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Invincible God Emperor Latest chapter update list


Preface (background) related to the workText Chapter 1 Rebirth Three Years AgoText Chapter 2 Time waits not for usText Chapter 3 One-hit kill
Text Chapter 4 Initial Goals AchievedText Chapter 5 Making up for regretsText Chapter 6 Waste UtilizationText Chapter 7 Lightning Wolf Fang Dagger
Text Chapter 8 The fire extinguishes the traces (please recommend new books and collect them)Text Chapter 9 Meeting an old friend on the roadText Chapter 10 Acquisition of MaterialsText Chapter 11 The Escaped Adventurer
Text Chapter 12 One-horned Purple CowText Chapter 13 The only missionText Chapter 14 He is a mysteryText Chapter 15 The epic mission begins
Text Chapter 16 Killing MorochText Chapter 17: One Rider Can Equivalent to a Thousand (Part 1)Text Chapter 18: One Rider Can Equip a Thousand (Part 2)Text Chapter 19 The Shame of the Red Dragon
Text Chapter 20 Heart of the CastleText Chapter 21 I am God¡¯s Chosen OneText Chapter 22 The Gift of the Holy RealmText Chapter 23 The first task
Text Chapter 24 Dark Island (please collect and recommend)Text Chapter 25 Deep in the IslandText Chapter 26 Fight for life! (Please collect and recommend)Text Chapter 27 Sanctuary Rules
Text Chapter 28: First Learning SkillsText Chapter 29 Stepping StoneText Chapter 30 Falling into despairText Chapter 31 Li Junjie¡¯s Revenge
Text Chapter 32 Law Enforcement on behalf of HeavenText Chapter 33 Mysterious OrganizationText Chapter 34 Breaking the newsText Chapter 35 Prison Invasion
Text Chapter 36: Prison shows off its powerText Chapter 37: Zhuanzhu Wang teasesText Chapter 38 Can¡¯t Resurrection After Death? No, not in the SanctuaryText Chapter 39 Treasure Map (please recommend and collect)
Text Chapter 40 Mars Mercenary GroupText Chapter 41 Bloody PortalText Chapter 42 That guy actually has mercenaries!Text Chapter 43 Potential Activation
Text Chapter 44 Hanging from the Southeast Branch (please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 45 Metal DragonText Chapter 46 Devouring MetalText Chapter 47 Food and planning
Text Chapter 48: Campus bully?Text Chapter 49 This is not scientific!Text Chapter 50: Peripheral Members of the SanctuaryText Chapter 51 Desert Practice
Text Chapter 52: Combat TrainingText Chapter 53 Entering the fantasy world and striving for first placeText Chapter 54: Flash of ArcText Chapter 55 We must win (please recommend and collect)
Text Chapter 56 The Demon Wolf King (please recommend and collect on Monday)Text Chapter 57: ViolenceText Chapter 58: Take other people¡¯s path and leave others with no way to goText Chapter 59 Do you believe me?
Text Chapter 60 You know what you are worth (please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 61 Teacher, please give me a questionText Chapter 62 I want to study on my ownText Chapter 63: All Dharmas Come from the Same Origin
Text Chapter 64 Demonic TemptationText Chapter 65 The final madnessText Chapter 66 Unexpected DisasterText Chapter 67 The Evolution of the Metal Young Dragon
Text Chapter 68 The Secret Forest (Please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 69: Switched AssassinText Chapter 70 Assassination Mission, Trap Learning Skill BookText Chapter 71 Preparation for action (please recommend and collect)
Text Chapter 72 Assassination MissionText Chapter 73 Enemies meetText Chapter 74 Dark CreaturesText Chapter 75 Ghost
Text Chapter 76 Found tracesText Chapter 77: Blacksmith Shop, Old ManText Chapter 78 Ghoul (please collect and recommend)Text Chapter 79: The one who kills you, the Chosen One of the Holy Land
Text Chapter 80 Becoming a CompanionText Chapter 81 The Knight¡¯s First BattleText Chapter 82 Mushroom HouseText Chapter 83 Clues to Ancient Treasures
