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real phantom

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category Sci-fiauthor LongMoYoustatus serializing
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real phantomBrief introduction:

Hongjun: Boy, you are in bad luck!
Tongtian: Little friend Long, you...take care of yourself!
Long Wuyou: I don’t want to be a bad guy, it’s you who forced me!
Busujima Saeko: Senior brother, you are not a bad person!
Andalil: My dear, let’s go and kill people and set fires together!
Megatron: Boss, where will we destroy next?
Aizen: Ryu, let’s become sworn brothers!
Tsunade: You bastard, I won’t let you go!
Qingzhi: For the sake of Nicole Robin, please let me go!
★Perverted and cold-blooded people are here. Those who love you, please leave voluntarily!  ★
Penguin colony: 199434405

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      real phantomlatest chapter:Real Phantom 5200 Text 445 The Unparalleled End—The Son of God Arrives!  (season finale)

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