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real phantom Latest chapter update list


Text 001 Mature woman HongjunText 002 Kidnapping and coercionText 003 The Immortal Sword IntentText 004 Mr. No. 1
Text 005 Customized Tang DaoText 006 Attributes and TalentsText 007 The real phantomText 008 The novice plot begins
Text 009 Slept through Resident EvilText 010 Exclusive instructorText 011 Dream CityText 012 Robbering
Text 013 Evil misunderstandingText 014 MH-1 Desert EagleText 015 High level robberyText 016 Two skill cards
Text 017 Random plotText 018 Academy ApocalypseText 019 Amphibious vehicleText 020 Murata Sword and Busujima Saeko
Text 021 Two optional tasksText 022 The fickle Miyamoto ReiText 023 Mandatory tasksText 024 The Beginning of Death
Text 025 Footsteps of DeathText 026 The Gunshot of DeathText 027 The flower of death blooms¡ª¡ªChrysanthemumText 028 The flower of death blooms¡ª¡ªSakura
Text 029 Night of the Dead - Loli and DogText 030 Reprise of DeathText 031 The Harvest of DeathText 032 lastnigh of death
Text 033 Mercenary BeaconText 034 The old bird and the newbieText 035 A great leap in strengthText 036 Two nights with the cat demon
Text 037 Ruzhan and Vampire Battle SuitText 038 Reunion and preparationText 039 Entering the plot of "The Mummy"Text 040 The Spear of Judgment and the Blessing of the Sun God
Text 041 Broken Shoes and RobberyText 042 Murderous pressureText 043 Reunion with O¡¯ConnorText 044 Immorton¡¯s Resurrection
Text 045 Battle against ImmortonText 046 True love, a thousand years of love!Text 047 Summoner Job Change CardText 048 Contract Summoner
Text 049 Bright Moon HeartText 050 Be careful! gentle?Text 051 Evil Light Slash and Drawn Sword SlashText 052 True love belongs to
Text 053 Diablo Act 1Text 054 Akara¡¯s adopted sonText 055 Hidden Mission¡ª¡ªEvil CaveText 056 Powerful fake identity
Text 057 A man who even robs monstersText 058 The period of low fortuneText 059 The hard-to-gnaw corpse gets angryText 060 The Unparalleled Warriors
Text 061 Strange Blood Crow, strange plot world!Text 062 The Death of Blood CrowText 063 The real world?Text 064 Crow and Valkyrie
Text 065 Siege and kill Bisu HiroshiText 066 fireball and the boss who fell to deathText 067 Griswade¡¯s sharpnessText 068 The Elegant Countess
Text 069 Wall of fire, sea of ??fire!Text 070 Strengthening RunesText 071 The nun in whiteText 072 The Queen of Torment and Anguish
Text 073 The Queen¡¯s First KissText 074 Contract AndarielText 075 Brother Wuyou¡¯s TearsText 076 The Absolute Realm and the Realm of Gods and Demons
Text 077 More than a hundred years of weakness?Text 078 Bad woman, bad man, bad family!Text 079 Water Escape; Water Dragon Bullet TechniqueText 080 Nightwalker's Feet
Text 081 New gloves, new clothes, new information!Text 082 Touching and being touchedText 083 Gore; d; AnText 084 The cruel queen
Text 085 dragon slaveText 086 Information at the dinner tableText 087 The first trial of dragon slayingText 088 Only those who know how to spend money will make money!
Text 089 Sexy BeautyText 090 "Transformers" First BattleText 091 The Guardian Clan and Alien SpiesText 092 The third time
Text 093 Contract MegatronText 094 A pair of cautious eyesText 095 Shuishui brand chocolateText 096 Bullshit?
Text 097 CatalinaText 098 It hurts every day!Text 099 The decisive battle with the AutobotsText 100 Megatron, you idiot!
