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Text Chapter 127 The Crisis of the Sharp Knife

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    In the underground tunnel, the Red Dragon Sharp Saber team was fighting hard.

    The curses and negative conditions brought by the mutants put a lot of pressure on level 10 players.

    "Warrior, get into defensive posture!" The sharp knife flashed behind a mutant, and he charged up a backstab to kill it. Then he deftly avoided the sharp claws of the two mutants and quickly stepped back and ordered loudly.

    Among the five warriors, two are shield warriors and the other three are sword warriors. Defensive posture is a must-learn skill.

    As a shield warrior, the uncle warrior uses a tower shield as high as a person. Therefore, his second skill is a relatively rare skill that attracts hatred - taunt!

    "Ha!" The tower shield hit the ground with a crash, and a wave of red light appeared on the uncle warrior's body. The mutants were swept by the red light, and they suddenly paused and looked at the uncle warrior.

    "Okay!" Jian Dao breathed a sigh of relief. Although this uncle warrior wanted to flatter himself, he was also a player with real abilities. The timing of the taunt was very good, and it directly enveloped all the mutants in front, giving others time to adjust.

    "Mage, the hatred has been restrained, cast a spell!" Jian Dao shouted.

    "Well!" The two mages took out their staffs and started chanting spells at this time. They are both players who try their best to pile up output. According to experience, if the monster is not aggrieved, they will not take action easily. After all, it is  With their small bodies, even a random attack from the mutants could send them back to the city for free.

    "Lightning chain!" The male mage raised his staff and shot out a bolt of lightning, which kept jumping on the mutants, making them freeze.

    The female mage waved her staff, causing more than thirty flaming arrows to appear around her. Then with a shout, more than a dozen flaming arrows were thrown into the mutated crowd, like a rain of fire.  Usually one wave takes half a second, and three waves have been projected, each wave causing considerable damage to the opponent.

    "Rain of flames" Lin Han looked at the fire that illuminated the ceiling above the tunnel, a trace of unnaturalness flashed in his eyes.

    "And it's still three waves, and she has been upgraded to two levels?" Lin Han frowned slightly: "Is it still the bonus brought by the weapon?"

    "But this female mage is not as dangerous to me as the male mage next to me. After all, the lightning chain has an automatic tracking function. My agility is not enough to escape. As for othersit seems that no one can keep up with my pace.  !¡±

    While Lin Han was quietly observing his opponent, the sharp knife team finally withstood the mutated people's dying counterattack after the front row warriors took medicine twice and killed them all.

    "Captain, we made a miscalculation." The female mage looked at the tired warriors, whose health points were still declining under the curse.

    Reduced health means that the recovery power and physical strength will be weakened simultaneously. If the health is zero, the character will die.

    On the contrary, as long as your health is still there, even if you are cut into pieces, you can still rely on your health to stay alive and recover with the help of your health.

    "Well, the monsters here are quite troublesome." Jian Dao also nodded slightly, acknowledging the words of the female mage: "But none of this will trouble our Red Dragon Jian Dao team. Our mission this time is to explore the secrets of the underground tunnels, not to confront the boss head-on.  , we should be able to finish it.¡±

    "We can't come here in vain!" Jian Dao looked around and said loudly.

    The female mage pursed her lips and stopped speaking. The other team members looked at each other and nodded slightly in response to the sharp knife.

    Although these people are somewhat reluctant to continue in this dangerous underground tunnel, Sharp Knife is the captain, and as he said, giving up like this is really not in line with the style of a team that thinks it is an elite team.

    "Be careful and slow down your movement." The uncle warrior did not put away the tower shield, and seemed to intend to move slowly like this, so he said.

    "Okay." Jian Dao nodded and agreed with the uncle warrior's safer suggestion.

    Walking into the depths of the underground tunnel, many forked roads appeared in front of you. On the ground, there was a slowly flowing stream in the abandoned railway tunnel. Several soldiers stepped in the stream, making a splashing sound, and soon  These warriors screamed, but there was a dark demon insect about the size of a small mouse hidden in the stream. It was swimming in the stream that was barely up to the calf. When it encountered an intruder, it opened its sharp teeth and bit it.

    Level 10 heavy armor leggings or plate armor leggings were obviously unable to withstand the sharp teeth of these level 18 monsters, and were bitten through directly, causing the soldiers to retreat in panic in pain, slapping their legs constantly, and the formation was chaotic for a while.

    But at this time, Lin Han, who had the underground tunnel map provided by Barbarian Gru, appeared first from another way.In front of the Sharp Knife Team, they followed the instructions on the map to lure over a group of troublesome Dark Rat Guards.

    These dark rat guards have a total of 20 rat warriors and 2 rat warlocks. They are all level 20 elite monsters. In addition, they exist in a group. If Lin Han takes Li Junjie to fight like this, I am afraid it will be exhausted.  Small, but they happen to be guarding the intersection of the mutated rat warlock's lair. If you don't kill them, you will face the lord directly to complete the task, which is undoubtedly a dream.

    But now, with this group of decoys from the Chilong family, Lin Han suddenly realized that maybe his mission could be much easier this time.

    "Captain, listen!"

    A thief helped kill a few Dark Devil Insects, and then he was slightly startled. He looked confused and looked into the distance where the lighting ball could not illuminate, and whispered: "There seem to be many footsteps."

    "Yes, I heard it too, it was such a dense running sound!" Another thief also nodded in agreement.

    Sharp knife waved the dagger, drank a bottle of life potion, and gritted his teeth and said: "What are you afraid of? The warriors push forward, we are guerrillas, and the mage is ready to take action."

    "The terrain here is narrower than before. The mage doesn't have to worry about drawing hatred. We will block it even if we die!"

    When Sharp Knife said this, the figure in front appeared in the lighting range and gradually became clearer.

    Then, the sharp-edged eyes suddenly shrank, and he looked at the black-clothed assassin who rushed out first with some disbelief.

    "A player is actually a player!"

    "He came to the Sky City earlier than us!" The uncle warrior also exclaimed: "A master, he is definitely a master!"

    "No, no, I recognize him, he is the thief!" The male mage saw Lin Han's face clearly, and his mind instantly thought of his cousin, the tragic experience that Chi Longming cried to him, so he went to see  After watching the video of the Red Dragon's Shame, I firmly remembered Lin Han, a villain who used one against a thousand, wielded magic weapons and used various skills to bully kindergarten children.

    "That thief?" Jian Dao couldn't remember Lin Han's name, but he had heard of it. There was such a thief who had a very bad reputation as a red dragon. Within the clan, a kill order had been issued for a long time. If he was killed once, not only would there be  Many contribution points were recorded, and there were even hundreds of thousands of cash rewards!

    "Kill him, this is coming to your door" Jian Dao sneered and began to accumulate strength. Just as he was about to spit out the word "credit" behind Lin Han, he looked at the large group of strong cattle that appeared behind Lin Han with a slow beat. Gao Yue  The 2-meter dark rat man couldn't help but fall into a sluggish state like everyone else.


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