Text Chapter 84 Dynamic Tasks (Please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 85 Dragon Power, Secret CaveText Chapter 86 Completely Prepared (Third update, please vote for recommendation)Text Chapter 87 The battle in the cave
Text Chapter 88 Violent KillingText Chapter 89 You can¡¯t, but someone canText Chapter 90 Baiyunxuan (please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 91 Strengthening Weapons, Intermediary
Text Chapter 92 Ishana, boiled waterText Chapter 93 The enemy you must never provoke (please recommend)Text Chapter 94 Demonic Ape LordText Chapter 95 The Demonic Ape was killed
Text Chapter 96: Splitting Light and Cutting Shadows (please recommend, please click)Text Chapter 97 Entrance to the Underground MazeText Chapter 98: Undercurrent (please recommend)Text Chapter 99 Level 20 Elite Hydralisk
Text Chapter 100 Stunning Frost Sword Dance (please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 101: Deep in the Underground Palace (please recommend)Text Chapter 102 Strategy? I can do it faster!Text Chapter 101: Deep in the Underground Palace (please recommend)
Text Chapter 102 Strategy? I can do it faster!Text Chapter 103: The Miko of the Moon (please recommend)Text Chapter 104 The chase beginsText Chapter 105: Counterattack in the forest (recommendation requested)
Text Chapter 106: Chase and AttackText Chapter 107 The Heart of the God of War? (Please recommend and collect)Text Chapter 108: One-year Promise, Beyond Despair!Text Chapter 109: Demonic Wolf Dragon (please recommend)
Text Chapter 110 Race against timeText Chapter 111 Successful Escape (please recommend)Text Chapter 112 Return to the Star SeaText Chapter 113: Robbery meets fellow travelers? (please recommend)
Text Chapter 114: Being robbed (please recommend)Text Chapter 115 Zombies ReappearText Chapter 116 Trap? This is a great gift (please recommend)Text Chapter 117 Are you kidding me? (please recommend)
Text Chapter 118 Monsters, kill without mercyText Chapter 119 The Ghoul KingText Chapter 120 Initial fameText Chapter 121 High profile? This is a sign of weakness!
Text Chapter 122 Underground Tunnel (please recommend)Text Chapter 123 Undead CrystalText Chapter 124 The Undead Knight (Please click for recommendations)Text Chapter 125: Killing the Knight, Traces of the Red Dragon
Text Chapter 126 The Knife Squad (please recommend)Text Chapter 128 Long-term pain or short-term pain? (please recommend)Text Chapter 129 The Effect of Dark Resistance PotionText Chapter 130 Warrior Old Crab
Text Chapter 131: Mars¡¯ Request, Red Dragon QianjunText Chapter 132: One blow, five people died (please recommend)Text Chapter 133: Demonic WarText Chapter 134: Declaring War on the Red Dragon (Recommendations Please)
Text Chapter 135 The Poisonous Sea Blue Dagger (please recommend)Text Chapter 136: Devil¡¯s Heart Grass, Golden Snake Dances WildlyText Chapter 137 The Depressed Red Dragon Clan Leader (please recommend)Text Chapter 138 Vaccine, Commission (please recommend)
Text Chapter 139: Going to the Luo Family in BeijingText Chapter 140 The Black Knight, Powerful (please recommend)Text Chapter 141 A new lookText Chapter 142 Negotiations Failed
Text Chapter 143: Tonight, I¡¯ll meet you (please recommend)Text Chapter 144 Director An¡¯s uneasinessText Chapter 145 The Powerful Girl KnightText Chapter 146 Desperate Andershun
Text Chapter 147 Monster! They are all monsters! (Please recommendText Chapter 148 The Luo family was completely wiped out!Text Chapter 149 Do you believe in God? (please recommend)Text Chapter 150: Andershun¡¯s Surrender
Text Chapter 151: Mage Tower Test ScrollText Chapter 152 Deep in the Dark Forest (please recommend)Text Chapter 153: Attracting monsters? I'm still capableText Chapter 154 Can I ask you to die?