Text 101 Eternal FireText 102 The Troublemaker MegatronText 103 The alien battlefield opensText 104 Desert Predator on Planet Lizard
Text 105 The temptation of barbecueText 106 The lizard man recruits a son-in-lawText 107 Causal loopText 108 Drama beauties foursome
Text 109 The Mercenary King and the Little WitchText 110 Wu KongshuText 111 "The Wagtail Goddess" plot cardText 112 Flying Contract Objectives
Text 113 Xiao Meng and Mai XiaolinText 114 Group of TenText 115 The wagtail begins to moveText 116 Wagtail¡¯s Contract
Text 117 The Emergence of the WagtailText 118 Battle between WagtailsText 119 Wagtail: Witch NemesisText 120 The Wagtail¡¯s Messenger of Justice
Text 121 The Wagtail¡¯s Best Reed TeethText 122 Wagtail: Two and a Half WomenText 123 Wagtail Returns to Izumo-soText 124 Wagtail¡¯s Proud Moon Sea
Text 125 The scumbag Wei Ya and the miserable sistersText 126 Wagtail¡¯s drunkennessText 127 Wagtail chaosText 128 Wagtail: I can also die with you
Text 129 Wagtail¡¯s ¡°Confession¡±Text 130 The Wagtail¡¯s Rape. Husband. Adultery. WifeText 131 Wagtail: Naughty and Cute Mai ShiranuiText 132 Wagtail, you are indeed a good person
Text 133 Wagtail¡¯s March PlanText 134 Wagtail¡¯s Black Crow FeatherText 135 Wagtail¡¯s Megatron appears on the sceneText 136 Wagtail¡¯s Seaside Sanatorium
Text 137 Wagtail spring is hereText 138 The wagtails are all cowardly cousins ??of humans and dragonsText 139 Wagtail takes his nephew to a nightclub with his watchText 140 Wagtail¡¯s Super High Reward Mission
Text 141 The fate of the wagtail seen at nightText 142 Wagtail¡¯s TreatmentText 143 Wagtail Appreciation and RogueText 144 Wagtail kills Brother Wuyou with a sniper
Text 145 Wagtail¡¯s cruel and despicable battleText 146 Wagtail¡¯s little pill that makes great achievements repeatedlyText 147 The Wagtail of YuanText 148 Wagtail¡¯s permanent compensation plan
Text 149 The End of WagtailText 150 The Seven WagtailsText 151 Cut offText 152 Knight Contract Target
Text 153 ReadyText 154 The Depressing "X-Men"Text 155 Summoning the PhoenixText 156 Phantom Cat Blood Sample
Text 157 Vampire ChiyokoText 158 ??Chiyoko¡¯s loveText 159 The real big pervertText 160 Mystique Kanna
Text 161 "X-Men 2"Text 162 The Contracted Death WomanText 163 The Abominable Adamantium AlloyText 164 Beast
Text 165 Angel WingsText 166 The powerful Qin; GrayText 167 A tragic victoryText 168 Void Sword Qi and Flying Wing Blade Armor
Text 169 All-round defenseText 170 The ImmortalText 171 Dark Phoenix and Busty ValkyrieText 172 The Grace of the Sun God
Text 173 Childhood sweetheart CeliaText 174 True; Phantom Sword DanceText 175 Clearing out the Birmak Empire Test SiteText 176 My name is Paris
Text 177 Purpose achievedText 178 Paris¡¯ ProposalText 179 Rock BladeText 180 Feather Asama Miya
Text 181 Heading to Hetton MarText 182 The Holy Knight is BeautifulText 183 Saint?Text Luo Lian (private version)
Text 184 Purple HyacinthText 185 Battle against the high-ranking elvesText 186 Elf King IgabelaText 187 The real contract summoner
Text 188 Saint of the MoonText 189 Target "Death"Text 190 The Bellyband of DeathText 191 The Zanpakut¨­ of Death
Text 192 The beginning of deathText 193 Hyacinthus of DeathText 194 Byakuya¡¯s younger brother, the God of DeathText 195 Death's Shunpo
