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Real Phantom 5200 Text 445 The Unparalleled End〞The Son of God Arrives!  (season finale)

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    Three days later, it was still in the universe outside the world of "Dynasty Warriors" and on an unknown planet. Brother Wuyou ushered in the most terrifying and powerful enemy since he entered the dream city.  __//

    Kaos, the captain of the Celestial Guards, is a bulldog from Innu. His combat effectiveness is twenty-seven times that of Muhammad, the previous strongest man on Earth.

    This battle will directly determine the fate of Brother Wuyou. If he wins, he will rise to the top and replace Kaos as the captain of the Guards. If he loses, his body and soul will be destroyed!

    The landscape of this large planet used as a battlefield is very similar to that of Mars in the solar system. Most of it is desert Gobi.

    Megatron's transformed space shuttle was put away by Brother Wuyou at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Then Brother Wuyou, who was wearing a black shirt and trousers, sensed the energy fluctuations deliberately emitted by Kaos and flew down alone.

    When Brother Wuyou saw the strongest man on the Inu planet from a distance, he was surprised, very surprised. Even his calm state of mind, which had long been restored, could not help but feel a little rippled.

    A burly man whose height was estimated to be no less than two meters, with a meaty dog's head on his neck, wearing a small gray-black Japanese men's kimono, with a curved-edge tachi katana stuck at his waist.  , sitting cross-legged on a cushion, with a wooden coffee table in front of him, a pot of tea brewing on the coffee table, and two very retro ceramic tea cups.

    Just looking at that look, it really looks like a little Japanese with a dog*s head. Anyway, Brother Wuyou feels super speechless

    Before Brother Wuyou landed on the deserted Gobi Desert, the dog-headed little Japanese, the guard captain Kaos, casually threw out a cushion and placed it opposite the coffee table. He raised his head and said to Brother Wuyou: "Black Dragon Lord,  Please sit down and take a look at my tea ceremony skills! Woo!"

    While talking, Kaos took out a lot of tea-making tools and played with them leisurely.

    Brother Wuyou*s mouth twitched slightly, but he did not sit down to drink tea with Kaos.  He said bluntly: "There's no need to enjoy tea, let's just fight!"

    Kaos shook his head slightly and continued to make tepid tea while saying: "As a strong person, we must not only have strong power, but also have a matching state of mind. Greed, anger,  Impatience, nervousness, these inappropriate emotions can easily affect our performance. Woo!"

    "To be honest, when I learned that you killed my cousin Mastiff, I was really angry and even wanted to rush over and kill you. But I quickly adjusted my mentality and slowly suppressed my anger."

    "You are indeed an amazing Earthling, with more potential than Muhammad. Muhammad and I are also old friends. We met him when Dream City on Earth 83 first opened. I was still in the plot of Earth  Experienced in the world.§

    "Now. I want to avenge my cousins, and more importantly, I want to avenge Bede and others who were just killed by you. This is my responsibility and I can't escape it. But as compensation for you, you can choose to surrender to me.  Becoming my subordinate will not only save your life, but also give you a better space for development."

    "Of course, you can also choose to fight me and step on my body to become the new captain of the Guards. But this is too difficult for you. I believe you are self-aware. Woo!"

    "Then let me make a choice now, surrender or fight! Woof!"

    Kaos kept chirping for a long time, but what he meant was that he wanted to conquer Brother Wuyou, which surprised Brother Wuyou a little bit.

    But Brother Wuyou has never thought about being a dog for the kobolds, even if he dies unfortunately, and he also wants to achieve his goal by defeating Kaos, so his answer is:


    Brother Wuyou directly drew his sword and entered the second stage of swastika state. He chose to fight!

    At the same time Brother Wuyou solved the swastika.  Three slim figures quickly appeared behind Brother Wuyou.  They are Athena, the goddess of wisdom, Venus, the goddess of beauty, and the blade-born goddess who originally belonged to Dinisha.