Text Chapter 155 The Crazy Seventh (please recommend)Text Chapter 156 The first person on the level list!Text Chapter 157: The Wrath of Heaven Alliance (please recommend)Text Chapter 158 Direct Lineage of the Luo Family
Text Chapter 159 Valley Counterattack (please recommend)Text Chapter 160 Lin Han¡¯s ambition?Text Chapter 161 The Only Mission of the Crown CopyText Chapter 162 The ultimate killing technique (please recommend)
Text Chapter 163: Kill the enemy instantlyText Chapter 164: Chase! Death BloodravenText Chapter 165 Blood Crow is in front, Gru is behindText Chapter 166 Reward, Honor (please recommend)
Text Chapter 167 Monument, Shield Defender AndershunText Chapter 168 Revenge GameText Chapter 169 Black Panther Warrior (please order first, please vote monthly)Text Chapter 170 Mission Scroll (Please subscribe and vote monthly)
Text Chapter 171 Assassin¡¯s Mission, Church TrapText Chapter 172: Killing Xia Luolo (fourth update, please vote for me)Text Chapter 173: The trio of squatters (please subscribe and vote monthly)Text Chapter 174 Establishment of the Second Team of the Sanctuary
Text Chapter 175: Guling Plateau, misunderstood (please vote)Text Chapter 176 Black Storm, GoblinText Chapter 177: First encounter, the lizardmen of the thieves group!Text Chapter 178: Fierce battle with lizardmen, the power of assassins
Text Chapter 179 Can you level up without practicing? (4 more updates, please vote for me)Text Chapter 180: Competing and defeating the enemy with one moveText Chapter 181 Bipedal Flying Dragon, Real Dragon Power (Calling Monthly Ticket)Text Chapter 182 The future king sets a trap
Text Chapter 183 Red Blood vs. Black PantherText Chapter 184 I am an assassin (please vote for me)Text Chapter 185 I won this battle!Text Chapter 186: Assassination of the leader of the thieves group (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 187 Reaching level 20!Text Chapter 188 This grass is destined to meText Chapter 189 TianxincaoText Chapter 190 Ignorance of Current Affairs
Text Chapter 191 I am just a captainText Chapter 192 Is this the goddess? (Ask for monthly ticket)Text Chapter 193 The Judgment of the Moon God!Text Chapter 194: Divine Power as Hell (please recommend and vote monthly)
Text Chapter 195 The future head of the Zhang familyText Chapter 196 The Innate Zhang SanrenText Chapter 197 Divine Grace Legion, City of Hundreds of FlowersText Chapter 198 Tianxin Dan, opening
Text Chapter 199: The venue, hanging from the southeast branchText Chapter 200 Mission CluesText Chapter 211: Half a poem, famous in the FederationText Chapter 202 The Helper of the City of Flowers
Text Chapter 203 The real phantom clone? Fairy?Text Chapter 204 Next TaskText Chapter 204 The Fallen CaptainText Chapter 206 Divine Grace Preservation (please vote for me and recommend me)
Text Chapter 207 People are not created equalText Chapter 208 The Temptation of Power (please vote for me)Text Chapter 209 Wang Ping¡¯s new life, Knight OrderText Chapter 210 Hundred Flowers Hunting Competition
Text Chapter 211 The game begins, assassins duelText Chapter 212 The Snow Lion KingText Chapter 213: Encountering the Enemy in the Desert (Please vote for me and subscribe)Text Chapter 214 Mr. Michelin? die!
Text Chapter 215 Bai Ziwei, breakthrough!Text Chapter 216 Assassination Mission, RecommendationText Chapter 217 Assassination, Mr. Michelin!Text Chapter 218 Mercenary Training, Arena
Text Chapter 219: Sirius Dagger, Honor SetText Chapter 220 Thunderbird King, HymnText Chapter 221 Arriving at Dragon City for the first timeText Chapter 222 Blue Zone Sniper
Text Chapter 223: The God of Thunder takes actionText Chapter 224 Night Battle in Dragon CityText Chapter 225 The Roar of the DragonText Chapter 226 Blood Mist, Fierce Battle
Text Chapter 227: The Bite of the Heavenly Wolf (please vote for me)Text Chapter 228: The Special Envoy who will never die in peaceText Chapter 229 Zhang Family Laboratory (please vote for me)Text Chapter 230 Lin Han¡¯s counterattack (continue asking for monthly votes)
Text Chapter 231 Revenge of Divine GraceText Last day, please voteText Chapter 232 Attack! steel cityText Chapter 233: This guy is also from Shen¡¯en Office
Text Chapter 234 City of Steel, CrisisText Chapter 235: Like a KingText Chapter 236: The Solitary Emperor (please subscribe for a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 237 The Power of the Emperor
Text Chapter 238 Pseudo InnatenessText Chapter 239 Found him!Text Chapter 240 Haneke¡¯s astonishment and illusionText Chapter 241 Level 20 Trial Illusion
Text Chapter 242 The final trial, demonizing Lin HanText Chapter 243 The trial is over, hunting orderText Chapter 244 Behemoth BehemothText Chapter 245 The roar of the giant beast
Text Chapter 246 Haneke, die!Text Chapter 247 The Fall of the God of ThunderText Chapter 248 Evidence of the Mercenary GroupText Chapter 249 Territory, Mercenary Group
Text Chapter 250 Team Investigation (please recommend and vote monthly)Text Chapter 251 The real training groundText Chapter 252 The First Battalion of Divine GraceText Chapter 253: Punished according to law
Text Chapter 254 Declaration of war on the red dragon!Text Chapter 255 The Army of the Holy CityText Chapter 256 The First Battle of the Divine Grace Mercenary GroupText Chapter 257 Clearing out the nest
Text Chapter 258: Curse, CrazyText Chapter 259 Really resurrected!Text Chapter 260 Qianjun CastleText Chapter 261 The siege begins! (Please recommend and vote monthly)
Text Chapter 262 Lion and SheepText Chapter 263 Diamond GiantText Chapter 264 Breaking the city!Text Chapter 265 Big victory!