Text 196 The Way of the Sword and Ghost Way of DeathText 197 Captain of the 10th Division of the God of DeathText 198 The Flower of DeathText 199 The Fourth God of Death, Kaedein Yoruichi
Text 200 The God of Death's Swastika InterpretationText 201 Hyacinthus, the Gorgeous Demon of DeathText 202 Byakuya and Hijin, the God of DeathText 203 The God of Death Aizen Sosuke
Text 204 The God of Death Enters Hueco MundoText 205 Tia, the God of Death; HarribelText 206 The Training of the God of DeathText 207 The Death's Journey to the Great Void Forest
Text 208 Return of the Hero of DeathText Rangiku MatsumotoText 209 Duel between Master and Disciple of DeathText 210 The Gorgeous Demonic Armor of Death Shows off Its Power
Text 211 The End of Aizen, the God of DeathText 212 Kurosaki Masaki, the God of DeathText 213 The Resurrection of the God of DeathText 214 The Seireitei Crusade Team of the God of Death
Text 215 The Love of the Flower of DeathText 216 Death's Defeat Kenpachi, Zhu DongxianText 217 Return of the God of Death to the SeireiteiText 218 The Last Supper of Death
Text 219 Crow Feather¡¯s job changeText 220 First meetingText 221 Blue Star AllianceText 222 ms
Text 223 Powerful technological powerText 224 New goalsText 225 Easily injured womanText 226 Ziyuan=Zitang
Text 227 First visit to Blue Star CityText 228 ClaymoreText 229 Smiling DinishaText 230 Dinisha vs Held
Text 231 Cruel, cunning, boringText 232 Galadia, MiriaText 233 Love provocationText 234 High-Speed ??Sword Inili
Text 235 Spiritual Value BreakthroughText 236 Big Sword Four PeopleText 237 Crystal Ball and Saint Cloth StoneText 238 Naruto¡¯s Demonic Sword Clan
Text 239 Ino in the Hokage Mountains and Uzuki YugaoText 240 Naruto Shadow Level BattleText 241 Naruto¡¯s personal female teacherText 242 Naruto¡¯s Humanoid Tailed Beast
Text 243 The Position of the Fifth HokageText 244 Naruto: After Drinking...Text 245 Naruto: The Death of Uzuki XiyanText 246 Naruto: Barbarian
Text 247 Naruto: The Fifth Generation Mizukage Terumi MeiText 248 Naruto: The Abducted Terumi MeiText 249 Naruto¡¯s Second Contract GoalText 250 The whereabouts of Naruto Tsunade
Text 251 Naruto¡¯s super accidentText 252 The Akatsuki organization attacksText 253 Naruto¡¯s battles and gamesText 254 Naruto: Wolf Sage
Text 255 Naruto¡¯s Personal WarText 256 Naruto's solo battle with PayneText 257 Hokage¡¯s DeclarationText 258 Naruto: Brother Wuyou¡¯s Sharingan
Text 259 Before the Battle of NarutoText 260 Naruto's War BeginsText 261 Naruto 4 has a good young manText 262 The Unification of Naruto
Text 263 Little dream, little dream, little dream!Text 264 Portcas? d? LujiuText 265 One Piece: Navy HeadquartersText 266 One Piece¡¯s Friend Sakaski
Text 267 One Piece: Nico? battle for robinText 268 One Piece: Overlord Color DominanceText 269 One Piece: Nico? OlviaText 270 One Piece: Angel Pirates
Text 271 One Piece¡¯s Man...Beast...Volume 1 272 One Piece: Bloody Queen AndarielVolume 1 273 One Piece: Shichibukai PlanVolume 1 274 One Piece: The Strongest Swordsman in the World
Volume 1 275 One Piece: The Pillar of the NavyVolume 1 276 One Piece: Cocoa Nishi VillageVolume 1 277 One Piece: Going to the Undersea ParadiseVolume 1 278 The Change of the Pirate King