    This is not the end, knowing that Kaos is much stronger than him.  Brother Wuyou will never have any reservations.  The eight wagtail powers in his body, fed back by Mei Zai and others, finally activated, and eight petal-shaped light wings of different colors suddenly stretched out behind Brother Wuyou, just like the gorgeous scene when the wagtail fledged in the original plot.

    The eight wings of light are released and then retracted, and the original power of the eight wagtails is completely integrated into Brother Wuyou's body, transforming into energy that Brother Wuyou can control at will.

    Seeing Brother Wuyou*s momentum rising step by step, Kaos became a little unhappy. His two dog eyes widened slightly, and an overwhelming pressure suddenly poured towards Brother Wuyou.

    Facing the pressure and impact, Brother Wuyou's body couldn't help but start to tremble slightly, and his inner organs suddenly?Shocked.

    "Master, don't hesitate, use all the strength of Sister An and the others!" Xiaosan, who has been observing the situation, shouted eagerly: "Kaos's combat power is at least eight times stronger than yours, and more than eight times stronger than yours."  The rumored one is more powerful, and you will be defeated by him if you are not careful."

    Eight times may not seem like a lot, but once the comparison base is huge, it becomes a bit scary.  Eight times of "one" is just "eight", and eight times of "ten" is "eighty". If it is replaced by "one hundred million", then eight times the value is "eight hundred million".

    Brother Wuyou's power is already very powerful, so powerful that he can return to his original nature and even break the power of the law.  But in front of Kaos, Brother Wuyou was injured with just one coercive impact, and the injury was serious.  In this way, the difference in strength between them can be seen without even calculating.

    In the spiritual world of Brother Wuyou, Andariel and others, who had been prepared for a long time, did not hesitate at all. They immediately activated their self-seal and fed back all their strength to Brother Wuyou.

    They cannot help Brother Wuyou fight directly, they can only express their support and loyalty to Brother Wuyou in this way.

    Several more energies of different natures entered Brother Wuyou's body. The external manifestations were that Brother Wuyou's fingernails gradually lengthened and turned red, the pupils of his eyes elongated vertically, a hint of gold appeared in his pupils, and there were light thunders on his body.  Running around.  However, these changes only lasted for a moment, and they immediately returned to normal.

    Brother Wuyou can clearly feel that the coercive impact from Kaos immediately weakened by three points, and his body has gradually begun to adapt.

    "Oh? You can actually increase your own power many times! Woah!" Kaos looked at Brother Wuyou in surprise, and still said in that tepid tone: "If I guessed correctly, you should be  Borrowing the power of your summoned beasts. But please forgive me, Lord Black Dragon, your way of increasing your power is wrong. Only your own power complies with the greatest rules of the universe!"

    A trace of shock flashed in his eyes.  Brother Wuyou tried his best to calm down and said coldly: "According to you, you have understood the power of the rules of the universe?"

    "That's right!" Kaos nodded proudly and said: "The great universe gives birth to everything. The rules of the universe are supreme and are the greatest and only correct existence. Under the rules of the universe, a wide variety of laws are born. Then  It's just a differentiated expression of the power of the rules of the universe. To use the mythical power system of the east of your earth, the power of the rules of the universe is the great road, and beneath the great road is the way of heaven, which is the power of laws. With your current level of power, at most it is just  It is completely impossible to defeat me after being exposed to the power of the rules of the universe! Woof!"

    The main road!  God's way!

    Hearing these two familiar words come out of Kaos's mouth.  Brother Wuyou was extremely shocked, but he also solved the long-standing confusion.

    Hei*s black flames and Nami*s Thunder Fruit ability, these seemingly powerful powers actually have corresponding weaknesses.  However, once these powers reach their extreme, they can be called the power of law, because their power far exceeds people's imagination, and it is not an exaggeration to call them "divine power".

    But no matter what kind of law it is.  You can never escape your own weaknesses.  Brother Wuyou deeply understands this truth, and has been exploring the power of higher-level cosmic rules, and he has even scratched the surface of it.

