdued the fat bride, and how he killed the groom's officer with the help of the magic weapon given by the master-the slingshot.

    At the bottom of the wall, next to the old man lying on his side, with his back leaning against the cold wall, the stone forest squatting looked at a large pile of rice grains, still frowning and dazed.

    "Good-looking uncle, we all have so much to eat! Why are you still depressed?" Xiao Tuan'er asked.

    "Although there is a lot of rice, it can't hold so many mouths to eat. I'm afraid it will last for ten days. What about after ten days? Are you going to go hungry again? Xiaotuaner, do you have a good idea?" Shi Lin frowned.  asked with a frown.

    "III didn't."

    Shi Lin touched Xiao Tuan'er's forehead and said, "You just need to eat well. Let adults worry about these things."

    "Well! Good-looking uncle, did you continue to talk about yesterday's storytelling? You see, there are more people who came to listen to storytelling today than yesterday. There are tens of thousands of people, and our square is almost full!"

    After hearing this, Shi Lin looked around the square.

    Dark masses of people gathered around the square.

    They occupy small hillsides, small stone piles, city walls, and even some people can't grab the position and can only climb trees.

    ?They looked forward to it, chatted with each other, and waited for Shi Lin to open the storytelling.

    When there were more people, the Youlang hawkers began to walk around and sell all kinds of roasted seeds and nuts, candied haws, and small candy figurines.

    The refugee area suddenly became lively.

    "Tickets?" Shi Lin narrowed his eyes, and suddenly became cheerful from melancholy.

    "What ticket? What is the ticket? Can it be eaten?" The old man lying at the foot of the wall asked in surprise.

    "Okay! Tickets are a good thing!" Shi Lin thought, even relying on everyone's rewards, compared to the huge living expenses of refugees, it is still a drop in the bucket.

    Instead of begging from everyone, it is better to stand upright and earn your own legal income.

    Thinking of this, the corners of Shi Lin's mouth rose.

    "Master, don't laugh! When you smile, I'll panic!" Gou San'er, who had just finished chatting on the mountain and was about to come over to get the bowls and chopsticks to serve porridge, saw Shi Lin like this, backed up a few steps in fright, and blurted out  .

    "Hehe, hurry up and eat, after the meal, start the storytelling. At the end, I will announce a big event for the teacher! ?
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