Text Chapter 266: The Anger of Red Dragon TaichiText Chapter 267 Tianhai TowerText Chapter 268 Black OrchidText Chapter 269 Enemies of Divine Grace
Text Chapter 270 Naval BattleText Chapter 271 RespectText Chapter 272: Seraph, Diamond Dragon WarriorText Chapter 273 Black Plateau
Text Chapter 274: Soaring FavorabilityText Chapter 275 Blazing Red DragonText Chapter 276: Meet up and go to the guard station!Text Chapter 277 Morale, military morale, public opinion, and people's hearts
Text Chapter 278 Arrival at Unicorn TownText Chapter 279 Lord of the Evil EyeText Chapter 280: Confrontation between Siege TroopsText Chapter 281 Fierce fighting under the city
Text Chapter 282 The city wall is difficult to defendText Chapter 283 The Arrival of the SeraphText Chapter 284 Gate of Heaven, Killing the DragonText Chapter 285 The Great Knight
Text Chapter 286 ConspiracyText Chapter 287 Order, FreezeText Chapter 288 The Evil MermaidText Chapter 289: Laughing with anger!
Text Chapter 290 Three Innates!Text Chapter 291 You are already the enemy of my divine grace!Text Chapter 292: Above InnatenessText Chapter 293: The Power of the Emperor (please recommend by monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 294 Can the dead be resurrected?Text Chapter 295: Don¡¯t say you didn¡¯t predict what you saidText Chapter 296 We are very busyText Chapter 297 Luojiabao
Text Chapter 298: Lift it up (two chapters in one)Text Chapter 299 The First InnateText Chapter 300: Know yourself and the enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battlesText 301 Moon Clan Early Warning
Text Chapter 302: Exchange, love or notText Chapter 303 Conquering the DemonText Chapter 304: Beating to death is the right thing to doText Chapter 305 The right choice
Text Chapter 306 The war is comingText Chapter 307 Two battlefields (I wish everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival)Text Chapter 308 Thermal expansion and contractionText Chapter 309: Gap in Strength
Text Chapter 310 Dark Puppet TechniqueText Chapter 311 The First Innate BattleText Chapter 312: Country Bitch InnateText Chapter 313: There are so many things innate
Text Chapter 314 Earth CrisisText Chapter 315 The Heart of MagicText Chapter 316 Emperor, Emperor!Text Chapter 317: Demonic Genius
Text Chapter 318 Devil, what does it have to do with you?Text About the updates in the past two daysText Chapter 319 ParasiteText Chapter 320, Quota, Uninvited Guest
Text 321 The First Innate VisitorText Chapter 322 Earth-shatteringText Chapter 323 Heading to the borderText Chapter 324: Shenlong Martial Soldier
Text Chapter 325: Attack and Defense at the Absolute Prison PassText Chapter 326 The invasion beginsText Chapter 327 Encirclement and Suppression of the Imperial ArmyText Chapter 328 Magic and Assassins
Text Chapter 329 TrapText Chapter 330 Killing the Black EarlText Chapter 331 PromotionText Chapter 332: Chen Yuan¡¯s Confusion
Text Chapter 333 Chen Yuan is angryText Chapter 334 The Judgment StandText Chapter 335 Arena of the GodsText Chapter 336 Crisis
Text Chapter 337 The Devil AttacksText Chapter 338 Weird CompetitionText Chapter 339: Goddess of Luck, Perfect DragonText Chapter 340 The epic mission is in progress
Text Chapter 341 The Golden Three-Headed DragonText Chapter 342: Besieging and Being BesiegedText Chapter 343 The God of the New WorldText Chapter 344 Rapid Growth
Text Chapter 345 God-killing weapon, red missionText Chapter 346 The Invincible God EmperorText Chapter 127 The Crisis of the Sharp Knife 
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