    It*s a pity that Kaos on the opposite side actually claims that he has understood the power of the rules of the universe, and his own power is several times stronger than Brother Wuyou. This is really bad

    Seeing that Brother Wuyou had been in a daze after listening to his words, Kaos couldn't help but bring up a smug smile and said: "It seems that you haven't figured out the difference between you and me! Anyway, today I will  Let you see it! Woof!"

    ??While talking.  Kaos slowly stood up.  He slowly pulled out the sword from his waist, and then walked slowly towards Brother Wuyou step by step.

    "I have seen the battle between you and Bede before. The suit of armor you are wearing is very good. It combines many advantages including the Death Armor, and the defense power is indeed astonishingly high. Then, I will break your armor first.  Battle armor! Woof!"

    As Kaos said this, he slowly raised the sword in his hand and slashed at Brother Wuyou's left arm.

    When Kaos stood up, Brother Wuyou kept retreating.  But no matter how fast Brother Wuyou retreated, Kaos still maintained that speed, approaching him step by step, unable to escape no matter what.

    Seeing that Kaos' sword was about to be chopped off, Brother Wuyou quickly raised his swords to block, but was incredibly slow.


    The blade slashed through, and a burst of severe pain came. Brother Wuyou clearly felt that his left arm was severed at the elbow.

    But when he looked down,When he lifted his arm, the purple-black demon armor was unscathed, and only the left arm wrapped in the armor was injured.

    There was not a trace of energy fluctuation, and there was no space shattering. Kaos cut off Brother Wuyou's left arm through the armor with such a light sword!

    "How do you feel? Isn't it incredible? Woof!" Kaos asked, standing in front of Brother Wuyou, with a smile on his face.

    The broken left arm had begun to recover, and Brother Wuyou looked horrified. Just as he was about to answer Kaos's question, he caught a glimpse of two words engraved on the blade of Kaos's sword near the handle -  Breast cut!

    Kaos seemed to notice Brother Wuyou's eyes, and slowly raised the sword in his hand, presented the two words in front of Brother Wuyou, and said with a smile: "You read that right, this sword is indeed Ruzhan,  The plot world from your dream city on Earth 83 seems to be called "The Secret Sword of Magic Milk". Oh, by the way! If I remember correctly, you also used this kind of knife a long time ago, but later  Abandoned by you."

    Breast Cutting, this is just the name of a knife, but with this knife, you can use the magic milk flow sword technique to cut off the vagina that women are proud of without hurting their bodies.

    This is a very scary and hateful knife!

    Before Brother Wuyou could recover, Kaos waved the breast chop in his hand again, creating a curtain of swords.

    Immediately, Brother Wuyou felt pain everywhere in his body. The body wrapped in the demon armor was cut into 180 pieces alive.

    But fortunately, as long as the soul is immortal, there is still one cell left in the body.  Brother Wuyou will recover soon!

    "I know this won't kill you. It will at most make you suffer. Woah!" Kaos's eyes gradually showed an indifferent look, and he said lightly: "I just gave you a small punishment because you chose to fight me.  The price. Next, I will chop your soul into pieces with one knife to avenge my dear compatriots!"

    After finishing speaking, Kaos raised the breast blade in his hand to his chest and stroked the blade of the breast blade with his left hand.  He softly spat out a few words: "Swastika Red Blood Soul Slash!"

    Without the slightest fluctuation of spiritual pressure, the seemingly ordinary Ruzhan blade gradually lengthened, and the blade slowly turned blood red.

    Brother Wuyou never expected that Kaos's breast sword was actually a Zanpakut身, and it was a special Zanpakut身 that always maintained its original state.  Well, the ability before was to slash through the body through the armor, but now you can tell it just by hearing Swastika's name.  The effect is definitely to chop the soul.

    We can no longer be so passive, otherwise we will definitely die.

    Forced into a helpless situation, Brother Wuyou finally launched a counterattack. His newly restored body immediately retreated, and at the same time, he waved his two swords and broke out in an unparalleled dance, using the short period of invincibility to prepare for the next big move.

    Kaos didn*t seem to see Brother Wuyou breaking into a Wushuang dance, freeing the Zanpakut身, and then walking towards Brother Wuyou step by step.