Volume 1 279 One Piece: Princess Mononoke PeronaVolume 1 280 Growth and New TestsVolume 1 281 Battlefield Assistance MissionVolume 1 282 The Big Hat Mouse and the Gorgeous Lady Miss De
Volume 1 283 Amitabha!Volume 1 284 "Dark Bible"Volume 1 285 The powerful stinger warriorVolume 1 286 The Second Purple Kite
Volume 1 287 Practical TrainingVolume 1 288 The sturdy mermaid royal familyVolume 1 289 Female SpyVolume 1 290 Zanpakuto Hyacinth¡¯s Biggest Secret
Volume 1 291 Mission CompletedVolume 1 292 Short-Term Goal¡ªZezi and the Powerful MimiVolume 1 293 Demon Sword and BeautyVolume 1 294 The Birth of the Big Breasted Alchemist
Volume 1 295 Stigma: Farewell to the Age of WaterVolume 1 296 Stigmata: Demand for high-quality holy milkVolume 1 297 The Holy Milk of Tifa of the StigmataVolume 1 298 Holy Milk Tasting Conference of Stigmata
Volume 1 299 Stigmata's EraVolume 1 299 Stigmata's EraVolume 1 300 Stigmata Witch vs. PrincessVolume 1 301 The Divine Breasts of Denisa of the Stigmata
Volume 1 302 The formal separation of the stigmataVolume 1 303 Stigmata Faberg¨¦ Easter EggVolume 1 304 The Goddess of Life of the Blade of StigmataVolume 1 305 The Uninvited Guest of the Stigmata
Volume 1 306 The Lie of the StigmataVolume 1 307 The Stigma Is a Pure AccidentVolume 1 308 Stigmata: Super Saiyan 2Volume 1 309 Stigma Harem Meeting
Volume 1 310 Diablo Act 2Volume 1 311 A world where the strong man of darkness is respectedVolume 1 312 Dark Demon AngelVolume 1 313 Dark Horadric Cube
Volume 1 314 Journey to Darkness Go to Lu; Gao YinVolume 1 315 The Troubles of Darkness¡¯ Big BreastsVolume 1 316 Dark Demon Angel AndarielVolume 1 317 Darkness Ah Meow Meow
Volume 1 318 Dark and Greedy NatayaVolume 1 319 The Shameless Hero of DarknessVolume 1 320 Dark accident, angel comes!Volume 1 321 The kind devil of darkness, the wanton angel!
Volume 1 322 Darkness Attacks HeavenVolume 1 323 Bloody Battle in Dark HeavenVolume 1 324 The Gift of the Dark VirginVolume 1 325 Civil War is about to begin
Volume 1 326 Enemy TrailVolume 1 327 First BattleVolume 1 328 Soft Egg Fire DragonVolume 1 329 The decisive battle begins
Volume 1 330 Two-sidedVolume 1 331 Xiaomeng goes to battleVolume 1 332 Guardian AngelVolume 1 333 Mercenaries directly under the Celestial Clan
Volume 1 334 Infatuated Miss DeVolume 1 335 half hourVolume 1 336 Return to natureVolume 1 337 Killing the Gorgeous Demon
Volume 1 338 Kevel¡¯s SecretVolume 1 339 Preparatory QuotaVolume 1 340 high school d¡ÁdVolume 1 341 Rias Gremory
Volume 1 342 Shitori SonaVolume 1 343 Himejima AkenoVolume 1 344 Hyoudou IsseiVolume 1 345 Endless Sword Domain
Volume 1 346 Red Dragon Recognizes Its MasterVolume 1 347 The Smile of the VirginVolume 1 348 Magic and FamiliarVolume 1 349 Killing and Being Killed
Volume 1 350 UntitledVolume 1 351 Devil Chess TeamVolume 1 352 rating gamVolume 1 353 Breakthrough in the second half
Text 354 ShamelessText 355 True; MiningText 356 New goal¡ªSealing the CrossText 357 "The Cross and the Vampire"
Text 358 UnexpectedText 359 Gentle Brother WuyouText 360 Husband and wife team of teachersText 361 Something happened
Text 362 Save the miserable mandarin duckText 363 Red Dragon VS Demonic FoxText 364 Edogawa WuyouText 365 Intrusion, the mercenary king Muhammad!
