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Invincible God Emperor

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Invincible God EmperorBrief introduction:

What, do you think you can become a Mage of Destruction?  Okay, obey me, and I will fulfill your wish.
“What, do you always dream that you are a handsome swordsman?  OK, obey me and I will realize your dream.
“Well, you said you were born as an assassin, but you just didn’t have the opportunity?  Okay, obey me, I will give you the opportunity to become an assassin!
And those of you, as long as you want to become stronger and change, will have a chance to be chosen by me!
Become, the chosen one who is reborn!
Returned after rebirth, created the Holy Domain, built the God’s Chosen Army, established the Kingdom of God, spanned two realms, and became the invincible God Emperor!
God’s Chosen Ones, the one who will change your destiny has arrived!
Accept the leadership of Sanctuary!  Your new life should begin right now!

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      Invincible God Emperorlatest chapter:Text Chapter 127 The Crisis of the Sharp Knife

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