    Brother Wuyou really didn't have the patience to mess with him anymore, so he gathered the energy that the demon armor had absorbed before.  Then input some of his own energy and immediately launched the magic array anti-matter cannon.


    A long beam of light rushed forward, destroying everything in its path, including the coffee table and teapot that Kaos had previously used.

    However, before Brother Wuyou could breathe a little relieved, a bloody sword light flashed through, and a burst of intense pain came from the depths of his soul, and Brother Wuyou was knocked away.

    "Huh?" Kaos, who was holding a blood-red Zanpakut身, frowned slightly and glanced at Brother Wuyou who flew backwards in confusion.  He looked down at the Zanpakut身 in his hand again.  A small question mark floated over my head.

    "Master, Master. How are you? Don't die!" Seeing that Brother Wuyou had not escaped Kaos's attack, Xiao San shouted anxiously. Even the "you" he always used was also anxious.  became "you".

    At this time, Brother Wuyou's head hurt, very painful, so painful that he wanted to die, as if a large piece of his soul had been torn out alive.  In Brother Wuyou's spiritual world, Miss Hyacinth also fell to the ground holding her head and screaming, in pain.

    Kaos stood there and thought for a while, his eyes gradually regained clarity, he raised his head and stared at Brother Wuyou in the distance, and said coldly: "That's it! Woah! You have actually cultivated your soul to the point of materialization, no wonder you can block me  One blow. But so what if you can block one blow, I don*t believe you can keep blocking it!"

    Brother Wuyou*s soul has long been condensed into a physical sword soul under the influence of Miss Hyacinth, which is easily and difficult to break.  As for Miss Hyacinth, her soul is one with Brother Wuyou, and they are also a condensed sword soul.

    Although he had blocked Kaos's soul attack just now with the sharpness of his two sword souls, heThe two sword souls were also seriously injured, and both of them had splitting headaches.

    "Damn it, how dare you bully me like this? I'll fight you!" Holding back the severe pain deep in her soul, Miss Hyacinth completely exploded, her body turned into a golden light and rushed out of the spiritual world, and at the same time, she rushed towards Brother Wuyou  Roared: "Anyway, my strength is not as good as his, so why are we still dawdling! Just give it one last try. Either he dies or we die!"

    "Okay, I'll fight him!" Brother Wuyou couldn't stand this feeling of being passive all the time, so he simply broke the jar with Miss Hyacinth, leaving his body behind, and his soul rushed out with a golden light.

    With two golden lights and two sharp swords, Brother Wuyou and Miss Hyacinth used the power of their souls as their final attack weapon. They joined together and broke out in a "True Unparalleled Dance"!

    An inexplicable sense of danger surged into his heart. Kaos looked at the two soul swords flying towards him and hesitated whether to avoid them or raise his sword to meet them.

    In the end, his pride as the strongest man in the dream city made him choose to fight and die!

    Silently, like a breeze blowing by, the golden sword light and the blood-colored sword light merged together

    The mistress hiding in the watch space is very anxious. Although she has successfully deprived the body of Shilok, the fifth apostle of the DNF world, and evolved into a living body, everything about her is still firmly tied to Brother Wuyou.  If Brother Wuyou dies, then she will never end well.

    However, apart from waiting anxiously, the mistress could not do anything to help Brother Wuyou.  Because Brother Wuyou and Miss Hyacinth chose to attack in soul form.  He didn't leave himself any room, and Kaos' Zanpakut身 happened to be specifically aimed at the soul.  Therefore, in addition to anxiety and panic, the only thing left for Xiaosan is to obey fate

    One minute, two minutes half an hour

    Xiao San has been waiting, but there is no movement at the front of the battle except for a golden shield formed by the overflow of energy.

    In the end, the mistress couldn*t bear the torment in her heart and decided to walk over and have a look.

    The lavender figure drags long red hair.  Suddenly appeared next to Brother Wuyou's body.  For safety reasons, Xiao San turned his body into liquid water and moved towards the golden light mask bit by bit

    Half a month later, the story world of Dynasty Warriors, Earth, is in Luoyang City.  In the restaurant owned by Diao Chan and Cai Wenji.