Text 366 Being bulliedText 367 Target "Saint Seiya" prequelText 368 The Guardian Constellation of SaintsText 369 Saint Seiya Dragon VS Goat
Text 370 The greatest secret of Excalibur, the holy sword of Saint SeiyaText 371 Saint Seiya: The Attack of Cancer and PiscesText 372 Saint Seiya: The Hundred Dragons of Mount LuText 373 Saint Seiya Tosaori
Text 374 Saint Seiya Athena AwakensText 375 Saint Seiya¡¯s Final Battle in the SanctuaryText 376 Saint Seiya Yuriko LeoText 377 The goddess of saints regains control of the sanctuary
Text 378 Saint Seiya: Nordic God of AsgardText 379 Saint Seiya¡¯s Destruction of Immortal PalaceText 380 Saint Seiya Mermaid DidisText 381 Saint Yuriko VS General Kai
Text 382 Saint Seiya: Galaxy StarburstText 383 The Truth of Saint Seiya; Killing the Gorgeous DemonText 384 Saint Seiya¡¯s Soul GuiderText 385 Saint Seiya: The Abnormal Evil (Do not watch this for pure people)
Text 386 The Pure Land of Saint SeiyaText 387 The Guardian Goddess and the Sacred Weapon Zanpakut¨­Text 388 Jin Shining and Da Mao KingText 389 Muhammad¡¯s Request
Text 390 Athena ExclamationText 391 Glittery TearsText 392 New interpretation of swastikaText 393 Independent system, "Death" is restarted!
Text 394 The God of Death Kuchiki HijinText 395 The Realized Doll of the God of DeathText 396 The Second Second Kenpachi of DeathText 397 Bleach: Infiltration into Soul Society Chapter
Text 398 Death¡¯s Dinisha ShowText 399 Invasion of Bawent, the God of DeathText 400 Tiger Tetsu Yone, the God of DeathText 401 The Unexpected Story of the Zanpakut¨­ of the God of Death Begins
Text 402 Death¡¯s special blood sampleText 403 The Hyacinth of Death materializesText 404 The Depressed Brother Wuyou of DeathText 405 The Purpose of Muhammad, the God of Death
Text 406 Death's entry into Hueco MundoText 407 Aizen of Death vs Saeko BusujimaText 408 Tiruti of Death; SandavikiText 409 The Black Saeko of Death
Text 410 The End of DeathText 411 Transfer of surveillance rightsText 412 DNF: The Missing Luo LianText 413 DNF: The Giant White Sword Saint Aganzuo
Text 414 DNF vs. Forrest GumpText 415 DNF survivor OpheliaText 416 DNF: The Passionate Luo LianText 417 DNF: The sad Kakun
Text 418 DNF: The Heavenly Curtain BehemothText 419 DNF Venus, the God of BeautyText 420 DNF: The Kidnapped GoddessText 421 DNF: The surprise appearance of a dog
Text 422 The Peak Battle of DNFReal Phantom 5200 Text 423 DNF Black Turtle ShellReal Phantom 5200 Text 424 The Dragon of DNF ReappearsReal Phantom 5200 Text 425 DNF The Second Guardian Goddess
Real Phantom 5200 Text 426 DNF: The Abnormality of the MistressReal Phantom 5200 Text 427 DNF Part Two InterpretationReal Phantom 5200 Text 428 DNF: The Fifth Apostle ShilokReal Phantom 5200 Text 429 The enemy of DNF is coming
Real Phantom 5200 Text 430 "True; Three Kingdoms Unparalleled"True Phantom 5200 Text 431 Unparalleled Hypocritical EmperorReal Phantom 5200 Text 432 Unparalleled Magic StickReal Phantom 5200 Text 433 True; Unparalleled Dance
Real Phantom 5200 Text 434 Unparalleled Searching for Persons in LuoyangReal Phantom 5200 Text 435 Unparalleled Beauty Fighter Diao ChanReal Phantom 5200 Text 436 Unparalleled Diao Chan saves his fatherReal Phantom 5200 Text 437 Unparalleled Diao Chan vs. Lu Bu
Real Phantom 5200 Text 438 Wushuang¡¯s help in times of needReal Phantom 5200 Text 439 Peerless Fantasy WagtailReal Phantom 5200 Text 440 Unparalleled Shameless SiegeThe True Phantom 5200 Text 441 The Unparalleled Only Aid
Real Phantom 5200 Text 442 Unparalleled Demon ArmorReal Phantom 5200 Text 443 The Unparalleled Beauty Summons the BeastReal Phantom 5200 Text 444 The Unparalleled BeginningReal Phantom 5200 Text 445 The Unparalleled End¡ªThe Son of God Arrives! (season finale)
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