    Brother Wuyou, who was lying on the bed, slowly opened his eyes, and two lines of clear tears fell unconsciously from the corners of his eyes.

    The mistress, who had been staying by Brother Wuyou's side, wanted to cry out with joy, but after seeing Brother Wuyou's tears, she obediently chose to remain silent.

    This time, during the battle with the Innu people, the Seven Wagtails and all the summoned beasts except Megatron fell into a deep sleep.  In the final confrontation with Kaos, because their power level was too much lower than that of Kaos, in order to win, Brother Wuyou and Miss Hyacinth chose to launch the final blow in soul form.  However.  Brother Wuyou was the only one who came back alive.

    Although Kaos was successfully killed, their souls were severely damaged and could die at any time.  At the last moment, Miss Hyacinth sacrificed herself and used her own soul to repair Brother Wuyou's soul. The golden mask that Xiao San saw was the overflowing soul energy of Miss Hyacinth.

    From now on, there will be no Zanpakuto like Hyacinth in the world, nor will there be Miss Hyacinth who combines beauty, nobility, and elegance

    During the half month that Brother Wuyou was in coma, Xiaosan had already received a notification from the dream system.  The Celestial Clan is preparing to summon Brother Wuyou.  Appoint him the new captain of the Guards.

    When leaving the story world of Dynasty Warriors, Diao Chan and Cai Wenji were successfully abducted by the mistress.  Entering the spiritual world through Brother Wuyou's Sharingan eyes, he successfully sneaked into the spiritual world.

    Brother Wuyou first went back to the Dream City on Earth 83, picked up all his women, including Keweier and her daughter, and then teleported to the Celestial Clan Fortress.

    In the fortress, Brother Wuyou met the deputy team leader Gao Sha who had helped him. The two of them understood their true identities just by making eye contact.

    It can be described in a very popular way - I'm sorry, I'm an undercover!

    Yes, Gao Sha was also sent to get close to the Celestial Clan, and then wait for an opportunity to kill!

    On an asteroid at the center of the Celestial Clan*s fortress, Brother Wuyou met the so-called ※Celestial Clan§.  There were five guys in hooded cloaks, so tightly wrapped that you couldn't see their faces even if you activated the Sharingan.

    During the conversation, the five guys kindly told Brother Wuyou that in fact, Kaos did not really understand the power of the rules of the universe, and he only scratched the surface.  In this world, no one can truly understand the power of the rules of the universe, because it belongs to the category of gods and has no connection with mortals.

      Brother Wuyou knows very well that the five "supreme leaders" in front of him are probably clones at best, not themselves at all.  In order to get closer to them and find out where the Celestials were hiding, Brother Wuyou had no choice but to be patient and continue to play tricks with them.

    However, when luck comes, it is really unstoppable.

    Those five leaders said they wanted to examine Brother Wuyou's xinxing. In fact, they were using powerful soul power to scan Brother Wuyou's deep memories.

    It turned out to be fun. The power of their souls touched the seal that Hongjun had placed in Brother Wuyou's mind, and was discovered by the old woman far away in the Zixiao Palace on Earth.

    ※Then, the old thief Hongjun followed the clues and used the jade disc fragments in Brother Wuyou*s soul to chase him over, and then followed the soul fluctuations of the five leaders of the Celestial Clan to kill him.

    In a small gap in space, Hongjun led Brother Wuyou to find the real nest of the Celestial Clan.

    At this time, Brother Wuyou had been unsealed by Hongjun, restored his cultivation as a cultivator, and successfully obtained several magic weapons.

    What surprised Brother Wuyou was that the so-called Celestial Clan were actually five alien brainworms. Their bodies were just a brain and nothing else.  They are soaked in a solid transparent nutrient tank, and the room they live in is full of large and small screens, monitoring various dream cities.  But they have a good steward.  It is the dream system that controls the bodies of artificial humans to serve them.

    "However, we cannot underestimate the five alien brainworms. Their soul power is very powerful, and they can even compete with Hongjun.  As for the dream system, it was captured by Brother Wuyou and sealed in his useless watch.

    Needless to say, the result of the battle was definitely won by Hongjun and his wife in the end.  However, she also had a hard time winning. She exhausted her last bit of strength and collapsed on the ground just after taking care of the five brainworms.

    "Help me protect the Dharma. I will take you back after I recover a little!" Hongjun was pale and panting. He gave Brother Wuyou a feeble order, then lay down on the ground and began to recover.

    Brother Wuyou first chatted with the dream system in the watch for a while, and then saw Hongjun lying on the ground motionless, and the delicate body full of mature woman's charm was very eye-catching.


    Brother Wuyou, a gentleman, did nothing. He just took out a book and started reading.  By the way, help Hongjun protect the law.

    "Tie and tie, tie and tie, Nastanada tie and tie"

    This book is a bit difficult to read, but Brother Wuyou has studied it before, so it is not difficult to read.  But while he was reading, Brother Wuyou secretly glanced at Hongjun who was lying on the ground from time to time.

    After reading it three times, just when Brother Wuyou was about to give up, Hongjun finally reacted.

    "Youyou despicable villain, actuallyyou dare to plot against me!" Hongjun, who had already begun to recover his mana.  Because of the sound of Brother Wuyou's reading, he could no longer exert any strength, and his body became increasingly hot and dry.

    Brother Wuyou was worried, so he read the book a few more times, and finally confirmed that Hongjun had indeed lost the power to resist. He smiled

    "Girls, if I ask you to bully me and force me to be an undercover agent, I will torture you even if I die!" Brother Wuyou said with a ferocious smile on his face.  Like a hungry wolf, he pounced on Hongjun, who had no power to resist.  While tearing off her clothes that had lost their magic protection, he took off his pants.

    There is no foreplay.  Brother Wuyou simply entered Hongjun's body and started to conquer with all his strength.  The book he had read before was lying quietly on the ground, with several large English letters on the cover - bibleblack!

    After the comfortable launch, Brother Wuyou was afraid that Hongjun would retaliate against him. He didn't even have time to pick up the book, so he used his magic power to break through the void and ran away. He even forgot to take the watch with the dream system sealed.

    Hongjun, who had been tortured a lot, sat up with a wry smile and used magic power to wash away the dirt on his body. He couldn't help but sigh and said to himself: "Hey! This karma is too retributive. I miss you, the master of the world."  , he was actually raped! But luckily, it*s just a skin, I*ll replace it when I get back.§

    Hongjun knew that Brother Wuyou had fled back to another world to become the local emperor, and he never thought about seeking revenge from him. He waved his hand and put away the books and watches left behind by Brother Wuyou and returned to the Celestial Clan Fortress to handle some finishing work.

    By the time Hongjun completely wiped out the Celestial Clan, it was already half a month later.

    Returning to Zixiao Palace exhausted, and just about to take a hot bath, Hongjun suddenly stood still on the spot.

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The Tongtian Cult Master saw his teacher standing there blankly, his face turned pale at first, then turned red, then turned black, and finally returned to normal slowly, thinking that his teacher had nothing to do and was playing there.Where is the face!

    Hongjun ignored Tongtian and dodged back to his room. Then he raised his hand to cover his lower abdomen and sat on the bed in a daze.

    After half a day, Hongjun looked down at his flat belly, smiled bitterly and said to himself: "What's the use of fitting in with the Heavenly Dao? It's not that I can't escape the punishment of the Dao. I didn't expect that I was only hit once by that bastard, and even I, a saint,  The body will also get pregnant. Forget it if you get pregnant, after all, the child is innocent, and I am not ready to abort him. Butbut, what sin have I done? My child is actually the most cowardly Ninth Life Wuwei.  By##"

    PS: The book is over, and the story of Brother Wuyou has come to an end, but the bloodline inheritance cannot be cut off

    The new book "My Sister is Daji" has started to be updated, and the new legend continues

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